Monday, 5 October 2015

Fake ass….

….creepzoids, turds in suits, workshy wordphuckers. Like all these lazy, humanity hating scribes and their cumholders, they just want all the rest of us to keep them in comfort and flesh, whilst everyone else starves and dies ignorant.

Absolutely everything they want us to believe is fakir, make believe, pestilential and toxic. All their systems are lethal; whether it be religious, scientific, business or relgiocommercial. Everything they touch turns to ordure. They should not be allowed to be in charge of a dog shit bin let alone a fly trap. Just count the number of bodies that have turned up under these eviloids’ watch since the djinn possessed  them during the larcenous run out of Egypt lead by the insurance fire starter Moshe.

Everything that is of value to us they and their goons either steal or kill.

Whatever the Ba’al worshipping clown in the holy Ronald McD outfit and his Gelded money worhsipping slavering asswipe in the active sociocamo gear believe they have nothing to offer anyone. Never have, never will and should be ridiculed for their non stop fuckmuppery of a travelling theft circus and gulag bank at every and all opportunity.

I love this comment from Lolathecur.

by lolathecur on 09/28/2015 - 11:42 pm
duct tape that fake ass pope to to that statue and blow it up!!!!!! Just make sure it does not get blamed on dem moooozlums.”

In fact strap every one of these money worshipping, timewasting, god fakationists to a heaven bound pyre and leave them to roast in hell. What a plague of disease vectors we have in our midst.

Everything that we have ever done for our betterment has been achieved despite the parasitic cockgrovelling phukkers!!!

I wonder how many persons had to die to create that pile of metalmickeydom, if money is involved there is always death accompanying the scrip
, and how big a great big iGREEN award it got from the iGREEDY?

Everything in a bancinsynamosqurch orgasms over money and nothing else, no matter how much secular ceremony, ecumenical sex ritual and sacred murder they dress it up in.

BWAHAHAHAAAAA……from Patagosinai

Friday, 2 October 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 34.

Let us step out and far away from the whos, the whys, the probakalistic fakery and just stare at what we know about what was actually what in the obscurantist, smoke driven die and occluded battlefield before Sun Tzu and von Clausewitz got all phukked by the historical equivalence of Heisenberg and the Hollyweird cat.

Only one installation was financed, equipped and mobilised to make war. USSR by the current front for the stone age hand cranked child sacrificing Roth/Rock.

Only one installation was allowed to range free on, inbred selfbudding gaudfraudsquad Roth, patent. IJ.

Everyone else was in a state of Roth engineered weakness and Rock instrumented poverty. When one realises that the Norwegian commies were deliberately disabling their country in order that the USSR could walk on in, one can see the COMINTERN hard at work in the starving body of the west. Notice that no one in the COMINTERN was ever short of cash, food, booze or hooker duvets. One other thing that we have to realise is that the idea of freedom is in reality not valued, not internalised and not welcomed as a primary requirement for peace in the west. Happiness? Yes but that is a warm revolver.

Just look at UKplc. This paragon of freedom has spent the best part of the past 100 years as locked down open prison, rationed weapons camp and pass-law killer expeditionary. It is now a wrecked kitchen garden about to be rewilded.

Similar any other NATO member. Give them toys, fuckholes and disco flares and they will wipe millions from the face of the planet whilst at peace camp.

So what did the geezers, slaking themselves with on call kick start ladyboy expendables, expect once the Slavs and Teutons were all dead? What did they expect the world to look like circa 1945, as they ordered the bodies removed form their estates and dungeons in 1938? What did a killer oligarch want for the world?

Did it want clean depopulated beaches with an unbroken field of fire upon which to go night scope whore hunting? Did they neither want the human pelts unblemished by thorn, barbed wire nor projectile punctured as they cruised around a deserted helot paradise in their Rolls Royce? Did they desire human buttock skin cushions over their air bags?

