Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Vatic Project: The Rothschilds in India (BRICS?)

The Vatic Project: The Rothschilds in India (BRICS?): Vatic Note:  Well,  I feel I have achieved something that I have wanted for a long time, but could never quite put together, and that is a ...

Oh yes expect a "sudden" geneological/archeological "discovery" in China soon as part of the RCE/TA pivot to Asia.


Friday, 13 March 2015

When you live the life..

..of a plaything on the stage of The Globe during a production of the Merchant of Avarice then one knows the meaning of the words dumb and dumber, concubine and eunuch.

All the world is a stage and real things can never have happened unless they were scriptured.

Where Oh where for art though oh carbon faking defector?

Are you shitting paste on cue again?

I'll bet you not one person of the millions and millions who were offed in holocausts financed by the Ba'al Hammon money worshipping murdering tribe of fantacistic hallucinotrons ever got the chance to shit a brick never mind jewellry.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

a view from the bog : Red Ice Radio February 16, 2015

a view from the bog : Red Ice Radio February 16, 2015: Chris Fogarty - The Irish Holocaust Chris Fogarty was raised on farm in Ireland where he worked the land with his father, and later went ...

Thursday, 4 December 2014

New letters for a new world.

The FallenNWObolloxNOW? Naaahhhhh.

35 years since the publication of Verweht sind die Spuren which told of events taking place 35 years before then. I love symmetry me.

Tokyo Nov 1964. I’ll not be in MC1 this year but the mind will wander over the old Imperial shinkansen routes of the empire mean time.

I love maps and a good one turned up over at the other shop.

That map tells me that it took approx 2000 years for the YEWs to get DNA control moved from the Rhine to the Oder. The Ukraine fiasco is all about getting YEW control of Phoenician lands again using RCE/LC troublemakers in Ankara. Donmeh creepzoids are busy, busy, busy here in the Smoke.

Sometimes I play a little game when reading or looking at a photograph. I check out the number of years since the writing or image capture and then play multiples back and forward.

Soon I will be rereading Fey again (Am actually hence the 5 ref above.). It gets me into the midwinter atmos. Rereading about events of 70 years go in the deep winter outside Kharkov. I do not recall in all those hundreds of pages a single incident of “war crimes” as concocted by the murderers in their fables. Is it not interesting that wherever Yahweh’s Empty Worlders go all the non YEWs die? All the doors getting kicked in and persons getting dragged off into the night to a lime filled pit or waiting extermination train are all actions carried out by YEWs.

What was UKplc like then? Rationed, scared shitless and unemployed. Those pulling a good life were tapped into the crime scene. What was UKplc like 70 years before that? Well according to Dickens UKplc blokes and bloktrice were illiterate, poor and unemployed. Anyone with lucre was tapped into the crime scene.

What will UKplc be like in 70 years time? Well the constants will not disappear. Unemployed, ignorant and only degenerate criminals living the high life.

There will be no Germans around to force an increase in literacy and general wellbeing in the nation. As I remarked to my friend during the summer as we sat near Russell Square, only war with Germany during the early 20th century raised the literacy and health of the nation from 3rd world steam driven banana republic to shithole, Imagine that by the middle of the 20th century the coaling stop to the Americas would need to have a document written railing against “Squalor, Ignorance, Want, Idleness, Disease...” duh!!

I’ll be watching the film The Ipcress File again soon, 50 years ago. I love the shopping trolley scene. So little work actually done by businesses these days. Now all that happens when attending weekly worship at the TeSaiMorAsDildo is you do all the work and the shelves get restacked by people working for nothing. That is a courtesan’s life completely devoid of reality. 50 years from now and the built environment overarching Dildos will be gone, replaced by fallow fields and serfs. Squalor and his siblings will return. The thieves will, as always, skulk in their variegated lair’s layers.

No wonder children are sacrificed at the alters of the BBC in UKplc.

I parked this over at the Stoker recently

and it begs for a little more comment with regards to the NWO faerie stories used to scare the more aware meat androids of androgyny in the so called developed countries.

Firstly we must define “developed country”. View it as a garden. The gardener, on behalf of the owner, will brook no resistance from weeds, destroy them, flora, plant them, nor fauna, too insect like to be noticed. So not really a country, more Royal deer park where poachers are shot on sight.

A test of whether the “developed country” one inhabits is indeed a deer park is to measure the resistance of native flora/fauna to the introduction of alien flora/fauna.

So all members of NATO/ANZUS are now deer parks with one exception.

No one in NATO/ANZUS dares raise a finger against the gardener.

So what has this got to do with the NWO then?

Well try shipping tens of millions of alien fauna/flora into Africa/India/Indonesia today?

The gardener of Babylon would be hanging alrighty if he dared such a thing. So a massive, think Taiping Rebellion with neutron weapons, I mean massive clearance, a kind of clearance that will make the clearances of Europe 1914-1947 look like a trip into Tinkey Winkey’s big pink lined chemical castration de sac, a gargantuan cull, like Terminators without the charisma, is on the cards. Which bit of Khazari golden goosestep don’t you understand?

Banksters do not tool you up for you to have a long career in their armed forces. Banksters, Khazi Khazari bitchboys. Khazi Khazaris, YEW bitchboys. YEWs, thickest fucks on Earth. Sun’s truly soiled sons.

