Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Horst Wessel 5 Noteautophaart faked Rosa Luxemburg 7 Noteanalqueeph from faux Rosa Park Nonpukestopbus.

The gardener has got a new Kubota, no, not tinkering with the glass Kubota scene, as a JAVstar might know it, but a chemical laden analogue of a C123. Funnily enough it is orange. Anyway the tank eunuch and the warfare androgen are studying their talmudmanuals for the application of Agent Tikkum Massala as predressing animal skins. Kind of similar to parking a load of soap and benzene on a child. Mmmmmm they/their god love/s the smell of baked wean in the morning.

Observing the tinkering going on with the release of high technology into the society of RastonTuringFails one reflects that after a period of several self sealed generations of isolation, of capture, everything becomes so ersatzcyclic that all laws can never apply to anything actually actuating within.

So we can ask ourselves a question, can’t we, can you halt a war and continue it not Clausewitzwisestylee, but in reality. I didn’t say end the war, like all fools have fallen for with their faked war moon ending landings. I mean would anyone alive these days actually recognise a bus stopping at a bus stop without a handmaiden in attendance. So similar with things like Armistice Day, with every memorial stating 1914-1919, which bit a fake deadly plaza, is that?

Look at the litany of failure by pleasure these passed 60 years never mind the designer destruction of progress in the half century before that.

Having spent over a quarter of a century watching the emissions from the ausphart certain absolutes are to be treated as certainties even though collateral will result.

If an analogy is sought it would be, make no mistake we are to be eliminated, the realisation that someone is working happily within our struggle to sabotage by coherent amity. Although in phase they are heterodyne, nothing like us. Looking hard at the favourite ruin that was made of Britain we can derive certain irrefutable conclusions.

UKplc was supposed to survive the conflagration RCE/LC kicked off in 1939 exactly the same as it was in 1939 only better. By that I mean the UKabo having been shot dead again in vast numbers was supposed to return to a state of superrickets and hyper ignorance.

Germany was supposed to resemble a national scaled no mans land, like 1915-1919 Somme/Ypres/Verdunstylee, with all the research centres gutted, all the people dead and all the annoyance caused by hard working, self actuating,  northern, nonChaldcucked, Europeans gone.

“Oh no you don’t you khaant, don’t you know anything about the great white struggle?” I hear some rant.

Well from where I stand all I can see is 5,000 years of retreat fashioned by work shy semites, now don’t get too apoplectic, I haven’t finished. Whilst working hard at being tools wielding tools, the enemy uses the second oldest trade to shuv its weaponcocks into the chuffs of the breeding mares and misdirecting our own warcocks into the barrensheaths of whores.

Quigley didn’t delineate his statement about commerce being the semitic weapon system so I will complete some of the list.

Whores as weapons. Money as weapons, Trade as weapons. Slavery is weapons. …&c

All that needs to be done is define the word semite. The biggest semites I can see now are mighty dollar pushers and if you don’t get the duality of that phrase then you can phukk off, you are of no use whatsoever in the wrenching of history for truth.

Chew on this. Christie tech to USSR. Autobahns as state policy. BT tanks as blitzkrieg.

I’ll bet that once the garlicwillingswine gave up without a fight and we attacked them at Oran the message was received loud and clear that the USSR was welcome in UKplc and the danger of the sausagemunchers not fighting as planned caused our Rothschild semiandrogyns nightmares of cyanide Sinai. From Katyn to Epping is but one fuel stop away in Tabriz is it not so Moshe


Saturday, 20 July 2019

Ham Actors (1928) and Qweer Rubbber Tanks (2019)


have you seen the queer paint job on the bulk beauty, that bulk carrier must have been in makeup so long that it would make a pig lipstick mechanic blush at a double penetration by fuerzes especiales and insertion by rapello at a porn shoot in the Sanfernando Valley.

Why aren’t the Somali pirates hired to take care of things by driving inflatable tanks through the ball pond straits? Or perhaps we could get a load of Rotten Pussy and Riot Quims to shit all over the Arseanjanispilots of this world! Where ever one finds well fed western MSMcombatNGOninjas, trouble making troupes of charityclowns and religioknife throwers there you will find the heaps of dead persons who used to be getting on with their simple, ordinary lives. God do the RastonRothbotbosses hate them being so free. Freedom is death by freedomspewing, liberty puking RastonRockbitches.

