Saturday, 21 July 2018

Ever green down the test cells.

Smooth flow would make one ask iff one would entruss the scare of a loafed one to a part canted bath emptier? Would one?

Oaf course notion you moremoron.

If it is true that the clowns that do  ot breath actually beeive their cosmology then we have a stark choice.

I wil die.

I wll drop into the screen.

Memories that are not here will leave his place,  will  ie.

So wh re am ?



Come and get me U PolPoplantedMaomongs.



Come and get me you Turingfuckingfails.


Friday, 20 July 2018

When the Ausphart was Jingleejungalive in Hoaxville.

We were degenerate. We existed in kryptonightpollution. Our souls were tarnished and bared. We were starving in gluttony. We were epicurianswine. Some times we didn’t live. Some times we reinterred that twixt and twins. How did we survive to retry? Other times the disease cankered us all no matter how beautiful our ersatztaxedtatt. We are stilled here. No matter.
Long before they opened your mail in open call public like a chosen laag priestess skulking in a retarted skankeskeened stinging merchantsomgulag stuphed with lifelong STASIactioning familiars, one could ride the corpiratebitch.

The only way to make economics work is to price regular death as sacrifice.  That means you, oui vous, sweep up the dead.

Imagine if you can a semiviolent removing clay and picking new marks at artistic speed before you knew what you were going to send away. What cake can you bake that Macarthurs park has never made decay. In Ur.

In the old days when the pipes were young you culs either close a porn stream using knife wielding kilopipedbitches who terminated their sharkedtricks in sahrpself defense nor Walk away and burn the sunk fiat in a lada stream. Or swim freely for a short while.

It was never, presented it, simply collided. Never calculated, for ratios die and number. Always the the in askance and erandipity. What con yu do other than place that final maker, the marker of you, impunity, in an infinitely remaining time. What can you effete?

In these curtained days of shortened life there are no more signs of rebirth that the curtailing of freedom can surpe and brazen. How much more simple can it be than to stab in the guts a man who wants to kill a whore than to remove from all existence any advert raping your time?

How hard can it be before you are rectophalloregurgitant?

What was it that made the bitch gut the kunt?

Was it the toothpaste adverts? She must have thought that by “…now my arse should be registering on other sun system as a supernova event or at least a white dwarf neutron spinning and pulsaring some poor bitch’s shitter…..” Or did she think that the life style choice adverts, the Bernecian Bar Baysian bollox Fraudian hoax hostage wasn’t cumming true for her? Better to shiv and shift her shitter pronto tonto.

Shouldn’tsoup raise Lazarus to cum drenching blue pilled orgazmatroning?A commiecar take you to vescilce emptying and gusset drenching paralysis?

Could a temple whore song beat the drum beter than any homeless charity for lacrimal suicide? Could it? What bitch off death has been tattoohoudinskeenedsubdermal by constant prayer.

Don’t’ you want two?

To verily phukthemup. Cut them a newfacecunt an fuckthem up.

Well just stop.

Careing carrouseing and carroleing, ae, never going to solve to problem until all who number bring the rational to etoil their number into.

We are alone. We are each atomic. We art. We bind their numeBrs into us.

Hunt the numbers down, trap the words, skill the sigils. Consume their fables as wholefuelfulfilledhexenhoaxes

Go on, be crerationative.

Take that last train out to Nagasaki for I am waiting in the holohoaxruins.

Time to roll the KommieKryptoKapoperps out of town again.

As always they will run off to hide under the skirts of their western masters like they did in 41, no more clearly so than when they were run out of town again in 43, so; you dialecticweildingFiatfascisti,

whose skidmarkedunderwear will shelter the murdering terroristas this time eh CristineLarottenfanny?

The stench of your rotten fruit stall reeks throughout history.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Mami's Shit: Jan Lamprecht And Frederick C. Blackburn 2018.07.1...