So what we have here is a failure to communicate the scalability problem faced by the real NWObilderwankers. A failure consistent with the output of most altbolloxMSM for several decades.

A classic example of the phukkedwitz railing against this NWO process is any and all proponents of white supremacy or exceptionalism. I mean would you want to be part of a gang that didn’t understand its inability to resist a collection of money peddlers this passed 3000 years or more? Team omega or what?

Would you?

Which bit of 1914-47 don’t you get Fartfront? Which bit of autonomous controlled assets don’t you get Germans? Which bit of hands off control is beyond you, Sunić? Self actuating suicide societies a bit too much to confront, Duke? UKplc too stupid to know it does not exist?

By the time that the true NWO turns up, in say 100years, Europe will be as empty as the Parthenon WASIS because of its inactive resistance.

2500 years ago the Iberian Gauls were getting slaughtered and slaved by YEWs what makes you think that the universe is in any other way strategically aligned with a business model?


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

5 years ago and I still haven't changed my mind

Since writing that back then I've come to the conclusion that and  reckon USofA corp has committed a crime against the Roth during WW2. Your crime is to be too good and free. Do you guys know how much you screwed up WW2 for the Roth? Korea and 'Nam wasn't enough to take you apart. 9/11 was needed to get you finally at their mercy.

So just like The Russian Tsar was told he'd get taken out one century before it happened the Roth must be on schedule to take USofA corp out soon.

It isn't that much of a ball gazing exercise to read the Bolshie/Menschie fomenting of manufactured discontent in USofA corp and the limp wimped display of sabotage by your traitorMaoistAlyinskyistPOTUSbitchboy.

Go on then how can NATO convoys get vaped in AfPak and showroom fresh 4x4s get to parade around in ponceISISpimpmyshoppingmall stylee? How come we have a GWOT and the cops are all down the mall patrolling black Frigtag?

Go get to fuck!!!

Thursday, 20 November 2014


70 Years Since the Deportation of the Meskhetian Turks

On the morning of 15 November 1944 the NKVD began the systematicdeportation of the Meskhetian Turks, Kurds, and Hemshins from the area of Georgia near the Turkish border. By 6 pm that day the NKVD had loaded a total of 26,591 people on to train echelons bound for Kazakhstan and Central Asia (Pobol and Polian, doc. 3.175, p. 533). Between 15 to 18 November 1944 the NKVD cleared Meskhetia-Javakhetia of Turks, Kurds, and Hemshins. On 25 to 26 November 1944, they forcibly removed these nationalities from Adzharia. In total the NKVD deported a reported 91,095 Turks, Kurds, and Hemshins from Georgia and sent them on their way to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan by 28 November 1944.Their houses and lands were to be settled by some 7,000 Georgian households  (Pobol and Polian, doc. 3.176, p. 534). By December the NKVD had revised the number of deported Turks, Kurds, and Hemshins up to 92,374 people. Adult men made up only 18,923 of the deportees while the rest consisted of 27,399 adult women and 45,985 children under 16. A total of 53,163 were shipped to Uzbekistan, 28,598 to Kazakhstan, and 10,546 to Kyrgyzstan. The Soviet government settled 84,596 of them on kolkhozes, 6,316 on sovkhozes, and only 1,395 in industrial enterprises (Bugai, doc. 7, p. 157). A report from Beria to Molotov on 13 January 1945 noted that in the process of the deportations that the Soviet government had confiscated 8,525 tons of grain, 3,948 tons of potatoes, 453 tons of vegetables, 312 tons of fruit, 60,007 head of long horned cattle, and 80,049 head of small cattle from the Turks, Kurds, and Hemshins. In exchange they received an advance of only 1,480 tons of flour and 371 tons of cereal between 15 January and 15 March 1945, a ration of 16 kg of flour and 4 kg of cereal per person, while waiting for their vouchers for the rest of their property to be redeemed (Pobol and Polian, doc. 3.178, pp. 535-536). On 5 March 1945, the SNK ordered that the Turks, Kurds, and Hemshins deported from Georgia to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan be provided with 3,158.4 tons of potatoes, 453.7 tons of vegetables, and 312.4 tons of fruit. But, missing from this order was any mention of any livestock despite the loss of over 140,000 head of cattle by the deportees or the 8,525 tons of grain (Pobol and Polian, doc. 3.179, p. 536). By 11 March 1946, they still had only received 518 tons of grain and 4,659 kilograms of wool, cattle, and sheep (Bugai, doc. 19, p. 165). This meant that during the intial months and years in exile, food, especially meat was in quite short supply. This led to increased morbidity and mortality due to malnutrition. By June 1948, 11.8% of those deported in 1944 had perished (Pobol and Polian, p. 524).  Like other nationalities deported from the Caucasus the Mekshetian Turks, Kurds, and Hemshins were placed under special settlement restrictions until 1956. Unlike the Karachais, Chechens, Ingush, Balkars, and Kalmyks they were not allowed to return in significant numbers to their homeland after 1957.


N.F. Bugai, ed., Iosif Stalin - Lavrentiiu Berii: "Ikh nado deportirovat'": Dokumenty, fakty, kommentarii (Moscow: "Druzhba narodov", 1992).

N. L. Pobol and P.M. Polian, (eds.), Stalinskie deportatsii 1928-1953: Dokumenty, (Moscow: MFD, Materik, 2005).