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2000 Years since the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact didn’t happen.

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It is highly unlikely that you will be killed but you will be asked to pathway. (Passaway with a medicolisp or geezers wiv shoo-aazz from the Lead Pill Pharmacy)

“The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”
A. Skryptomentalist, foundation financed bitchboy who never wanted for a square meal or money, which might have been called something but we can never know for sure its real name. circ 20th C AD.

“Give them enough time and they will eventually go skryptomentalbolloxhomicidal just go ask the Jericho survivors. Oh you can’t they are all phukkin’ dead”
U. Knowwho hasn’t got two brass farthings to rub together, definitely no sold out lover of lucre and monoheathenism. Circa 13th C BC. (Well I would have if I’d been there, innit?)

As noted at the other shop the only pivot going onat the moment is the one away from a gutted west towards the familial slaver economy of the slanteyedMoldavians by the killerqueens in RCE/TA. A process started when Mao and Ben Gurion got married way back in 47/48.

One thing to notice about ALL these so called revolutionaries we’ve had foisted on us after they got tapped in the dinner line at a penitentiary near you, intellectuals, fleeing refugees, bank robbers and nee’er do wells, is that they are all lazy, limp wristed, soft palmed, supremacists who think it beneath them to do a days honest toil.  Ideal material for the self conscious pecuniary system to lead the masses to destruction. They think we owe them a soft bed and a warm hearth, filled larder and freedom to talk bollox and genocide. Just check out the Moribund Brothers lineage, the Cahemoroid or Clemoron familial matings and sexual organ juxtaposing. What a shower of retarded phukked witz. In fact the only form of life lower than them in the biosphere is the clowns that inhabited Europe from around 1000BC until the present day; these herds hosted the plague and never got out of bed to stop it. Greeks, Etruscans, Picts, Basque, Celts, Teutons and assorted muppets of oblivion.

I mean it isn’t as if this is a war of attrition with each side brought to exhaustion. No this is a one sided clearance of humanity by a pandemic of one dimensional evil retards.

If one ever needed to get a handle on the source material for the fiction spewed forth from the fevered, off planetarium, delusional insanitarium inmates regarding the halucoholocoats of werkekamps, einsatzgruppen und sonderkommando, then the actions of the Killercommieclowns from the insanagogues of Shatan in the Soviet Union iCSI form the basis of these fake ramblings. Not one of the so called Allies, the good guys, oh phukk me BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA, was near collapse in the soap opera 1937-1945.

The Soviet Union and The Empire struck back in 1941 when the false history books written ever since by tenured boybitches and bitchboys would have one believe that both workhouses were about to fall. Oh phukk me!!! Youz gotsta aks youzself innit? Why would Persia, Israel and North Korea, three countries invaded by the RCE/NY jew mercs in the period 1941-1947, be the only three nuke rogues today?  Why would no one be bothering about Myanmar and Brazil?

Remember inhabitants of the west, you are scheduled for removal. Always have been, always will be. Why? You think differently that is why and the eviloids cannot stand such diversity.

Anyway back to compliance and inclusivity.

Mortality Rates Among Soviet Deportees 1941-1945 Part I: Baltic States, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine
Between 14 May and 15 September 1941, the NKVD forcibly deported 85,716 people from the Baltic States, Moldova, western Ukraine and western Belarus to Siberia, Kazakhstan and Kirov Oblast as "anti-Soviet elements". The contingent sent to Kirov Oblast consisted of 2,049 people from Estonia (Zemskov, pp. 90-91). The total number of deportees from these western regions is confirmed in an NKVD report dated 2 June 1942 (Zemskov, p. 97). By 1 October 1945, this number had been reduced to 43,099 people (Zemskov, p. 115). This represents a loss of over half the deported population. There are no records of any large scale releases of deportees from this contingent which consisted of 27,887 people from Belarus, 22,648 from Moldova, 12,682 from Lithuania, 9,595 from Ukraine, 9,236 from Latvia and 3,668 people from Estonia (Zemskov, p. 91). The deportees from Belarus and Ukraine in this contingent are seperate from the contingent of the 132,458 Polish settlers, 75,662 Polish refugees (mostly Jewish) and 66,000 family members of Polish military officers and government officials deported in 1940-1941 that had all been released by a decree from the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet issued on 12 August 1941 (Zemskov, p. 97 and pp. 89-90). The 2 June 1942 NKVD report confirms that these other contingents from eastern Poland had in fact been released (Zemskov, p. 97). All evidence points to deaths from malnutrition, disease and exposure as the reason for the overwhelming majority of losses among the missing 42,617 deportees from the Baltic States, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. This represents an average mortality rate of over 12% a year or 1% a month. The losses for the Estonians sent to Kirov Oblast were a little less than half of the average for the total contingent. The NKVD counted 1,553 deportees from Estonia in Kirov Oblast  on 1 October 1945 (Zemskov, p. 115). This represents a loss of 496 people or 24% of those deported in 1941. These are truly staggering losses even by Stalinist standards.


