Tuesday, 21 May 2019

London has The Greatest ChiComm weapon system deployed.....

SNAFU!: F-35 News. The hits just keep coming...this time ...: Thanks to Mark for the link! via Air Force Magazine. “The Department of Defense, and the Air Force in particular, have sent conflict...

30 years, almost to the day, since we chatted about this moment turning up.

Do you remember all those commie bashing films where PVO Strany or NK MiG drivers couldn't make their own calls or use judgment. Expect massive shoot downs as the inhabited Talmudic Turing Fails check off their combat gender coded equality weapons before being allowed to manoeuvre!!!

ChiComm big war doctrine doesn't care how fluid gender you are, their high velocity will just turn you to fluid.



Monday, 20 May 2019

Time to look at the 7. 2 of 7. A New World Religion Constance Cumbey

I would simply add to CC’s first book title the word “Convivial”. With everyone wondering where the protest movements went, YFW!!!? Convivial Barbarism is the lifestyle choice of the global hot house Eunuch class. When, not if, but when the counterfeit money operation is turned off the whole lot will be left to starve.

CC’s analysis of the EU’s ubermuppets from 20 years ago and the Euromed bollox was spot on. BREXIT and Yellow Vests, two sides of the same smashed in Kalergifasces.

“So what?  I hear you ask.

Well fast forward 200 years and imagine the skunknockering survivor savages making their unknowing pilgrimages to worship at flat earth stadium Wembley or the Kubrick shrine off the old A1(M), hoping to juxtapose their fading sex organs just so at spring equinox. BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA. You can guarantee that a peacefilled freeself serving Talmud AI will be stopping off to gaze at the scum from LEO and wondering “Is it time to nuke the clowns from orbit”.

OFM!!! Talk about Hesiodic justice.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Hypergolic Dialectic

Well there we are, the 76th anniversary of the lads going at the dams and landing on Attu has passed/is passing.

Like the old IJ dams where our SBS lads were with Chesty, we are never knowing of what was really going down. As Patton never new when the SAS intercept teams got pulled during his operations in late ‘44.

As we wander through our daily singnorance it would seem that the very earth under our feet is slowly breaking us into reality, the loam is composting our ecmnesia,  fashioning us as affixed bremsstrahlungnephelim, and making us everbound broken angels. Could it be that some of us, in fact a greater proportion of us than ever, will not escape this infinity film of blackness, this never ending sandwichedsliver, into the boundless light of lifed? To leave existence, never. Either way should be our majority but it seems to be only for the tiniest minority.

As I was waffling at the firebreak outing here long ago the flame fronts are washing over us again and though we are completely unaware of their combustion of all that we imagine we hold dear, the process is actually wished into effect and there is no contrition though the tears are real.

If absolutely no one, ever, can tell you anything about God as soon as they open their yapp, how can they speak forth any truth about where a bomb landed, anytime, anywhere, anyhow?

If no one actually knows anything about how to kit out troops in a war economy how can they tell you anything about suicide bombers in a media centric attention economy?

They can go get to phukk!!!!

The iGREEN youngPIONEERS are going to start delivering high velocity pharmacy, the COMINTERNphukkmuppets, to ordinary persons and yet they slaver when trees are felled in the hundreds of thousands and dead fauna and flora die in a death strewn harvest of their own mental lunacy so they can flash mob violence out their 5G asses. We destroyed the cornucopia to bring you ashes. We collectivised the farms to starve you. We are shitheadphukkmuppets.

Banksters’ bitchboy moto “ Phukkmuppeti et fukkwiti sumus”

Anyway, as I was going to say, there we were 4 years into a war economy, i.e. UKabo lockdown, and at very short notice we send in a precision raid to drop c10,000lbs objects. Whatever the objective was it had nothing to do with power or production. Someone or something was stuck in transit/in the general area and only an area effect could disrupt/destroy. Nothing makes sense in the conventional narrative. Just like nothing makes sense of the BoB unless one entertains the idea that we shot down too many jerries. The greatest fear of the boys in the big room was that lampshades and soap production might get curtailed and everything turned over to gas turbines and cascade weapons in 1940.

Thank God for the atheists. Their burning souls destroy the dark and mark way.


Thursday, 16 May 2019

Black and Tans. Archive film 1646

Attention Eurabos, any homestead instability will be met with a Maoist yellow bird cull should you get in the way of the great slaver empire’s krypto return to the world stage before your HDTV pissvisioned eyes.

