Wednesday, 8 July 2009

What’s the body count Gordon?

We all know not to trust any figure given out by this lying, slimy, duplicitous, spineless, wannabe, gormless, mendacious, jealousy seething, parasitic, infantile, degenerate, bankrupt, shit welding government.

We all know that the US body count is massaged such that if you die of trauma suffered in theatre but you have been flown out to Ramstein, say, where you expire, you are not a battle casualty.

Gordon is to say the least arithmetically challenged.

So what is the true British casualty figures for Afghanistan, which I believe as of today is 174 dead BRITISH lads & ladtrice.

What is you bent abacus?

I watched C5 last Friday showing us Air Force Afghanistan. It was like watching Khe Sanh 1968, all Chinooks and C130s in jungle camo!!!!!!. Our latest casualty I see died in a Canadian variant of the Huey!!! What the phekk did time stop or something.

Then we see this.

This is pure LRDG circa 1942!!!!!

I’ve read a long, long time ago that the French forces facing Hitler were so badly served by their Govt/Industry because they were equipped with cheap shit. Most of the contracts value having been pocketed by the industrialists and banked in Switzerland in the interwar years.

Déjà vu?

Heads up.