V.N. Zemskov, Spetsposelentsy v SSSR: 1930-1960 (Moscow: Nauka, 2005).
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Mortality Rates Among Soviet Deportees 1941-1945 Part II: Russian-Germans
The Russian-Germans deported during the fall of 1941 also suffered extremely high death rates during the Second World War. On 2 June 1942, the NKVD gave the number of Russian-Germans deported to special settlement restrictions as 807,293 (Zemskov, p. 97). By 1 January 1945, the number of Russian-Germans counted as special settlers had declined to 496,811. Part of the loss can be explained by the reclassification of Russian-German special settlers as members of the labor army. The total number of Russian-Germans serving in the labor army on 1 January 1945 reached 105,268 people (Zemskov, table 21, p. 119). This means that between 1942 and 1945 the number of Russian-German special settlers and labor army conscripts declined from 807,293 people to 602,079, a drop of 205,214 people or over 25%. Again as in the case of deportees from the Baltic States in 1941 there are no large scale releases of Russian-Germans during this time. Given this fact we can assume that the vast majority of the missing deportees perished due to malnutrition, disease and exposure. One additional thing to bear in mind is that not all of the 105,268 men and women in the labor army in 1945 were part of the original 807,293 Russian-Germans deported from west of the Urals. A large number of them were conscripted from the local Russian-German populations already living in Siberia, the Urals, Kazakhstan and Central Asia in 1941. The actual number of deaths among the deported Russian-Germans is thus greater than implied by the figures given above. In less than four years over a quarter of the Russian-Germans deported from western regions of the USSR perished. Again these are extremely high mortality rates under any circumstances.


V.N. Zemskov, Spetsposelentsy v SSSR: 1930-1960 (Moscow: Nauk, 2005).
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74 Years Since the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
Today is the 74th anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. This "nonaggression" pact was actually an alliance between the USSR and Nazi Germany from 1939-1941. Its secret protocols divided the countries in between these two states into spheres of influence. In the Soviet sphere of influence fell Finland, eastern Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Bessarabia. The Nazi sphere of influence consisted of most of western and central Poland. The alliance between the USSR and Nazi Germany led to the invasion and annexation of eastern Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Bessarabia by the USSR. The Stalin regime instituted a brutal reign of terror in these countries. On 14 June 1941, the Soviet NKVD deported over 40,000 men, women, and children from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to Siberia and northern Russia. Here is an account from an Estonian who survived the harrowing exile to Siberia. She was one of the lucky ones. Many of the deportees from the Baltic states, Bessarabia, and the areas annexed from Poland did not survive. In fact about half of them died in  a little over four years from the poor material conditions imposed upon them by the Stalin regime. The Soviet government also illegally and forcibly conscripted some 40,000 Estonian men into the Red Army of which it transferred 17,000, almost half, to forced labor detachments in Arkhangelsk Oblast. The alliance between Nazi Germany and the USSR signed 74 years ago made this brutality and many other crimes by the Soviet and Nazi regimes against the people of the Baltic states, Poland, and Bessarabia possible. As a result this day is observed as Black Ribbon Day to commemorate the victims that resulted from this pact of evil.
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The pigs that are currently enjoying themselves sunning the skins from children and forming lampshades from soap in Gaza are the same slime that got a free hand to carry out their hearts’ desire in Russia after 1917. RCE mercs. All the delusions imagined by rubbish atrocity actors and their scribes since time immemorial are clear to see. Dead persons in Russia and Gaza murdered by cowards in uniform evil. Cowards in fevered skulking thievery who hid as kapos in the pleasure camps of Germany whilst the German cities burned. Cowards who have to turn tail in case their shortened lives are foreshortened by God.

Which bit do the dullards in the west not get yet? All the fiction does not stop for a second. Which bit about RCE/TA is about to give you the bird do you not get USofA corp? Israel is about to align openly, not covertly like it has since the Nobel pandafucker dropped by with Nixon 40 years ago, with the ChiComms for money and weaponry. Israel has always been aligned with Wahabiism and will parch every square meter of Europe and USA for fun when the Lucquifers are under their protective custody. Do you really think that once the territory is needed to cause trouble in North Korea that the oblast of the heathen will not be hot to trot again? You have not been paying attention have you?

RCE has now got you where it wants you USofA corp. RCE/TA can assume victim status again because of your growing anti-semitism fuelled by the MSM. Which bit of this do you not get?

““Remember We will not tolerate any longer. Free the political prisoners or it will be sure death for all of you. American Anarchist Fighters.”

So read a note following the worst terror attack on New York before 9/11. Anarchists killed 37 and wounded over 400 in downtown Manhattan on September 16th 1920. The attack took place at Wall Street, just before 12 o’clock as workers headed out to the streets to eat lunch.

The remote detonated bomb was in a horse-drawn cart on the street. This was no specific target like a police department or government building. The anarchists killed whoever happened to be near a wandering horse in the street.” 1920 Terrorist Attack in NYC

BTW Europe you can expect the CHEKA to start dragging you away by the cattle truck load again soon. Don’t snikker UKplc you’ve spent the last 100 years in lock down and unemployment. Democracy my ass. In UKplc the stage scenery is getting thread bare and in most places is rotten. What a sold out, dumb assed shit heap. No wonder the word is out to get the phukk out of London right now. Oh RCE/LC will be safe but don’t be surprised to find another land clearance exercise going live and a 1666 type riot in a bakehouse fire clearing the burbs out soon.

No one can seriously believe that the staged show paraded in front of our every waking hour for over two hundred years now in UKplc that the believers of Yahweh care a flying phukk about freedom and democracy is anything other than extemporism. What the monotheists want are dead people. Dead people who used to be alive people who would not allow moneytheists to take the piss all day every day lazing around doing phukk all, because they had work to do and families to raise. God the moneyheathen hate that. They also hate you not giving them your undivided attention. The banksters’ play things hate free persons, they kill free persons. That is what they do! The do what it says on the side of the tin of Zyklotron B. They eradicate the free person from history. In all places, at all times and in every way possible once their victims have been rendered helpless. Yellow streaks of Talmudic slaver stamped DNA pissartists.

Don’t fear ebola or malaria, venomous creatures or death. Fear the caricatures of money who used to be human. They have killed more beautiful human beings than anything on this earth.

As I said. Once you are helpless and disarmed they come in the night to kill you.