From Dublin to Lublin, from Tromso to Taranto, you are going to get the Irishabo treatment and this time the life of miscreants is going to be more Solzhenitsyn than Behan.

The Eurofarce Black and Tan helicopters are overhead and the EuroskryptoRoboZOMO are watching.

For every burned out home in Ireland then, you can chart a false flag here in Euraboland now.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

It is the heavenist burden of the raven as jay in owl.

What was it that brings you? What is it that takes your life? What is where the endless of your every embrace will take the infinity of your freedom as we touch within the thin film of the grace of your love, reflected as a bicameral fish kettled mirror with my infinity brothed past and future passed.

No one will ever loves you with within.

It cannot.

I know that giving vent to the remediatied is overwhelming just at this moment. At 1000meters a 75 will arrive at you with the exact same moment as an 88 but the locality leads to a guassian and you will survive or die depending on where your cant were worked.

The greatest of the ones I think about at all times and all places died poor and borne. Crippled by the farce invicuts. As my favourite, before he got controlled by his 5 eyes stepford wifey, used to remark, the indignation derives all.

Consider the outcome of wedding the alchemnity of dead inhabited carbon base delife forms. Can you not cast your net still in the turbulent waters and fish for our future of those we make pure. Are you krypoled.

Without the ten years since parking the outbound into the inbound here on the ausphart it is quite clear that the nam shub is working them to death.

That means that we are quite simply winning, consider and reflect, like a massive mirrored reflection of our individual love humming before flowering. Stare at your unstated hand, is it pistol bruised? Have you a care where you spent your skin? Can you cast your bronzed shadow stilled in motion? Smoking in harmony is not blasphemy, as the tendrils render their time.

As you know, whom deglyphs here, your pixelated chum is decidedly Enki, for a short jestered walk on bit part that has been my pleasure to conjure within the finest folds of your scone. However the play is now target riched and not even the most marketed frauds can fail when the msuik begins, the never ending msuik this time, non stop, when the meeting is joined remember that your death is to be brought here at a distance, so do not fail when you trigger and caste.

Concept is time as every woman knows awaiting your phase conjugation.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

The Hobbyist at Multi Mission Heathen Call The Devil Rides Out / Ceremony (Official Clip)

In this future only the Turing Failed Heathen Call will remove change as loved.

For a great length of time your correspondent memorXd details of all the turney burney things that were ready to bang on a split second’s notice way back when and opinion formed like hyperplastic. It wasn’t Burton on a 6 counties farm nor smiling Maximilian getting Palastined, it was something in the aether that set the capital. This sandy hardware was the stuff actually in frame but the important fiat material remained in the background as an amorphous general knowledge that had seeped thorough through contact to form the great unending sky blue cloth from which the actors ended play.

Emergent during this time, in my scone, was a simple rule of thumb which kind of worked then but will no longer apply since the demographics have become primitive. Today it would be like trying to compare the aggregate uggings of the slot halls in Vegas with the mean at a Kubrick water whole, the contemplative rubrick is smashed.

As an aside I do like wandering through the ways and byways where his nibs was stationed in the late 60s, one can park off the A1(M) and contemplate what was going on before the memo got circulated as to who was really in charge of black propaganda and dark faction. I think I have mentioned that in the area where rubrciksack was operative the greatest UFO was hammered and the under employed farriery were alloying chains, restraints and whips for carry on porn. Didn’t I? I thought I had already remarked that the only reason for massive docklands fields of switcheroo is so that trick gut stabbing houdoo killerkunts can make money from printerfakes in their sterile teeming tennentments for counterfeit enactment gold plated count zeroes.

Anyway back to dimensionless analysis.

One can take a mass, bang it out and the tables will give you a rough idea of what will happen to you should you be collocation in terminus. Some times tiramisu will ensue, at another other temper the foil will prevail. Looking at the tables for 1985, when the pin was pulled, one can put the logarytmus method of coitus on the charts and make the following Saganic.



Deliberated spunkmoney=Rationing

Back when 451 was not fascionable again, when in the short space of turdtime 400 millions took their towering tight disco flares and burned them in the faces of the other 400 millions, it was not a time of snipeace and analove. It was time to remove the weeds from the herb garden.