Well the one thing they were looking forward to, we can state with certainty, was at least 100million dead Europeans. Do not expect Stalin to not have used gas and do not expect London not to have welcomed that use. London and New York fed, financed and teched the whole thing anyway. Just like the ChiComms have been financed today and will be told to shift into killer mode soon. One does not invest in weapons just to gaze at them on parade. Remember this is a cold CBA. Fine wines or bombs. Only the later if they are going to be used immediately and return more fine wines. Other wise the war gets stoppered. And do not expect any so called democracy to refuse to go along with the plan. Just look at UKplc, the mother of parliaments and home of the Magna Farta; it has always done as instructed. Give the abofools bare rations, Big Muppet and pox infected blankets and watch the dead persons in foreign lands pile up.

To get a feel for how things will pan out in the very long term one must view the lands Europeans occupy, in situ as weeds, from a Babylonian gardener’s perspective. To be cleared and replaced with plants in their place. Once one gets that then the random events that take place over several decades can be discounted, the psychohistoric trends of centuries can be ignored and the religions of millennia can be pissed on.

Even then one must remember that this is only the gardener’s view.

The land owner, most likely Batagascan, has a vintage blue print.

Anyway back to 1945 as viewed from 1938.

Exhausted Europe 1945 with socialist administration of Europe north of the Alps and East of Rhine. USSR a Trotskyite mental state deserted and denuded, waiting to fall to anyone not bled dry.

The British Empire alive and well. The French Empire dented badly. The Netherlands Empire gone. The US and IJ bleeding out in the Pacific.

The Nastiness, who cares about billions of printed Reich marks and 12 fictitious years, hiding out in Argentina thanks to gold prospecting ratlines there since the 19th century.

The game players would then have been ChiComms and Donmeh for the Project for the Non American Century.

Now I know what you are thinking. What a load of bollox! Well you’ve lost that loving feeling from the blue print.

Not enough Europeans died. The weeds were still in place and thriving post 1945.

All that has happened is that the management team of 1938 got hauled in for a tête-à-têtes after their mess got moderated to a shut down, got retired, lessons learned etc. and a new management team given the patent in 1947 with a wider briefing to include operations in Rote Norte Amerika.

Now I know that those of you who have lasted so far are now rolling your eyes again and thinking if not groaning “Why, why do I continue into these ashmiddens?” but this means you are not thinking like one of the pull start harlot killers yet. You do not see as they do, rationalise like the scum, remember as an unbroken lineage at war with Earth. The geezers in the Big Room with all the fine wines and hot and cold mortuary epicurean delights on call, like blood and stem cells, are not like us. They are topiary, we are nettles. We are to be consumed, they are to live.

In a 60,000 year rebuild project with many set backs and almost complete extinctions on the way, nothing will make sense to those who live their daily lives with a 7 day event horizon as the norm. And if the blue print got damaged then nothing makes sense to anyone.

Yahwehmoney is just the latest tool for the scale of humanity this epoch.

So with that in mind we can see that the rebuilding of dimensionless science was a great shock to the indirectional metamanagers when it dropped out of what should have been a simple extinction event and turned into a shambles for control. It revealed a split in their carefully constructional external monomania as yahwehmanoeybaloney was abandoned by the most creative peoples on earth.

Over at BMan there is a great encapsulation of the problem we face in so many areas as we sit around the court and its whispred intrigues, kept and suffered only so long. Those of us wondering just why we keep getting distracted by murders in the drawing room, shootings in the stables, rumour from the Queen’s bed chamber, strange doings in the King’s observatory and sudden sniping from outside the windows, we are the ones in danger of getting made poor or murdered by the background radiation made manifest, immersing the whole enterprise of hate, suddenly appearing to us in the shadows of our noseyness. How dare we ignore the expensive shows staged, in real life with real dead people, to entrance us.

Have you noticed that all the great researchers and stoned oil investigators have not found out anything in the past 70 years. The trillions and trillions of hours, the millions of lives, the resources devoted to finding out really important things like who sniped who, who flew who and who did what to whom with what is all, all of it, a Punch and Judy show in a court anteroom for the unsocialised in every population to gawp at in paralysis. I mean what bit of almost everything that has come out of the giant distillation flask known as USofA corp is nothing but essence of manoil? Every MUFON member should have gone muff diving or sword swallowing and got a life! Breakaway civilisation? Go plant some carrots then go build a jump room and see which miracle is realised! FFS!