Always have done, always will, they are a Yahwehplague in REC/TA aka Israel, a stinking moneyheathen monotheistslaver atheistrun midden unto the nations.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Flower of What?

Here we are 70 years out and still no one knows what really happened. No one cares, it was so long ago. Yet it is likely the most important happening ever. I will not dignify it with the description of history. There is no history, just stories to die by. What we have is integration theatre and the play put on for our entertainment from 1937 to 1945 was the largest most expensive piece of integrationist theatre ever produced. I mean just look at the actors and directors and the cast of thousands. Then just to take he piss out of the audience/spectators/participants even further a whole new slew of 6 million fictional characters is integrated into the narrative that never existed. It isn’t enough that 100 millions actually died during the death play, 6 millions of fake actors are written into the script to further muddy the crime scene. What a piss take.

So the forensic storyteller sallies forth to paint his own reality on the forgery from the evidence left strewn around the murder site. CSI Holobollox.

So here I am trying to find the kamikaze vid I linked to a while back with the mental electro koto musik, de nada. All I can find is the same colour footage with acoustic accompaniment. And I watch the blazing petals falling, the sea shells tracing their mental arcs, the metal smoke on the waters and I stare and think.

Across the blue tinted film, just behind the Intrepid, a huge carrier escort slips by. Guam or Alaska. If ever there was a measure of just how wealthy the USofA corp was, not the failed Manhattan district, it is the appearance during a full on War, remember this was a real War because the UKplc declared it as such. No UK declairee nor waree. The appearance of such a large consumer object.

This consumable is simply in its secondary armament alone a Flakturm and a half. It has more power installed than any British capital ship then extant. They were an extraordinary thing to turn up in a world of rationing and darkness. Except if one lived in Portugal or South America or Africa or Mexico or Saudi Arabia or the Emirates, where life got on as usual. Funny how the sand shufflers never did anything to combat EEEEVVIILLLLL, never lifted a finger and yet they sit in wealth like conquering Khans. Funny that.

Well it took 50 years to trash the presidency and reduce the country to the most indebted soap opera ever but mission finally accomplished; eh USofA corp? I  don’t think that the sons and daughters of the service men who fought and died in 1914-1919/1937-1945 really ever understood how much they were hated by the script writers here in BBCland. I mean they’ve been burrowing away into the body of the people here for over 500 years and have more in common with their rellies in the desert than the people who farm and tend flocks in the shires and isles.

What part of enslaving/killing everyone in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland do you not get oh flower of Scotland? What bit of “He’s a Soros funded boybitch” do you not get about the fisheyman? Don’t be snickering Middle Saxons, you’ve all been ethnically cleansed long ago from the lands you stole from the druids thanks to sand monkey money out of BabyRome. Oh and USofA corp wave bye-bye to freedom. The New Syracuse has gone.

As I watched the young lips take that last sip of sake, their tear soaked pillows left behind, I wondered at just how wise it has been to be a stiff upper coward ever since Yahweh dropped by and started the current round of mentalist murder using commerce as weapon. In other words being a spineless bitchboy/boybitch confers selection advantage in the world mimed by yahweists.

I mean who does not get the direct link between Holodomor/Katyn/Gaza? All perpetrated by the adopters of the first stage yahweist mental disease. A disease that can be contracted by anyone. Don’t get all smug Christians. Most of you have second stage yahwesit spacicity. As for the black stone mentalism, well that is exactly as it says on the tin. Stone age yahweism. Every version of the illness, including the truly mentally diseased ayaweists, all toxic to mankind. I mean just look at their works. All unfit for humanity. All a clear and present danger to peace, life, love and liberty.

Yahweism is the religion of cowards. It loves killing the defenceless. It is the empty seed. The cuckoo in the nut house.

Yahweism is The Emptying(s) and Tilling(s) of Evil

The confusion surrounding who mans the firebase at RCE/TA is causing a great deal of deliberate confusion over passed, past, current and future cropping in the fallow fields.

What we have here is the effluvium of the Pripyet carrying out their fire mission financed from RCE/NY for over a century now. Although originating in RCE/LC the main operations centre has been RCE.NY for 100 years. What we have are signatures/trade marks/finger prints/congenital deformities of the human being currently in action that exhibit the traits of GMO agriculture. This is a trait ever so innocently dressed up in the classics as establishing colonies of the mother city. Let us be clear. Any place on this Earth that has been suitable for a colony’s establishment is first going to need its aborigianls cleansed. Syracuse/Gaza.

Imagine what would happen if a bus load of crisis actors on their way to  a staged terror incident at which an exercise actually were to live, got involved, all accidentally like, in a false flag event. Imagine their faces when they picked themselves from the Greyhound wreckage, all their theatrical make up dripping with real blood and gore, imagine their faces as the neutron weapon went off two hundred metres away  taking out the election hustings? Imagine the perplexed fully choreographed artiste trying to get its mind around its soon to be vaped thoughts. Can you get your head round that vignette? Boston Bombing meets 7/7 WTC7 JFK?

Looking too closely leads one into the trap created by the designer dithering of control. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle applied to Schroedingers livestock. Random things just have to be allowed to happen to keep the awake distracted. Operations must be allowed their Brownian motion within the Herd Attention Space. It is all about scalability. One can have tragedies involving RDX, Crashing aircraft, dead persons and melted infrastructure just so long as the random events do not cause human attention flux to congeal into a thought of a critical mass, back ground radiation is desirable, a prophylactic against the nosey buggers who need distractions on a regular basis.

