Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Get a grip, you are about 1500 generations into the Ponzi scheme.

Unintentionally caught a bit of Newsnight this evening and some clown was talking to sky pilots outside RBS, I believe, about usury.

Typical BBC brainfelching!!!

If you get the great unwashed to believe in some shit and they believe it generation after generation you are in the duck down. Sorted.

If you decide to run a scam on the great unwashed’s gullibility so be it. You are top banana.

If you run a scam on the scam. OK you are still top banana.

But each scam upon scam creates a heightened potential for the whole thing to go pear shaped if you don’t pay close attention. But you are still top banana.

Eventuality the scamming generates a probability density function where you are neither banana nor nonbanana. If no one gets a peek behind the curtain you are still top banana.

Right now we have a scam to the nth degree going pear shaped because the bananas at the top got too smart for their own good. They’ve generated an antibanana potential. When banana and antibanana meet we realise that we are fucked.

So don’t give me usury laws. If the human race wants to advance, rather than slip back into the Bronze Age and NOAHide laws, get rid of the bananas and finally realise there is no such thing as money, seed pods, pots(BBC favourite) or credit.

All there is infinite real life and the bananas of all kinds want to stop our lives so we don’t find them out.

Heads up.