Tuesday, 7 July 2009

In summer 415BC it is believed that some doughty Athenian women snuck out into the night in their best Ninja outfits, smashed all the erect penises...

That got your attention, dirty phekkers!!!!

…of the Herms displayed within the city.

The girls were so pissed of with the cock strutting phekkwittery of their men folk that they’d had enough and wanted to show it.

Come day break…..scandal!!!!!!!

That very year the mighty Athenian army had set of by sea to teach uppity Sicily a lesson and got their arses right royally kicked.

Would history have turned out any differently is the big stone hardons hadn’t been inappropriately touched? Who knows?

However I’ll bet we are all feeling just like the Athenian women when it comes to the phekkers we see filling MSM and Parliament.

The question is where are these phekkers’ metaphysical peckers being stuck in our faces? What are these metaphysical peckers? And how do we chop them off, metaphorically?

Heads up, oops.