Forgetting about colonies in classical times invokes misreading in modern times. Baalbek/Haifa. Who’d have thought that thousands years after the first chosen pirates snuck in like cowards to steal the lives of plenty, honey and milk with their starving monoheathendoctrine, that the GMO yellow streaks of piss would be taking out children with howitzers. From cradle to grave thanks to 155mm HE airburst. In this the 100th anniversary of the start of the stealing of this land of plenty, milk and honey, no one in these soon to be abodecanted lands will have the wit to piece together the corpses of all those taken apart by the psychopathy that is void, this passed 10 millenia. The tilling of emptiness is to crop nothing. Every plant stunted to aleph.

If the clowns are letting slip the epigenetic secret then why not just complete the reality with the evidence to hand.

Darwin’s idea was, as he knew, not the final end all on the question. Lamarkian selection is far more successful at explaining the human condition. Forget giraffe necks. If one creates a psychopathic society then humans will change themselves to fit it. If humans decide to create a psychopathic society then it shall be so. Add the time reverse and stochastic properties of DNA and you’ve got a devil’s brew to better inform the observer of what has occurred this passed 5000 years. Psychopathy is being selected for in Yahweism. Money breeds evil.

Yahweh took a bunch of already inbred degenerates and trapped them in a spawning cycle of death.

It does not matter where or when this was or how long it took. 4 generations of psychopathic inculcation and breeding should have allowed enough time for a collection of slavers and cut throats to be turned into a fully functioning cult of murderers fully focussed on money.

All of creation is to be sucked into this demonic staged spectacle by the use of money, inbreeding(genetic disposition reinforcement), murder and all the time it takes to produce.

Notice that one does not need to inhabit reality, One has only to believe and then create reality. A la Rovian “White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Highlights America's Next Generation of Social Entrepreneur and Nonprofit Leaders

On December 5, the OFBCI convened its final event in a two-year Compassion in Action series with the "Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurship" roundtable discussion. Hosted by OFBCI Acting Director Jedd Medefind, the event spotlighted the philanthropic work of enterprising young Americans to serve needs within their neighborhoods and around the world.”

The seeds of this destruction are to be spread to the four corners of the world whilst the breed mares are to remain hermetic.

Commerce and business are the vehicle for this disease to spread into every portion of humanity. Cause all females to dry up in any other population and keep the true blood line out of site. When was the last time you saw any of the old Chaldean families letting their breed mares near the great unwashed like a Khardasian skank? When was the last time you ever saw anything any where that increased the stability of humanity’s families? Ever within this system of evilypeculiarilyeerilyimpecuniaryYahweh.

Follow these simple rules and never stray. Hide in plain site and finance anything that will kill itself. Humanity will provide the chaff.

Closed systems thinking and reading the shit book over and over again to see how you can cheat on it. Always the victim, refugee and fleeing helpless nameless. A conduit for the channelling of credit. Gold and knowledge. Hostages, breeding mares and spies. Truly a job for intergenerational banking Apiru.

One final trait is that once a critical mass has been achieved, which is a function of numbers, power controlled and helplessness of the abos, a switch to killer commie state instantly no matter how long since arrival or how deep the roots set down in the welcoming community.

Anyway all that came to mind as I watched the Vals and Judies come down. The Essexes and Fletchers weave. The very young men die on screen again.

For what flower?

At Bon Festival, then my task here is over.
If the Bon Festival comes early, I can go back to my home early.

I think of myself as a beggar or an abandoned child.
The family of my employer lives a good life.
They wear splendid Obi and Kimono.

Should I die.
Who weeps for me?
Only the cicadas living on the mountain behind chirps.
No one would cry.

When I die.
Please bury me on the roadside.
Only those who pass by could lay a flower.

All I ask is a camellia.

Only the rainwater from the sky are given to me.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Paprika und Ebola Gay

Finally got to watch it and have to say that it is in its execution Akira/Spirited Away/Ghost in the Shell 2esque and slightly disappointing in technique. It may have been the inspiration for Leo’s little aleph in mindery but is still a palled shadow of what the Ziondub should be about. If blue beam does indeed arrive it will feed in through the black ice, not the blue sky overhead, is the message. That is the meme for the next closed generation of human killing dwellers. No open systems thinking allowed in the YoungiGreen, as one gazes upwards from the rubble strewn relimegreenedgraves. No wonder Gibson got knobbled.

Anyway I just wanted to note that on this day 69 years ago F-Go/NI-Go was go.

Consider that.

Fiction is fictionalised to hide the fact. Fact is factionalised to hide the fiction.

If ever the reminder of what was humanity gets itself off its knees and starts to look around then the first ever miracle in human history will have taken place. Only the third ticking occurrence of such an act since those who had their dreams shattered in an instant, twice, in this resetting of the universal intention of symbology. For in every resetting there is a universal intention of amnesia. Of murder. If only ten percent of all the dead white men, 1914-1919, had turned around and shot the wielders of symbol then the world, this instant takes so long to collapse into reality though, would now be a paradise off earth. Instead because of the hundreds of millions of dead persons procured by London/New York we experience a Copenhagenesque quantum as yet unresolved. Heisenberg was fully mastered by the ancient priestly classes alrighty. I mean when was the last time you actually evaluated one in reality. To see one is to not know its transform. To know what it is is to be blinded out of spectrum.

Chronosthesia, the application of the universal intention of symbology, is a virulent symptom of the symbola at work again. Can you actually remember that those who are at work in Gaza are the same clowns who went to work for Wall Strasse in Gomel one hundred years ago? They are not the same as the geezers who cleared the ghetto tunnels of Roth rats and Babel Ba’al worshippers from alien lands. No, these Symbola are the eternal infection, paid killer henchmen with no fixed abode.