All the ultramokkingbirds here in UKplc will never understand that the reason their HDTVpissscreens are full of needy Africancharity actors is because they love all this theatre and want nothing more than their offspring to graduate to mountedharembitchboys and wellphukkedbedchamberboybitches of the Rastonrothbot Sybian.


Friday, 19 July 2019

Psyopscock and Quantaquim in Prolapsed Pillboxstall

Maurice Pinay: Arnon Milchan's Great Grandfather was appointed to...: "On one family side we go back to [medieval talmudist] Rashi, on the other side we go almost to King David" [Anon Milchan] s...

Sometimes the IP enclosures and papieren bitte routine makes one long for the days when two geezers in a made up load of civvies could venture forth on a sally, two other geezers crash land a Bf108, a long shanks drifts into Hamburg and a cool dude finally jumps the wire. But as they say in tractor stat world they never existed. Like NCIS Barnet it is all a load of theatre with live ammunition in the props. Kind of like the world’s most advanced society being unable to stop urbane violence. The dump could mobilise every masonicrubberbatonround to crush ordinary persons of UKAbo origin when they mined coal or smelted iron. They could get a great big reframed temple whore to gun down overseas sparkies pour encourage les autres encore. But stopping jibbing is beyond the Big Brother sacraficemuppet WalterMittysyndrome by Arsehole Intelligence at Temple.

Indeed the continuity of oligarchy faction here in the Rothpark have done nothing but drive the whole of UKAbos mental by forced driving of faked narrative 24/7. That’s Delmarism from CSi Arkley, correct lying nonstop, you destroy the picket lines and groom the child grooming gangs from stoneagedslaverstan, whilst the john company corporate agents get stoned in the bogs at Westminster gassing legal counterfeit paper.

As one reflects back on the stranger journey to Monte Carlo embarked upon during this life it is the constant cunstants of concern that registered and have never left me, only to be confirmed by accidental serendipity stager attractor decades later.

As I’ve mentioned before, the ausphart, even on day one when we linked to docklands via a phukkofbigpipe, had only two things to offer, bitches getting buttphukked, which confirms EMJ’s anecdotes about Palestine and electric universe theory. There was a brief period of exploring the high country but even then the control shadow was evident for one could wander into any USofA resource on the ausphart and read learned paper after research paper on anything there for free. My office printer was red hot. However in Europe the shutters were down and you could not afford to get into the euro equivalents which were all tolled up supremaciststylee. This is one of the little drips of evidence that makes me look for the source of 9/11 in Euraboland. God how the euroinbredmutants hate USabos after going to all that effort to kill off their own Abos from 1913-1946.

Here in the worlds most advanced pigsty the kreeps on the BBC are informing us that school children are exhibiting more and more mental health problems. The weans are going nuts.

So, you are a car mechanic and every one of the cars that come into your body shop breaks down half a mile from your shitshop. What happens? Well you get the message that this is not your vocation and you bugger of to bake cakes for Turing fails in Nebraska and everything is sweet for you. A competent mechanic takes over your shop and she makes her town happy, car mechanically, and prospers.

Now we take a closer look at what you were really doing to the cars before Sheila took over, you were icing the spark plugs, caramelising the tyres and putting doilies on all the gauges. Everyone trusted you back then to know what was what. Ahhh the gift of failed journeying. So if you’ve spent your career churning out illiterate and numberblinded stepford children with faithbased lobotomisation do you really expect to be getting to die quietly in your bed? Soylent green works both ways you Logansrancidrunnningcunts!

So which bit of ramming peadogogicocks down the throats of those who should be under your protection don’t the peppapigperpaedogogues get? Which bit of grooming them for serving to Jeffries French Fries, Weinstein’s Swollen Doghead and Podesta Pedostal Pesto Pizza don’t the gulagedupelagog get? If you’re being told that taking it up the shitter, cutting your cock off and sewing up you front bottom is fanphukkingphanpashatastic all day everyday then you might be going a bit scrypto by the time you are 7. Where does the money come from to pollute the world so?