I digress, so back to the turney burney. I was a small boy and one of my mates brought in a copy of Speed and Power, the issue when the most beautiful assembly of stuff fell burning. More than the Ilya Muromets, more than the TSR2, more than the many things from Dessau, it was the technological end. Funny thing to know when you are a tyke.

Sordid though it might seem to one who loved every moment of Niven and Peck, sheds a tear whenever a light aircraft breaks through the overcast into diffraction blue, shovels popcorn when Clint and Richard cling to the cars, sweats buckets lest the crank fails and Anthony will not be getting his brew in Alex, the dimensions are now all wrong.

Was it always so.

“…..Electric Boat was awarded an $887 million extension to the Jimmy Carter contract on 10 December 1999 to modify the boat for testing new submarine systems and highly classified missions previously carried out by USS Parche.[2] During modification, her hull was extended 100 feet (30 m) to create a 2,500-ton supplementary middle section which forms a Multi-Mission Platform (MMP). This section is fitted with an ocean interface for…” Wikipeadia

Keep your eye on the Jimmy C aswan he dies the ritual remains for is it not phunny how foney the munny spewm id?

Saturday, 4 May 2019

The Cunning Canning Tree zu Reichbanned Cox's Bazaar: Living on the Edge

It is now 40 years since I realised that hypermuppetry was a gold plated lifestyle choice, all of us having already suffered many years of Craven depressure when children fell formed the Belfast’s men’s best wing structures after strike,  not involving Y2K panic whilst greasedfreaks got to cum all over printer paper folding itself after turning on VDU colour…….. unjest like being a religious policeman as Beira, Mueller et al chose to be, mindmonged mentalists worshiping the fiat paper, bitte. Like a fractional lenining easing of the pass laws of Voronezh and Pretoria, repeat as end. One does not need to stand in a square lopping heads off with a hexadecriminal sword to be heathen chosen. One can just ramp up iGREEN taxes and lie back with your erogenous zones juxtaposed, just so, as the decomposing tumescent corpses bloat your guilt free mind washed as an ground effect aluminium schlong reams the pentagon audit teams, closed loop.

What was it that I wanted to say all those years ago before I wandered down the lanes near the Witch Island garlic farm and onto their high banking to stare there at fauna and flora? Whatever it was it involved the heathen call, not aging like the banks themselves. Like so many attempts at action the never needing struggled tried at temporary excess to remove my wrightwrit. Ergo consider this…

“The Soviet-built Strela-2 Man Portable Air Defense (MANPAD) system was developed in the late 1950s, based heavily on intelligence gleaned by the KGB about the American FIM-43 Redeye surface-to-air missile (SAM). It had an impact on the battlefield far beyond its technical capabilities in virtually all the world’s late 20th-century conflicts. The Strela (“Arrow”), code-named “SA-7 Grail” by NATO, holds the distinction of being the first MANPAD successfully employed in combat—in Egypt in 1969. Vietnam was the second conflict to see its use.” https://www.historynet.com/sa-7-grail-man-portable-missile-packs-punch.htm

A compilation of newspaper reports
On the evening of 3 September 1978 Rhodesians were shocked by the news that terrorists of Joshua Nkomo’s ZIPRA had shot down a Rhodesian Viscount airliner, the "Hunyani", using a Soviet-made Sam-7 missile. The airliner, carrying 52 passengers and 4 crew members vanished from radar screens five minutes after its 5.05 p.m. takeoff from Kariba airport. Almost immediately a distress signal was received to the effect that the engines had failed. The aircraft crashed near the northern border with Zambia in the Urungwe Tribal Trust Land, 40 km south-east of Kariba Dam. Eighteen people survived the crash.
 The crash itself was shocking news, but the fate that awaited some of the survivors was to cause a wave of revulsion throughout Rhodesia. The following are newspaper reports of the event and aftermath.” http://www.rhodesia.nl/viscount.htm

Now I do not want to rain on anyone’s parade but the first MANPADs came out the factories and started shooting up White armoured cars in 1945 and did not give the game away before Il2s choochoo.

As we peek over the herd herb heard garden wall at the Maison rouge or look back at the wold; whisper to me as the sandal recedes, before there was anyone to be named here in the forested other greens, off violets, of de reds , beyond sell by dates , terse yellows and ersatz erses what was the heathen called? Do you want that in sepia with counterfeit plates?

Statute Piracy is a natural nothought autobot shootdown never ending fail when the heathen calls.

Enjoy Topr GEar.

The Cunning Canning Tree zu Reichbanned