And so today, would you actually be able to bring an RTA involving crisis actors on their way to a charity bombing exercise about to go live, spilled all over the carriageway, just as a false flag kicked off and smart droned the same freeway taking out a religious leader? Could anyone actually bring that chaos into focus and state the truth even at first hand? No.

Imagine the scene.

A troop of missionary actors on their way from Taxila to Memphis get caught up in an anti partisan sweep by the einsatzlegionnaires. Locals are trapped and starving. Time to break out the loaves and fishes.

Universal scalability of the intention.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Apiru Clue? Updated. And other stuff.

I clocked that the link from NTS for Apiru Clue? for menorahphallusworship was broken a while back.

Today this turned up “Now then now then boys and girls, MasonicPhukks Phallus Worship Together. Ahhhh.”  and reminded me that I really ought to do something so here we are.

It also reminded me of something.

"Rabbi Joscowicz said he thought the bishops would have understood the 
pain caused to Jews who were forbidden to pray in the presence of a cross."

So we’ve got the new UK Foreign Minister, who must have a control file on him somewhere in Inner Temple/Langley/RCE-TA. A tape showing him likely slitting the throat of a drugged crazed underage orphaned ladyboygirl in Palam Bang whilst cavorting naked in blood.

Here is the toady standing behind a pagan stick decorated by donkey dicks talking bollox about murdering heathen!! WTF!!! GGTF!!

As I said earlier, nuke the dump from orbit.

Apiru clue?
Earlier today as I was wandering through Northerntruthseeker’s shop I stumbled over this gem.
“Good research. Various historians have unanimously agreed on the Judaic origin of the phallus cult. Archeological findings have confirmed that the first menorah, was constructed using a donkeys penis.

What is the Menorah? The Menorah is a phallus based icon representing permanent erection. It is the prime symbol of Judaism because it represents male dominance of a patriarchal religion. Jewish feminists are fools to have a menorah in their domain.

The donkey penis inverted is the exact size, shape, curvature, thickness of the menorah. Animals with large penises have trouble maintaining erection so the curved semi-erect donkey penis that seems flaccid is inverted to represent ultimate male I say that the menorah is actually phallus worship, because the shape of the menorah is exactly shaped like a large penis. This can be seen clearly in the older reliefs. Modern versions have been stylized, thus it is not so obvious.

Sigmund Freud, was among the first people to have understood this. He invented psychoanalysis as a technique to discover how our subconscious sexual desires manifest into art forms (especially repressed sexual desires). So is it surprising that a militant patriarchal tribal culture obsessed with supremacy, attached itself to a multi-phallus emblem as a primary expression of itself? An extra large penis represents the ultimate symbol of male power.

Sigmund Freud founded the psychoanalytic school of psychology. Freud is best known for his theories of the unconscious mind and the defense mechanism of repression and for creating the clinical practice of psychoanalysis for curing psychopathology through dialogue between a patient and a psychoanalyst. Freud is also renowned for his redefinition of sexual desire as the primary motivational energy of human life.

Hotdogs over the fire. Cooking meat on a stick, is how the primitive man existed for a long time.

Possibly the first menorah, was a donkey penis attached to a stick. Because of fierce competition for females, two dongs were attached to a forked stick and so on until the seven headed menorah became the ultimate fertility symbol. The Jews are obsessed with the number six and the number seven. Believing these numbers to have magical qualities, they create holy symbols with seven phalluses. One in the center, and six splayed out to the sides (Also a nine phalluses modernized version). An erect penis is a perfect visual for the life force and vitality, only a healthy male can achieve an erection.”

I almost choked on my Elevenses.

Is it the dusty donkey drivers? The mysterious Apiru?

As the author notes, “I would even speculate the origin of the menorah is not even Hebrew, it could of easily been appropriated from another nearby pagan culture or one tribes fertility symbol adopted by the group.”

Good hunch I’d say.

Always keep in mind that everything, absolutley everything, is mysterious or clouded or obfuscated when it comes to us, the vulgar.

I’ll wager they know exactly who was who.


The only jews involved in the German labour camps were the terrorist/criminals helping round up stock to populate stolen land in Palestine. Or the highly paid jews stealing Reichprotectorate SS technology for A Bombs to be built in Dimona because their coreligionist donkey dick worshippers had failed in Manhattan.

That is what the 6 million magic number is for. Stay away!!! The truth is deceit as usual with the donkey cock worshippers and their criminal families.

BTW as I have said on several occasions the original inhabitants of the slaver coast never seemed to amount to a hill of beans anyway before they got phukked over by the Roth Cru in 1947 anyway. Typical Mediterranean Chaldeans, good for nothing but scratching their arses, slave trafficking, drug running and thieving. Never actually working.

Nuke it from orbit.


The ELO have landed.

Image Source Wikipedia

Of all the films that have hit the silver screen absolutely none have dared venture near the Ziondub. I’ve waited, watched and body swerved a shed load of predictive programming waiting for that date and all have been a disappointment, deliberately sabotaged or discretely misleading.


What is it that is so dangerous that the admixture of distributed redundant systems, action at a distance, supraluminal Zion, AI and ET has to be hidden away, fail safe? I mean when bluebeam gets switched on, to take the global slave class into self serving classical cannibalistic onanism, where will the real McCoy be? Is not it the, the time is not yet?

If we can stare at the following missing thought catch and scratch our heads in the occulted and deliberated obtuseness of what can be digested as MSM, then what can we realise if we ignore the schooling and shoaling of fearful collectivisation of thought? Why do human beings seek the abuse of a CHEKA Stockholm Moshe syndrome? One has the feeling that given complete debt free freedom, 99% of humanity would immediately set up a terror to make it feel happy and secure. Humanity is indeed a happy soil for evil.

Why is it so difficult to exculcate the atheist exculpable irreligious religious tricksters? Why is the easy divorce society so clingy to no thing?