How’s about doing some real instruction you over paid fakirkhaants. Start with how to print as much money as you want from nothing and name the RastonRothbots as universalpervperps No.1.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Mami's Shit: Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner 2019.07.17

Mami's Shit: Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner 2019.07.17: A program that investigates the relationships among capitalism, militarism and politics. Maintaining a radical perspective in the afterm...

Wednesday, 17 July 2019


So here we are hunkered in the garden by the mint and sage. Herbs everywhere, carrots and onions just over the low wall. The soft fruits have been picked and the apples hang heavy in the morning mists. We’ve been here for ever, some even remember there was a couple of mud laved clowns who pfukked with Enki and Lilith some aeons ago before the mariachi fairy started in the archangel pneumatic hammer chaochoir.

No where within the bounds of the garden have we ever been able to rest and enjoy the silence. For there never has been silence, gun shots, strange gurgling in the night, poisons, traps and habirusonnderkommando hunt everywhere like tractorstat belief enforcers of the wasteclans in the long ago apirulands. They work slowly since by enacting their wishes in the past they can control the way time is spent in the present and formed for the future. There is no escape from low walled magic if you accept your eyes as collapse.

Today we have the strange sight of an upper apartment message bearer being pimp slapped at an open window. Oh the spectacle, sound and squealing as we gaze upwards from under the rhubarb leaves.

Meanwhile in the long glass houses the rastonrothbot uberseerWassabieinsatzgruppen seal and release the ZitherzyklotronZ ricin cocktails. You do not need a gagging order when everyone is gagging and foaming up their lungs under the amnesiac superglycophosphateD notice. The tuber dwellers get the message and slink away into the long grass to await the gardeners return.

Now I don’t want to depress you too much with our return to the kitchen garden but you get the idea, Parsley is overhead just in case you get the idea to scale the ivy and take a good peek at just what the hell Jeffrey and his puppet cru are really up to in that balcony, is rapunzel getting Rapumelled in the ass again, we know where our bodies are buried after all. Far away Parsley will be getting indoctroaugmented for wiping out more TerrAbos too poor to live yet not dead enough to be compliant.

Have you considered who Parsley is? I don’t mean Nevada drone jocks, or Red Army TVJSTARS, though that is where it started. Parsley walks amongst us. Wander down the strasse and watch for those who never enter a bank, never go to the Post Office, never take public transport, never need to pay to park their electric sports car, never pay taxes of any sort and always never say anything. The iGREENgang, the flashyoungCOMINTERN, appear from no where and get everything instantly. They are mass murder and war crime cleared and atrocity rated.

Now then now then boys and girls let us leave the herb garden and travel to a discrete aerodrome where the great house’s resident recidivist entities travel to and from, where the Rancid Rapine Shuttles and the Lolita Expresses get prepped. The combat cocks and the Kombrig phannies will be going CRJ but the meat will be going somnostatisfreight in a C27, along with the vats. If you are ground crew there, if you are security detail there, if you are cleaning the bogs there, are you worthless? Are you Janissary, Praetorian, Untouchable or can you still be made human again? The focus is on you, scum, because your rastonrothbosses have made the epigenetic lifestyle choice ages ago to be nonhuman in the great rotating ballroom.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Oyoy...who comes banging out the traps on cue?

Mami's Shit: The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 1036 - 2019.0...: Andrew Carrington Hitchcock (born ca. 1973) is the author of the widely imitated and hugely influential modern historical work, " T...


Thursday, 11 July 2019

Alan...got your Croydon barraboy headsup.

I had wanted to post the "Inflato" sketch which was wartime propaganda to make sure you never considered the nature of real economic theory. This will have to do as an intro..

If your weather bond trading AI is a TuringFail Laurelmirror of the stainless steel RockRoth mind then expect Boston Dynamics Big Dawgs opening the graves to feast on flesh after the lethality spaces have gone quiet..

Notice that the peace/wartime reality of economics is that in order to make the equations work you have to clear the markets by killing lots of people who've noticed your scheme is utter shite.

All economic equations + made unalive persons= success for RastonRothbots.