Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Saudi/Pakistan/China & the Saudi ICBMs

Came across this whilst looking for some info about Saudi ICBMs. It’s just over 18 months old.


As for the Saudi ICBMs, that no one mentions. Well here’s some info.

“It has been rumored China may also have offered

to forward Riyadh nuclear warheads to arm these rockets if Saudi Arabia was ever

sufficiently threatened. Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, helped bankroll Pakistan’s nuclear

weapons program. In 2003, it was reported that Saudi Arabia was studying its options to

acquire nuclear weapons and that one of these options was to seek to acquire or lease

them from another country. China could encourage Pakistan to do this or Beijing might

transfer warheads itself. As long as Pakistan or China maintained “control” over these

devices, neither they nor Saudi Arabia would be in technical violation of the NPT.” http://www.npec-web.org/Testimonies/20080520-Sokolski-USCC-PreparedTestimony.pdf

Oh phekkin' boy oh boy.

No wonder Israel has been up to this.


Heads up.