Many, many now swimming alone in the darks can discern the deep recycle of the hysterical hysteresis again.

The nationalist clowns who cannot understand the pivot around Iberia started 5000 years ago to remove the white races. The muppets that do not understand a synod when they attend one. The incapable empty vessels who cannot witness rumour with their own authority of what? Water into wine or a UFO? The stunted and djinned who scramble the understanding into strange tongues. Actors at this first supper.

If it defeats the current body of humanity to understand the laying of the great monolithic as walls then why should we expect any action to be taken when murderers disguised as believers kill millions millennia after millennia. What is so difficult to understand? Everything is known of the aggregate human activity always and at all times. Human settlements are for the application of magic through group think and inaction.

Tarot, NSA, Talmud.

Babel und Bibel Gaza und Giza Teufel mit uns.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Lost Train to Pukeville

Well here we are; A short note marking 5 earth years out here, MkII. No surprise to regular readers here that the MkI, started 26th June, ran way out of hand and still awants finishing. Too many thoughts and too many subjects let loose. All I wanted was to summarise in some way what was the end result of dumping out here on the ausgang and pissing in the ausphart for 250 plus weeks. So I will religiously limit this second attempt to one page and one page only.

Excreting out here as an exercise in the self exorcising has been a failure. As an exercising in excommunication it has been a success. The process of identifying what is what is complete. First up it can be noted that whatever is placed in front of us in the garden where the secular wankstators spin their ear shine is pure moonsniffing loonacy. The supreme wankstator in the original garden is most likely a trouble maker and his jester. So any communication using the senses here in this garden is untrue. Any instrument be it book, film, human, artifice, device or gimmick deployed within the Herd Attention Space is a wankstator’s mirror within witch to cast the sacred spell. The weirdest mirror of all is but a phase conjugate mind fryer. How else to explain the male as the source of constancy and the female as neutered. Do not look into it or you are gone into Yahweh’s freekfarm and onanist flowerbed. Enki’s ball pond for the retarded and special needs psychopath.

Read it and weep. That is one of the issues resolved over the past 5 years. The so called children of the book are but slaves to the closed system. The fact that every system in this world demands the attention of the herd is an illustration of its primitive intent. You will not be allowed to remove your attention, if you attempt to do so the religiocommerCHEKAmercs will get you through the release of specially selected for forces. Either by rigged markets or bullets they will get you to worship. Worship the fully integrated full spectrum religiowarfaredeathcult.

It is also clear now why all those shit business books make no sense. Porter’s five forces, Handy’s, Scholes’ and Zuboff’s bollox. All the econometrics and the Nobel economists dare not mention that only AND ONLY when killing is brought into their concepts and equations does the whole damn thing make sense. And once that is done one has nothing but gangsterism. Yahweist commerce is crime; there is no getting away from it, the Abrahamic scam is crime. The beginnings of all commerce are gold, slavery and war. This is, despite the official histories saying otherwise, an unbroken activity since the day the world almost ended 64,000 years ago.

Which brings me nicely to the black rain on pukkeville. Did the survivors need to do anything other than make sure their commercial model survived in idea only so that eventually a signal could be sent? It is one of the weird things that I did not anticipate about this journey onto the altwankstator park. There to join with the altHerd altAttention altSpace, the aaa. Looking at all the altBollox the truth hidden can be seen. Why do the clowns want the prayer to stop now? After centuries of forcing the Herd onto its knees in their temples and the cathedrals. Millennia of worshipping numbers through commerce. Why?

In 1945, the poor slob who caught the last train out of nukeville only to stop over at the next nuking survived and he stumbled into the real economy. 64,000 years in the making.

Lamarckian Scalar Genetics

Monday, 16 June 2014

Total Quality Management Holobollox

Somewhere, sometime a slaughter the horses instruction was received at the governing table and then transmitted through a covert vector into the body politic and administrative that is the parallel government we are ruled by. Where or when that nudge to temporary hippophagy was uttered I don’t know but we do know it happened somewhere between 1914 and 1924, for the evidence is there in the “en clair” for the forensic story teller to see. From our perspective only the phase delay degrades the signal into our shadow reality.

If one believes that the parallel/shadow, by implication false/illegitimate, governments that the so called troofers and goofers like to point out lurking out, out of sight, like skulking creeps is a threat to our survival, then one is sadly mistaken. You know; the geezers that pulled off 9/11; the clowns that the ballisticmentalistNokiachukker called the “shadow banking system”, the SS offices set up to parallel Weimar structures and of course the UK’s common porpoise hidden under the surface parallel government. Then once again WTFU!!!

The parallel/false/illegitimate government is the one we vote for at local, regional, national and continental levels on a semi regular basis. The true governance is the hidden one. How else can one explain the farces that are elections in places we’ve recently invaded and bombed into the Stone Age? The legitimate governance of mankind could not give a flying one what the ants like to do with their local traditions. The annoying insects are to be removed and the land made sterile. Scalability is all that matters.

Anyway back to forensic story telling.

If one looks at the air war over Western Europe during 1943-44 certain tactical decisions are manifest that again suggest an intervention by the legitimate governance in the affairs of the shadow government at some time previous to the desired outcome. Specifically the lack of 2000hp aero motors, for stratospheric attack by RAF Bomber Command, in front line service over Germany.

On 16th June 1944 however 2000hp RAF aero motors are in service taking down WH/L secret weapons.

Now just look at those two isolated vignettes and examine them from our forensic perspective, illuminated by what we do know now, and was known then, though only at the rarefied heights of the legitimate governance.  Remember we are able to spy at this clearly, despite the phase delay, because we are unable to break the cause/effect relationship by observation now.

