Sunday, 26 July 2009

Eclipse before the apocalypse.

I’d forgotten all about this piece of esoterica until George Ure knocked the memory banks over again.

“So, what are the dates? Once again looking to Excel to do the heavy lifting because it's a weekend and I try my darnedest not to really wake up until lunchtime, we see that the 34-day post emotional peak day would make 9/25/2009 our first 'hot date' to fear. The second one pencils out to 10/16/2009.”

Then La Rouche sidles up with another indicator.

“October 12 or October 15 is the deadline, unless some very wild unforeseeable changes occur before that. When the fiscal year closes for the US, that will be the clearest evidence of a fullscale global collapse. Obama has to be either put in a cage or out of office before then, or things are lost, and it will only be for future generations to write the accounts of how civilization was destroyed.”

Get the candles and cans of corned beef stashed high!!!

Heads up.