Friday, 10 July 2009

It's Friday that means more bank closures in the USofA.

A couple of tasty items for today.

I note the following,

“This year 5% of workers took unpaid leave and 15% had to accept a pay cut. Ten percent had to take an extra job last year and 20% of 45 to 54-year olds took second jobs.” Bob Chapman Global Research July 10 2009

In UK we all know about BA’s trials and tribulations.

In 2007/8 in the US you couldn’t buy two or more 10kg bags of rice or flour in COSCO and other outlets.

So what does this kind of stuff tell us?

1) If in USofA you’ve got a hand full of greenbacks and you wander into a shop that sells stuff and they won’t give you as much stuff as YOU can pay for. Well that system must be broke.

2) If you’ve got to hand over more off your life to your so called employer for FREE then that system is broke.

3) We know there will be no retirement for us as we’ll die in the yoke. So that system is broke.

If it’s all broke why do we still believe in it. Just watch, the time is coming when we’ll react like the Christian Anatolian peasants who were so fed up with the Byzantine Empire’s taxing/plundering of them they decided “What the hell, perhaps this Mohamed bloke’s got something going for him. Can’t be worst than this!!!!”

So here’s today scary as shit links. Don’t look if you believe you’ve got a safe pension or a nice little portfolio of stocks and shares. Follow the links carefully it took me some time to track this down again. Remember what I said earlier in the week about stealing public sector pensions?

Keep following CEDE & Co. If they can take down the USofA dear old Blighty is dead meat. This also segues into other issues this week raised by UK bloggers regarding immigration. I’ll bet none of their wealth is anywhere near CEDE & Co. Who wants to bet?

A little aside about yesterday’s musings on when the economic hit men visit No10 after the election, if we have one. Cameron loves the Swedish model, no snickering, for schooling. That just means dump public schooling you’re too poor. Sell it off. Cracked the codex alimantarus yet?

Heads up.