Tuesday, 28 July 2009

9/11 was NOT an inside job. The pantechnikon of reasons why. 2 of ?

I’m only going to post one link on this waffle to keep it tidy. Those who know won’t need any pictures and those who don’t can do some quick googling.

Those of you who’ve been unfortunate enough to catch the ravings on these pages will remember my listing of some reasons why 9/11 was not an inside job. In order to help the following rant develop I’ll give you a framework into which these reasons can be decanted so that their true importance can be more fully appreciated in the whole scenario. The key here is to realise that every single event and happening that you the researcher can identify has more than one reason or meaning behind its existence. The simple framework outlined will help you work out the why/when/how/who of any event you witness.

Create a 3D matrix with four reference points. Tactical, Operational, Strategic & Existential

“WTF?” I hear you cry. “That’s really lit my fire doofuss!!!”

OK then if you look back at an even earlier date around the time of the bombing the moon rant you’ll find a list of the, one a year biggies, that get pulled off. I’ll put them into their relevant place in the above framework’s vertical axis.

New York (11/09/2001), Series of complex events covering first three T/O & S
Bali (12/10/2002), Operational
Madrid (11/03/2004), Tactical
Beslan (01/09/2004), Strategic
London (07/07/2005), Operational
Bali (01/10/2005), Tactical
Mumbai (11/07/2006), Tactical
Mumbai (26/11/2008), Operational
Moon (??/??/20??) Tactical

“So going to your list for 9/11 where would I put each thread smart arse” I hear you chuckle. OK. Sticking to the vertical axis.

1. Snuff movie. Existential
2. Casus Belli. Operational
3. High level Illuminist Ceremonial. Strategic
4. Removal of evidence of Drug Trading money laundering through off balance sheet accounting. Operational
5. Hit on Pentagon auditors Tactical
6. Insurance scam. Tactical
7. Weapons system demonstration. Operational
8. Marketing promo. Strategic

So now you’re asking “What would constitute an Existential event in this frame work smeg for brains?”

By the nature of these things they are very difficult to pinpoint because their importance is not immediately obvious to us mere mortals.

To illustrate, I’d put the event that was Pol Pot in the Operational part of the framework. Now millions died and if you were one of them it was major league existential to you. In yesterday’s rant on the PO Tower, that plan is Tactical.

However I’m trying to get you into the mind set of TPTB. So for TPTB December 23rd 1913 is Existential/Strategic. No one died that day because of the signingof the Federal Reserve into being, in fact everyone was on holiday, and it must have been lovely just like a Frank Capra movie with the snow falling and all. However the effect of that signing reverberates to this day and far into the future with the body count in the hundreds of millions and still climbing.

Existential/Existential? World Religion creation. Existential/Existential/Existential? Now you’re getting the hang of it. Only once in known history, and that is for another day.

As a further example, those of you of a Scotch flavour will no doubt want to “kick ma heed in” for referring to the wonderful inhabitants of the lands of Picts and Scotii as “aboriginals” on more than one occasion. This is not an insult, the use of the language is deliberate to try and get you into TPTB mindset and reference framework. TPTB think of us all as vermin.

Whenever you deal with TPTB and their chicanery always remember that each event is multi layered and the truth is hidden in clear sight. They love doing it just to take the piss out of the vermin.

So let’s pick an event and flesh out what I reckon went down, pun intended.

WTC7 is famous for being standing when the BBC told us it had collapsed. They even broadcast the building standing behind their, richly rewarded, reporter. Mistake, clusterfuck? No very deliberate.

Two terms need to be stated for this discussion. These are constantly repeated to take you off the trail of evidence and dull your senses. Be wary of them and their users.

“Free Fall”= A body subject to the local acceleration of gravity. No other forces involved.
“Foot print”= Controlled demolition of building into its own ground plan.

When WTC7 free fell into its own foot print what disappeared with it that we can place into our framework. Well all the evidence that would have exposed just how much crime wealth was being pumped through Wall St. by off balance sheet accounting methods a la Enron. So 4.Operational for the US economy.

However that’s not all. Remember this stuff always plays out in more than one part of the overall spectacle. You’ve got to stare at this like a fly, don’t blink, and don’t think. Just stare. It’s all there hidden in plain sight. Why would the BBC let us see WTC7 still standing hours after the main event? What did WTC7 put into the public consciousness?

Controlled demolition.

Look at the crumpled remains of WTC 7. That’s what we must think about the whole NY 9/11 take down.

So you don’t question that the towers were similarly destroyed. The whole Thermate/Thermite, Nano explosives gig takes you way off scent.

Well I kept remarking to my mate Tim the tube driver that there was something mighty wrong with the controlled demo of the Twin Towers.

For one thing they didn’t free fall into their own foot prints. They both peeled open like bananas.

So I’m going to ask you to come with me way up in the sky, hundreds of miles up, and stare down at the scene early that morning before anything happened. What do you see? Well the sky is clear. Off the US East Coast there is a massive storm that no one ever mentions, Hurricane Erin.

Why would there need to be a clear blue sky that day?

If you read through this http://csat.au.af.mil/2025/index.htm

You get some hints.

After the take down you look at the wreckage and ask the question what happened to WTC6?

Now I don’t discount that there was super thermate/ite in WTC 1&2 what I’m saying is that evidence for it’s presence is to be combined with the WTC7 meme to make us stop, congratulate ourselves for being so smart as to see through the smoke and mirrors and give up further thoughts on the matter.

If you watch WTC1 and WTC2 going down you cannot come to any other conclusion than that they were gutted. Their main supporting structure disappeared, that’s why they peeled open. Their remaining pile of rubble constituted only 30% of the pile you’d expect from a WTC7 style controlled demolition.

I would even go as far as to contend that they were taken down by two differing methods. WTC6 gives a clue as to what one method was and hence the need for clear blue skies. The second method leaves evidence of heightened levels of tritium in the whole WTC complex.

So WTC1&2 is 7. Operational for supra national entity.

WTC7 then Operational/Operational.

Believe it or not that’s one of the simpler ones to deal with and I’ve only skimmed the surface. The other esp. 1,3 & 8 will leave you depressed and sickened so I’m going to move onto something hopeful which was the whole point of me starting this rant in the first place.

So tomorrow you’ll get;

How to take our real lives back. It’s not stupid stupid. A Rigorous Voting Methodology.

Then I’m offski.

Heads up.