Meanwhile outside of the palace grounds and out at the high wall real people, who smell too badly, to be allowed into the kitchens are being slaughtered in the gazillions. All the time though, servants like Soros and the corporate corpse pilers, are constantly looking for replacements for the current palace head count.

and then consider how you will feel when time is called to abandon the first line of Holodefence, most likely when Russia is finished being injected into a reaction synthesis in the ME, and then, on cue, you find out that lots of jews really were executed by the evil corporates in a program of mass slaughter. Only jews mark you. You will be completely disarmed for you never asked the correct questions in the first place which would have saved you from being fucked over again.

There is a room in the palace where jews were killed so you have to ask yourself who took the jews inside and why you were never invited so, why the jews kept it for themselves, what they did in there, who the dead jews were, why is the room sealed now and where did its contents go?

Quick now before Soros has you liquidated and replaced by the ignorant who never would investigate such non sense.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Worth repeating

More and more are noticing and the creepzoids in their cloaking innocent malice are exposed.

Kind of like the brave journalist/photohistorian (spies) of legendary yesteryear are now to be shot dead instead of being given press protection now that the estate has served its purpsoe and has been trashed into useless vegetable like driveling senility.


as I said 6 years ago..

"....Now the thesis is that sometime likely end of 19th century TPTB had found out enough that they realised they needed to obliterate the memory of the great arc of very ancient civilisations running from modern Bosnia to NW India. By hook or by crook.
Our current Af/Pak adventure is continuing the process under disguise but in clear sight, as always.
Why would they want us to forget all about that very ancient history, amnesia it all?
Well the current turmoil caused in the West is part of the same amnesiac process which seeks to get us ready for TPTBs prescribed belief system for the new man.

If any evidence were to be found that could disprove their construct, like pre biblical high civilisations and their knowledge, well that just would not be cricket.
The real danger is that these theatres of war are so far from TPTBs luxury villas that they’ll allow use of WMD again. Racist as always. Why do you think that WMD were verboten in Europe and then they dropped BIG STICKS twice near the 33?...."

Enjoy a great article today over at Wide Awake Gentile

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Dr Who strikes again.

Wedding Party Death Toll Jumps to 131 as US-Backed Coalition Denies Wrongdoing

H/T willyloman

It has nothing to do with us gov. We were just passing on the way to a commandment funeral.

As has been noted here before the scalability of attrocities allows the same bit players of 100 years ago to kill at a distance, telehomicide, and in a fraction of a the time, picodeaths, and allow live pixelated images of plausible deniability in CNN/GGT/FOX Rovian enemascope to be nondelivered today in psysoaplalaland without effect.

In the good old days, when the mentally unwell were just getting used to industrialised murder, it took geezers to administer the lead based pharmaceuticals and dig the lime lit trenches of stardom. Nowadays AI Turing Fails save all the labour intensity of operations.

Anyway I am sure the child raping, humanity afflicting, suffering bringing agents of the UN will not be seizing any assets here.

Monday, 28 September 2015


Funny old world when you live in the codified petri dish of a drug running RICO banker failing state . John Co. ignorance is engineered into the experiment in direct contravention of natural learning.

If I remember correctly the two UK derived carriers are war emergency builds. Indeed the smaller unit was emergency, emergency build. Commercial build standards throughout and light cruiser machinery, I think. Anyway isn't it wonderful just how long they lasted with care and attention after sitting on the slips for years. Indeed it is hard to believe that the exHMS Hermes was weeks from the scrap yard in 1982. Poor RN never got to put all that hard earned experience, from taking 1tonne bombs into the armoured hull and the disaster of small air wings with pathetic aircraft, into a real touch and feel ship type ship.

Indeed as an aside. I know that I keep comparing the F35 to Bomber B but it might be more instructive to examine RN aircraft of the 1940-43 period and consider. I have likened the Fairey Battle to the biggest waste of a good engine ever. Well add to that list the Fairey Fulmar, Firefly, Albacore and Barracuda. How come IJ, NG and FI aircraft were a greater success against UK warships that the RN squadrons ever were to anyone else's warships? Bearing in mind how rich a target environment was the Med and SW Asia in 1941-42, where are the sunk IJ and FI fleets (Taranto is like Libor)? I mean UKplc had been on a rationed command economy war footing for 3 whole years! Everyone else was running a peacetime economy. What is wrong with that picture?

