Tuesday, 22 January 2019

“Illness is a political decision”

What none of the MiHiMediaSpyBBCbitchboys will ever mention is that Moscow hated the Magyarscum, London hated the Magyarscum, Washington DC hated the Magyar scum.

Just like the Polish national uprising in 44, the MiHiMickeymouseOSS club made it look as if the west might help. But no, Washington DC hated the Polakscum, Moscow hated the Polakscum, Berlin hated the Polakscum, London hated the Polakscum. And all the scum died or got reframed.

Kind of like the Tet uprising. Peking, London, Washington DC, Paris, Moscow all hated the Vietscum. And they got deadified and reframed into Nike factories for Basketballslaverstars to prance around in.

And all the while RCE/TA welcomed the found out jumped up criminals from all over the cokeworld. I love that bit at the beginning where the massive faces get paraded in the processions. I’ll bet the godlikecreationpsychobitchboy Moshe loved that shit too.

GlobalAbos let it be quite clear you are hated, always were, always will be, by halfbastard voidminded universalbanksterscum and will get removed under the intense media coverage of a D notice outrage.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Napalm, Jeyes Fluid and Agent Orange……..

Some people get by with staring at mirroring pudenda and shadowy linga. Some people get by with a hole lot of whore. Some people like to bathe in death and some people are a complete waste of attention space. Some people are simply no more than wan wankstators….

“…..Leading economics journalist Stephanie Flanders delivered the 2017 Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) Annual Lecture at the University of Sheffield.

Her talk – For the many not the few: do we know how to deliver inclusive growth? – was delivered on Tuesday 26 September 2017 to a sold-out audience in Firth Hall.

The prestigious SPERI Annual Lecture has previously been delivered by former Labour leader Ed Miliband, ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston, Guardian journalist George Monbiot, Lord Robert Skidelsky and, most recently in November 2016, the Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

Dr Craig Berry, Deputy Director of SPERI at the University of Sheffield, said: “Stephanie Flanders is one of Britain's most high-profile and distinguished economic journalists. The worlds of finance and big business often seem remote to most people but Stephanie is an expert at communicating economic news and connecting it to everyday life……”

Some Athenian women broke all the phallussississss off the city herms. Some care to fill their barren wholes with sterile cults. Some are toxic vessels and some are poison vectors.

“…In 1989 Maurice Strong was appointed Secretary General of the Earth Summit and in 1992, addressing Earth Summit II in Rio, he told the thousands of climate change delegates:

“It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class— involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work place air-conditioning, and suburbanhousing — are not sustainable.”

There goes the Sunday roast, a house to live in, the car, the occasional hamburger and generally, life on earth as we know it. But what Strong didn’t tell the delegates was that he was involved in the purchase of the Colorado Land and Cattle Company, which he bought from Adnan Khashoggi, an arms dealer who had strong connections with the Bin Laden family……”

….than death on legs. Some people’s needs need emptied from their corpse for sure. Some people are so onanic in others swollen lives they are self realising, selfactuating antierotic selfaltars. Some are Gestaltenmities of something else’s flaccid erection. Some people are never going to be missed when removed from their future by blunt objects of the self healing.

Vasquez had it just right, roll the canisters in……

Where ever ordinary persons raise themselves from the dirt….

China Defense Blog: Photo of the day: PLAN's fourth KJ-500 AWAC spott...: Serial number 81036.  The PLAN continues to deploy land-based AWAC as a stop gap before KL-200 Y-7 AWAC is ready to enter service with her C...

 …you can be sure that one group of perps in pukezentral will always engineer the descent into indecency.

Guaranteed as sure as the RothbitchboybitchRocks crave their own demoniCockhead worship.

“On 22 June 1940 France and Nazi Germany signed the Second Armistice at Compiègne. This signalled the end of the Battle of France, and Britain was concerned that the significant naval force of the Marine Nationale would now pass to the pro-Nazi Vichy government. If these ships were used by the Axis powers, they would secure a significant advantage in the Battle of the Atlantic.

Winston Churchill received reassurances from Admiral François Darlan, commander of the French Navy, that the ships would remain under French control. However, Churchill and the War Cabinet were unwilling to risk the possibility that they might change hands.

Having decided that it was necessary to neutralise the French fleet, Operation Catapult was launched on 3 July. French ships in British ports were captured, while those at Mers-el-Kébir were offered an ultimatum by Force H under the command of Admiral Sir James Somerville. If the French didn’t surrender their ships or move them away from the reach of the Axis, they would be sunk.

Negotiations continued for much of the day, but at 5:54pm Churchill ordered the British ships to open fire in the first Anglo-French naval exchange since the Napoleonic Wars. The French were anchored in a narrow harbour that made them an easy target for the British guns. 1,300 French sailors were killed in just a few minutes, while one battleship was sunk with five more seriously damaged.

Churchill later recalled the ‘hateful decision, the most unnatural and painful in which I have ever been concerned’ but, in the context of the war, the attack at Mers-el-Kébir proved to the world that Britain was determined to keep fighting.”

Ever so sub telly such that they look like the heroes of their own plot out with cons piracy.


Get ready....

China Defense Blog: PR photos of the day: Chinese naval escort fleet p...: Chinese naval escort fleet pays friendly visit to Philippines Source: Xinhuanet Editor: Li Jiayao Time     2019-01-18 MANILA, Jan. 17 (Xinhu...

Letter from BC

greencrow has parked a great post today.



One of the purposes of the global war on jackanory is obliteration of inconvenient oopart.

Once Strong's global harem is in place, around 2050, no one will venture beyond their own gravsite.

All will be forgotten.