Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Why does real life seem so weird right now?

It’s all too quiet.

The noise may be deafening but NOTHING is happening. I mean NOOOOTHIIIINNGGGGG. We are all waiting. Waiting for what?

However things just keep surfacing to tell you that there are BIG MFkin’ forces struggling to burst forth.

If US goes into COG soon, and bank holidays could be part of it, what does that mean for us on the pirate ship Blighty?

Well I read a few fellow bloggers today noting that DF doesn’t, technically, need to go to the country until 2013. Some have poo pooed this idea. However as I’ve alluded to else where, just what other secret treaties is UK plc part of?

Now this is far out but I’ll run it past you anyway. If it goes tits up in the US then just before or just after, The Lord High Executioner could get with, EU permission (after all that’s his secret brief), using royal perogative, commonwealth forces wearing UN blue berets to police our streets and keep the peace. I know it sounds weird but if you know what other nationalities have been brought in over the centuries to keep the Floating City safe and the aboriginals in their place it’s very sane.

Flying soon so serendipity and synchronicity just had to shove these two items into view.

Phekk, phekkin’, phekk!!!!

Heads down.