UKplc is taught that the effort by RAF Bomber Command was the ultimate war weapon and that everything was directed at the supply of this force and its war winning success. Indeed I think that something like 30-35% of UKplc’s home output was “consumed” by these airfleets. Yet the whole effort was a failure. Or so it seems.

What we are expected to believe is the usual convoluted academic history that tells us that the First World War was a failure because the British Army was lead by horse soldiers, then having slaughtered and eaten our equine friends, the Second World War was a great success because we got our bomber fleets shot out of the medium altitude dark skies by second rate enemy equipment.

At this same time we get stratospheric aero motors operating a low altitude against the German secret weapons. Now understand this. A shit load of money has gone into the development of the airframes and aero motors that are designed to move at very high altitude and very high speeds. Simple rule of thumb in those days. You want to move faster? You move higher in altitude. To go higher in altitude one needs very expensive and complex aero motors running at many atmospheres at altitude. R&D expenditures are unlimited in budget and duration.

“"Our intelligence is getting better all the time - we expect the attack to take place before D-Day. If not, they will attack soon afterwards. They are already building launching sites between Cherbourg Peninsula and Antwerp, right the way up the coast. So you have to have your aeroplanes in a suitable position to get straight into action on the V1 attack, the moment it occurs - how will the Tempest cope?" I said I didn't know what the capabilities of the V1 were but I imagine that they'll fly around 400mph and the Tempest can do comfortably more than that at low altitude, so we should cope with the V1 operation very well - it is a very good gun platform, you could aim the cannons very well with it.”  Beaumont

Operationally this mission is declared a massive success until this day. And it was.

However let us take a look this in the skewed optics of our forensic non linear goggles.

A shit load of really expensively acquired weaponry represented by airframe R&D, aero engine R&D, pilot training, command and control R&D are pitched against flying shit. I won’t even bother going onto Deming at this point but you know what’s what there. Note the word intelligence in the above quote from Bee.

Putting it bluntly we’ve got the geezers who wield the mighty cast and tempered sword, the Damascus steel forged broadsword, the sword of destiny spending their time striking rocks out of the air.

Something is wrong here Shirley. Again the word intelligence comes to mind. For immediately afterwards the whole kit and caboodle, Deming, Hawker, Hooker, Wallis, Gibson, Whittle, all Mi-Hi, and OSS are impotent. Churchill and Roosevelt are now as shit scared a Stalin was when he warned he’d go over to chemical weapons despite his handlers.

That is another quandary to look carefully at. Why no uses of chemical weapons during the 1937-46 passion play. Another little surfacing of the real world governance setting rules despite the huge carnage. Oh and of course a little bit more proof that the script has cover stories to be rolled out after the shooting has stopped and the business plan has achieved its objectives. BWAHAHAHolohoax. Oh those eviloids in UNIT 731!  Oh Mengele you total barsteward!!!

Well as I put it over in the comments sections of some of the so called goofers blogs recently, well to be fair I dropped by and let fly to see what would happen. I mean surely a goofer blog reader might ask WTF are you on about INCOMING!!!!!!!? De nada. Ningun. Zero zilch void, vacuous tarts to a man.

If one was a resident near a Wachtenhut facility in the United States would one have any idea what was going on inside the facility other than the pronouncements of their CHEKA propagandists in marketing? I mean commercial confidentiality is supreme. No. One would have no idea what was going on inside the correctional facility/labour camp. So how come the local German populations were expected to know what the corporates were up to in 1943? How come the starved locals got dragged through a staged Shakespearean theatre? Cover story of course, most likely being prepared sometime around 1935 in California or the Catskills by fat lazy scribes.

Act Ten, Scene One, thunder is heard and the liberators arrive stage left. (He heee, seen wot I gon and dun there?)

ALL of the evil stuff that the opposition got up to was done under corporate contract in a great big outsourcing operation. I mean if one looks at the so called Milgram experiment then you get the idea.

A little clue to the other game being afoot is the sanction placed on millimetrics and gas turbines being flown over German territory by UKplc.

I mean, come on!! Do you expect me to believe that an outfit that have discovered quantum mechanics and celestial mechanics need any junk flying in an RAF airframe? A bunch of eviloids that have nothing else to do but bayonet babies whilst they are getting to grips with phase conjugate mirrors and photon cascades!!!!!

Oh just like the word “intelligence” the words “commercial confidentiality” are a direct conduit to the legitimate governance and out of the shadow/faux administration. Tee hee hee. Got any idea who got experimented on by Porton Down NAZEESTYLEEEE!!? Got any idea who got experimented upon in care homes by the chosen ones NAZEEESTYLEEEEE!!!?? Look carefully and see. Who murdered tens millions and yet never get a mention? Talmudic terroristas funded, harboured and operating out of RCE/NY. Why did Russia’s murderers from New York get a clear bill of health, Herd Attention Spacewise, and yet the IJ and NSDAP get the full Herodoid, post 1945?

Easy. The commies running the execution chamber that was Russia, rethink all the false narratives about the NSDAP work kamps Wachtenhut styleee, and read about the soap and lampshades; death machines and contrivances, all being practiced for real by the Yahweist compliant scum placed in power by New York bankers, were acting on behalf of the true governance. IJ and NSDAP were not Yahweist compliant and so they are the bad guys. In other words the jews in charge of Soviet Russia were strategically aligned with the business plan of the legitimate governance. IJ and NSDAP were NOT. IJ and NSDAP tried to make the parallel government/shadow government the legitimate government. OH my, double ungood. Naughty naughty.  Time to erase from history.