Well you know and I know that the sponsored diktat history we got fed is total bollox. That is what is wrong here. Just like ISIS is a Madrassa run OxBridge psy soap opera with dead persons everywhere and no one in UKplc can tell the difference between real life, faked events and made up history.

Defence Blog - Satyamev Jayate: Nostalgia: INS Vikrant, INS Viraat and INS Vikrama...: Enjoy these two awesome pictures showcasing the might of Indian Navy !!!!  History repeating itself after 23 long years !!!! Cherish th...

Aahh the joys of the Nott defence review.

Let us have a little look at a summary of that document and stop to ponder.


28. The review which took place under Sir John Nott's tenure at the MoD ran from January to June 1981. It was conducted in the international context of a Soviet military build-up and the domestic context of a severe economic downturn and the introduction of cash planning to control public spending.[68] As our predecessors put it, in their Report on the 1981 Statement on the Defence Estimates (SDE)—

    The Secretary of State in his introduction says that the right balance must be re-established "between inevitable resource constraints and ... necessary defence requirements". In other words, the Government's commitments to spend money on defence have outstripped the availability of funds ...[69]
29. The Nott review confirmed the decision to proceed with the purchase of the Trident system from the USA to replace Polaris as the UK's strategic nuclear deterrent.[70] The Territorial Army and the other reserve forces were to be merged and rebuilt to meet the requirement for home defence,[71] which was also to be reinforced by a new fighter aircraft (eventually the Eurofighter programme).[72] The British Army of the Rhine was to be held at the level of 55,000 but to be re-equipped.[73] The main cuts under the Nott review were to fall on the Navy which, although it took on the Trident submarines, was to lose around one fifth of their 60 destroyers and frigates. Despite the supposed abandonment of the carrier programme, three so-called 'through deck cruisers' had been built, designated as the Invincible Class. One of these three carriers and the two amphibious ships Fearless and Intrepid were also to be cut.[74] Out-of-area, or expeditionary, warfare capacity was therefore to be further significantly reduced. With Trident, greater reliance was once again to be placed on the strategic nuclear deterrent as the counter to the Soviet threat (together with an increased submarine fleet),[75] and the overall force structure emphasised the UK's increasing expectation of acting only as part of NATO for overseas expeditionary operations.[76]

30. These proposals were rapidly scotched by the experience of the Falklands conflict in the Spring of 1982, which was commented on by our predecessors in three separate Reports.[77] In the White Paper on the lessons of that conflict, published in December 1982, it was announced that the 5th Infantry Brigade was to become an airborne force including an all-arms assault parachute capability of two battalion groups (withdrawn under the Mason Review); Fearless and Intrepid were to be retained in service.[78] The third aircraft carrier (HMS Invincible) was to be retained, and the number of destroyers and frigates held at around 55.[79] The White Paper concluded by signalling a return to 'flexibility and mobility', but as an extra rather than a central feature of force structure—

    The many useful lessons we have learned from the Falklands Campaign ... do not invalidate the policy we have adopted following last year's defence programme review. The Soviet Union—its policies and its military capabilities—continues to pose the main threat to the security of the United Kingdom and our response to this threat must have the first call on our resources. Following the Falklands Campaign, we shall now be devoting substantially more resources to defence than had been previously planned. In allocating these, we shall be taking measures which will strengthen our general defence capability by increasing the flexibility, mobility and readiness of all three Services for operations in support of NATO and elsewhere.[80]
However, by 1985, our predecessors were commenting—

    Our concern that there might be difficulties in managing the Defence Budget into the 1990s has ... turned into the strongest suspicion that there will indeed be ... cancellations, slowing-down of acquisitions and the running-on of equipment beyond its economic life-span. The evidence we have received from the Ministry has not allayed our fears ... A likely consequence is that important issues will be decided as a result of short-term financial considerations and not in the context of a long-term view of defence requirements or by weighing priorities in a sensible manner. We have drawn attention in this Report to substantial pressure developing on the defence budget over the coming years, and have no doubt that this will require some hard decisions. We are told that there is no immediate need for a major defence review; but we fear that the cumulative effect of managing the defence budget in the manner endorsed in the White Paper may result in a defence review by stealth.[81]
This call for a defence review was to be a constant theme of the Defence Committee over the next decade, but was to remain unanswered until 1997. The government preferred to adopt, in the face of a dramatically changed international security environment, a process of almost continuous review.