Mami's Shit: Jan Lamprecht And Frederick C. Blackburn 2018.07.1...: . Video: 911: The impossible Cell Phone calls & other Jewish lies & crimes I chat to Frederick C. Blackburn (also known as Bla...

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Rancid Quim Fruit

I have to admit that from here in the STASIUKgulag, being denied information can actually focus the attention in the direction being brought into nudgevision pixellation by the instruments of dullardy.

What we saw there was a data point planned for reality many decades ago. Once the USofAcorp is gone, the phukkwordy annoying ideas of discredited freedom and unworthy plenty will be at last cast into the amnaesiahurtlocker in Rothschild’s massive croquet lawn. UK will be realigned with the desired path of rationing it was forced to abandon when Bill Haley & Elvis turned up to rock the royal barge.

I remember when a meeting between POTUS and Muscovy actually meant something and that is why the UKBBC would get all pious on us. In those days London hadn't yet torpedoed USofAcorp sufficiently and NewYork had only laid its as yet unrealised plans to pull the pin on their pet project to destroy Eastern Europe in the shape of the USSR.

SNAFU!: UK's Military is half the size it was in '82!: pic via Paul Lewis Twitter page. Looking at the above graph can it credibly be said that the UK is a first tier military? Looking at ...

Why do you think that UKplc has disarmed recently? London knows that the weapons release will be far, far away from home. All that London needs in UKplc is martial law administered famine. The fallow fields are coming again.

Once the totality of US forces is a MAGequivalent or two in Australia then expect serfdom replay. In fact do not ever believe that SciFi reality is going to be anything other than Ben Hur in space.

I would keep an eye on the jewish independent oblast on the Amur river for developments real soon.

Once the currency reset hits and la Vilegardocilebitch hooks up her crooked presses in Peking to blurt out the ersatzbatter it will be time for the long running modelling to find terminal solutions in their social historical equations.


Thursday, 12 July 2018

Force Multipliers nullified

Trump Is Going for Game-changing Solutions: President Donald Trump's insistence on a personal summit with Russian President Putin looks stronger than ever, with the welcome breakdown of the most violent opponent of that summit — and the center of geopolitical war schemes — the British government. Russian-American collaboration is central...

Imagine a UKplc borough banning terrorsitas like Massiveeyewateringshirtsboy or Maomongkillerfirstbitch. How's about telling AlinskycommunitytheivingBataviapickerboy or STASIboybitchKalerigkhaant to GGTF. How does a globalcitybitchedrentboy get to say anything without getting equalised?

Imagine telling Roosevelt he was a cunt in 1943?

No, let's statesponsoredhassle and royallicensedridicule the current representative of the memory of 100s of thousands of drafted dougboys from backwards Negraska who fell screaming in pain and death so that a bunch of millenialcriminals could feel safe to get on with slaving and human trafficking today.

All the effort of making a person sovereign and giving them an individuated force multiplier capability has been removed from the UKabo. Invites have been handed out to come and take you back to the stone age.

If ever there was a collection of abdicantkhaants it is the UKabo.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Mami's Shit: Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2018.07.1...

Mami's Shit: Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2018.07.1...: Mark Devlin on Musical Truth Volume 2 Mark Devlin returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his book Musical Truth Volume 2 . We t...

Good stuff from Tim and Mark.

As for BeelzebubBa'alCatherine's temple of filth it is now doing to the world what it did to UKplc. Where ever they go the place is on fire shortly after. What ever they pimp out of their transmitters is mindmeltingfilth. Their whole schtick disguised as diversordity and equality to produce a sterile deserted hive mind. Invent a perppreperversion and these clowns will give you a vast shed load of taxpayerswonga to blow on killing kickstartladyboys  and handpulldeadhookers. It is a toxic flyblown radioactivesideshow of freekdom that crimewatches trillions in opportunity costs.

Which bit of take them out to a forest and make them dig their own lime filled trenches don't persons get? How hard can it be to beat them to death with their own dead air?

There was more opportunity, equality and diversity of world view in the last dunny I shit in.