Thursday, 9 July 2009

Another great day in the unreality bubble.

So his nibs wants to make it quite clear that greed can be good. Sort of. And thatThis must be tackled, he said, by the creation of a global political authority and financial order” Ooooh. Well then that’s one floating city taken care of. Well ever since Vatican II when the head skypilots realigned themselves with NOAHide laws this was on the cards.

The Carbon trading malarkey has Imperator Antonius talking through his profundity earlier in the week as he stroked the Carbon/Greening PanGalacticPyramidSellingScheme. So that’s the second floating city taken care of.

Now we know that FullSpectrumDominance has been the flavour of the day in the third floating city for a while now. Swine flu may have broken out in their troops in Afghanistan, same thing happened with their lads in Spain as they trained prior to joining the trenches in WW1!!, funny that, but that isn’t going to crimp their style.

So the triumvirate is in alignment.

Common denominator?

NAZIs. All of them.

Oh shit.

Heads up.