Now let us ignore what happened and try with the skills of our forensics to reconstruct what these clowns believed the world would look like in the 1990s.

We can factor in other events rolled onto the unsuspecting UK public a the 1980s unfolded.

It can all be summed up in the single vignette.

UK armed forces ensured that everyone in the UK was defenceless against being engineered into unemployment, forced into satrapy, having all assets stolen, their children raped and killed by freaks and their island invaded by people smuggling gangs all sponsored by their government and MPs. UKplc has been brought back quietly into the 14th century. The first post enlightenment society. The most advanced society on Earth. Like putty in the hands of religious criminals.

That is what western goverments do to their aboriginal peoples. They kill them off and select for work shy clients, murdering land thieves and dry goods flock whores.


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Pope Francis, the Question Is Not Why Poverty

The Apiru Cru watch continues. What bit of this theatre is really theatre in its alchemical sense and what is truly nonsense? More and more the big expensive productions are without aim for the audience is already, for the most part, somnambulanced. It would be of more productive result to watch the ChiComm imperial families' scions and where they spend heir time. Especially any breeding mares miscegenating.

Pope Francis, the Question Is Not Why Poverty

One of the interesting things about UKplc having declared war on the world in 1939 is that the RCE/LC clowns in typical Venetian tort fashion masked blame on everyone else. Kind of like today when Cameron claims that dripping high velocity pharmaceuticals in Syria is self defence. I suppose he is only obeying orders; the bitchboy war criminal.

All this can be laded at the feet of the modern Apiru Cru who are disguised within mobile syncretic secret.

"Any serious look at the history of human beings over the millennia shows that the species began in poverty.
It is not poverty, but prosperity, that needs explaining. Poverty is automatic, but prosperity requires many things — none of which is equally distributed around the world or even within a given society.
Geographic settings are radically different, both among nations and within nations. So are demographic differences, with some nations and groups having a median age over 40 and others having a median age under 20. This means that some groups have several times as much adult work experience as others. Cultures are also radically different in many ways.

As distinguished economic historian David S. Landes put it, “The world has never been a level playing field.” But which has a better track record of helping the less fortunate — fighting for a bigger slice of the economic pie, or producing a bigger pie?

In 1900, only 3 percent of American homes had electric lights but more than 99 percent had them before the end of the century. Infant mortality rates were 165 per thousand in 1900 and 7 per thousand by 1997. By 2001, most Americans living below the official poverty line had central air conditioning, a motor vehicle, cable television with multiple TV sets, and other amenities.
A scholar specializing in the study of Latin America said that the official poverty level in the United States is the upper middle class in Mexico. The much criticized market economy of the United States has done far more for the poor than the ideology of the left.

Pope Francis’ own native Argentina was once among the leading economies of the world, before it was ruined by the kind of ideological notions he is now promoting around the world."

Just to make sure that there is no accusation of being anti-phukkedwitz here, rest assured I am not picking on the western Apiru Cru swindle project because of unthinking sectarianism.

No. I do it because I am anti-phukkedwitz and if the annals of phukkwitdom are stuffed with failed servile money jews then that is a jew deliberated failure problem. The structurally failured need to shape up and stop jabbering constant thieving nonce sense fakirshyte. It is also beholden on the non phukwitz to stop falling for the drivel and phukkwittery from spastikmonkeys, you retardomuppets. In the real world there are no drug dealers if no one is a user. Unlike the rigged markets, there is an actual principle of supply and demand for wholesome products and services in the uninfected by mongmoney economy. In the constructed scams and constricted RICO of modern vomit rationing all is a freakstein monster of a malnutrition money monkey god. So if you are a regurgitated debt user you will be infested by the Apiru Cru parasites in the kriminalrat bank/money faking racket all your life. Voluntary traitor prisoners of pimping and pumping nothing into your lives.

