Thursday, 9 July 2009

We'll all be going to cannibal school soon.

More Lexicons.

GGT= Goebbels Gobshite Towers
Kudday the Bush Kangaroo’s Sunlight Diffracted by Nitrogen=KBK’s SDN

It’s all about hassle taxation, hassle statutes and taking the piss.

I note some bloggers are wondering why the Lead Pill Pharmacy are getting involved in cheap booze. If you checked out Gentleman Jim Harris’s work a couple of blogs ago you’d get part of the answer. The use of agencies to handle normal administrative work for the government is just a way to take lots of money from you for doing sod all. That’s why a new passport costs so much.

A long-time ago my mate Stuart and I would catch a tube from Farringdon, after several rounds in The Castle there, to King’s X. He to catch a 225 out of the Smoke, me to stagger onto the Northern Line after stopping in at the offy beside KX for a bottle of Earl Haig. I remarked on one such journey that now the Berlin Wall was down UK plc would use pecuniary means to erect a similar wall here when it suited TPTB. So Passport for £1000, that’ll keep us all indoors!!!!!

When, assuming there is an election, and the economic hit men drop round to give the Govt. the terms and conditions of its continued existence we’re all fucked.

It doesn’t matter which bunch of playpen jobbing actors are in No10 & No11 they’ll have to cut away every last vestige of what makes life tolerable here. The list to be sold off will include schools, hospitals, public buildings, parks, electricity generation, forest, national parks, mineral rights, water etc. etc. etc.

How do you like that eh, in a country knee deep in water that cannot supply itself when the sunshine’s a little hot, the water will be taken away to those who can pay for it. Those with REAL MONEEEE!!!!

The ceremony will be complete when we are all reduced to serfs again.

Talking of ritual and ceremony. The ritual of showing you lots of food just before starvation kicks in. That’s all you get on TV these days. Those MasterChef guys had a winner on earlier in the year who prepared Rabbit on a bed of nettles!!!

I kid you phekkin’ not. Got that? Serfs’ food nouveau cuisine style. That’s just shuvving it in your face, but that’s the GGT. Never watch anything on the telly it’s all ceremonial crap designed to keep you passive. But back to the food. So just as we’re about to experience food riots globally our warlocks are showing the “pressure” involved in shouting “Yes Chef” every five seconds. Well just try the pressure of feeding your family on real rabbit and nettles when the lights go out!!!!

In these days of just in time delivery to the shelves there is no slack in the logistics. So that means if there is any crop failure, or farmers haven’t planted for whatever reason, we’re starving next year. Noticed this two days ago, re: Baltic Dry Index out of China. The Baltic Dry Index .BADI which measures changes in the cost of shipping key commodities fell 4.7 percent overnight. Oh phekk.

More of the ceremony and ritual becomes clear when you view this.

Now I don’t care who is or is not taking the piss, the Michael or the Abercrombie here. I don’t care whether I like their flavour of god bothering or their human rights record. I don’t care how they arrange their social structures or the cultural norms. Some may say they are a danger to our way of life. Well only with our connivance will they be. Do you think there is any other way of killing us?

Anything contrary to what I’m about to say from a country that has turned itself in to a brain numbed zombie oligarchic fascist NAZI SOVIET is not worth a shit.

It’s time to leave these poor fuckers alone for once. Just let them be in peace. That would be a great start. Wouldn’t it?

Heads up.