Unfortunately the track record of western elite phukkwittery is not hopeful. Check out the royal houses from UKplc. What a collection of useless arses.

Anyway back to the geezer from Ba'al Rome talking AGENDA21 bollox.

Loyola’s bitchboy is the surest indicator that the experiment being run out of Rome, subcontracted, this past 600 years is drifting southwards in its tendencies. Whether this was intentional I don’t know but I would suggest that the boundaries for the outcomes were. The Genevese (S America, RCE/BS?) are the future in the western hemisphere and the Venetians (RCE/LC) have the eastern hemisphere. You don't need to spy a papal bull to smell the bull Cru. What the good altMSM denizens of USofA corp do not get is that the banksters, jew or otherwise, are only the obvious front handlers placed there centuries ago via Bavarian banks that handled Peruvian gold Yamashitastylee. The more discrete and ancient, since they are related directly to Apiru older industries of secret gold transport, mating protection, hostage transport and extortion services provided by the dusty red donkey drivers, not banking, like insurance fraudster houses, are silent front running.

Altcom do not understand is that their part of the petri dish is about to be wiped clean. The Dulles Bros, Skull and Bones, Aardvark and Zeppellin or whatever the floack the clowns hide under, are a shimmering castle built on the never shifting but always transporting sands. Sterile years in the starving fallow fields are coming.

All of this though is placed within a more far reaching Apiru Cru programme spreading global poverty out of Shebanaevil zentral for 6000years now. Remember that the Apiru Cru picked up by yahweh when Moshe shipped out the murdering thieves to Sinai are the only ones made generally known to us in the west. The end game of all commerce is beneficial universal poverty. It is a simple math defferential. So the great project continues until final integration.

The universal currency that so terrifies the altMSM is false flag around which to rally. Who cares about the Globero Dollar if all memory has not been erased. Once memory has been unified in amnaesia then you can have all the remainder peddling their own personal currency. Which bitcoin bit do you not get? Memory is the low intensity conflict waged 24/7 that has to be won and the real danger is not FEMA camps the real danger is iSelf administered distractive amusement doses of commercial forgetfulness. Onanic ad terminus.

This is the fire break time.

For lack of a thorough statistical accumulation and analysis of Soviet genocides and mass murder from 1917 to recent years, I had to undertake at least a first effort in this direction. Initially, the result was to be a chapter in a monograph on 20th century genocide and mass killing. But it soon became clear that the Soviets themselves are responsible for so many genocides, and that so many different kinds of mass killings had occurred, that to unravel and present the detailed events and institutions involved and the related statistics would require a monograph itself. Thus this book. 

To best present the historical details, statistical analyses, and various figures and sources, and yet to make the book readable and useful to various publics, I have divided the book in the following way. First, the statistical data, sources, and analyses have been separated from the historical when, what, and why of the estimates. This provides an explanation and understanding of the deaths being reported, and historical narrative for those uninterested in the statistical details, while also making available the statistical material for specialists. Second, rather than put all the statistics in one, huge appendix at the end of the book, an appendix has been prepared for each historical period, thus keeping the historical narrative and related statistical material together. Third, each historical period has been treated as a chapter, with the associated statistical appendix at the end. Finally, an historical overview and analysis and presentation of the final results was made the first chapter, which constitutes an executive summary. Its appendices sum up the statistical data, compares these to estimates in the literature, and simulates the result of altering some important assumptions.”

That is coming very soon because you bought the debt choke joke on you and through you they bought out your government and replaced it by governance by lethal quantitative sleazing.

All those death states depended on subsidies from the west, at all times, and in all cases. So when the west turns on its own, the most productive persons in history, it will be for the final solution, finally.

It will always happen as long as the debt peddlers have customers. I know that we have been taught to devalue life and worship debt. So the idea of death is now completely unassayed but if you are going to die soon at least make it to some purpose.

Death could be the most valuable thing we possess.

Watch it burn.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Just a little reminder to add to what I commented on earlier today.

Defence Blog - Satyamev Jayate: Second Sino-Indian War of 1967: Decisive Victory f...: Indian print media of 1960s and then Indian Government only speak about Sino-Indian conflict of 1962 where weak political leadership gave ...

From earlier;