If any true goofer is reading here then you should be able to recognise the strategically aligned actors in IJ and NSDAP easily. You should also be able to spot the operators in the goofer community whenever IJ or NSDAP is mentioned by their sidetracking into Rothschild.

Now one might think WTF has this got to do with today? Well let me take a swing at’cher and see if you get it.

Right here, right now we are getting flooded with images of geezers getting marched into shallow dry river beds and getting executed CHEKA styleee.

As I’ve quoted before “past behaviour patterns are the strongest indicators of future actions” standard human resource management crap. OK so who do we know that likes killing large numbers of helpless persons? Who do we know that are always interfacing between the business plan and the realisation of said business plan? Yahweists. Ah but ONLY very special Yahweists. ALL other yahweists and aboriginals are expendable. The only thing that has changed over time is the scale of operations covered by the business plan.

I mean who does not recognise that all business studies and economics is nothing other than yahweist psychopathy? You want to succeed in Soviet Russia, ChiComm land, Zimbabwe? Get party accredited. Get membership and kill millions. You want to succeed in business? Get party accredited. Get an MBA and kill millions. Red card carrying bastards and Business Administrating junkies all end up worshipping yahweist psychopathy. The phukkmuppeted bitchboys and boybitches. The Fhucknunns of Androgeny.

In London the yahweist compliant terrorists started trouble in 1906 and got sat on swiftly by Churchill. No one wanted the Great British Chase on fire like Russia and Germany were going to be. Exporting terrorism deserves a Queen’s award. Pour encourage les autres, Ireland was let go just afterwards. And since we are reading the minds of the legitimate government’s machinations here, someone went non compliant in Frogland circa 1939. Hence the FAF no show 1940. I mean if you are the operative’s playboys en herbes verdantes, do you want Versailles a radioactive heap circa 1941?

So what the phukk have we got going on 2014? NY/London is exporting terrorism through Wahabiists, false yahweists (or are they), fed, indoctrinated and vitaled here in London-RCE/LC. ISIS is supposed to be wandering around with impunity. For those who remember the highway of death out of Kuwait then the sight of shiny new Toyota pickups farting through the dust in Yahweland tells us that we are seeing all powerful actors on their stage. For if the true government didn’t want them there then a phone call through to the false government’s DoD would have had predator drones taking them out en masse with full reportage if needed on the GGT. So once again these are stage directed entities, just like our killer commies in 1920s Russia. What we have here is the Shakespeare touring company with machine guns, camo make up, stage props by USDoD and a never ending stream of funding courtesy of RCE/LC. Whose money currently calls the shots out of RCE/LC?


So what brings on the 16th June blues then?

Another indicator of orders being given from on high and the misery of scalability.

Firstly the synchronicity of the change in design of the Su-24, still operational, and the killing of the TSR2.

Getting rid of industry, other than coddled slavery, has been a prime driver in UKplc high policy for 200 years. It almost succeeded except the Krauts got uppity early. On this 100th year since the designer conflict kicked off, all who have enjoyed these ramblings so far need to understand that we are unwanted. For those who in UKplc today that can write/ read/ count/ travel/ eat well/ shelter comfortably/ enjoy independence and THINK need to comprehend that this would not be the case without our war against Germany. With Germany gone it is the role of ideologically compliant business to reduce us once again to coddled slavery.

Go on then you card carrying econobitchboys and MBAboybitches. Explain 6Σ without slavery. You cannot. You do not know or conveniently ignore the fact that all integrated commerce is criminal in its fundamentals. Why do you think that crime is so easy and rife? Every slave is 6Σ complaint. Free persons are not. Free persons do not need gold or silver. Precious metals are the fundamental upon which slavery is based. Money is religion’s father. Religiocommerce is the basis of war. War is business. We live within the rolling out of a ten thousand year business plan.

At some point, post 1950, the nudge came from above to kill off UK aerospace, after flooding the country with enough client voters, the process could be started under exchequer cover.

This is a very important concept here in UKplc. The fact that Exchequer cover can still exist shows that the temporary process of education in UKplc was not deep enough and certainly not enduring enough to kill off this elegant piece of staged Venetian herd management. A recent case in UKplc is UK Post Office. Under the reign of the mentalistNokiaballistarainer of No11 it suddenly stopped handing the exchequer a cool half billion a year and went into the red. Just in time to start the process of selling PO off for nothing, a continuation of deep policy thanks to CameroClegulatheists, and lo and behold it starts to coin a cool half billion again as soon as it is in private hands. This is a marker of the kept whorehouse that is the consort of economic harlots and business mongs, accuntancy. Especially the green auditors of death.

I take the sudden switch from a TSR2like Su24 to an F111like Su24 as an echo through the intelligence networks overarching the so called Iron Curtain of the real government letting it be known what was going down in groove town. Sold to the UKplc under exchequer cover in the parallel government. I.e. we could not afford it. Well we know that is a load of bollox don’t we. You can afford anything you want if you are the one printing the money as debt tokens.

As for scalability I would look at the progression of kill zone size and ideology through the ages. At the moment the non business compliant are to be found in Russia and Indo/Indonesia. The question remains which business tool will be deployed to convert the non compliant living to death compliance so that everyone remaining is strategically aligned throughout the business. I wonder if we could give Blokhin a 6Σ for his Katyn innkeeping successes. He was a real hands on manager alrighty. Did they preserve his butcher’s apron somewhere?

“His count of 7,000 shot in 28 days remains the most organized and protracted mass murder by a single individual on record; and saw him being named the Guinness World Record holder for ‘Most Prolific Executioner’ in 2010.”

I suspect that Blokhin, to get any meaningful award, would have had to work with Deming on this. He would have had valuable information for the customer’s perspective on bullet failure rates per 1000 executions. In fact I’m sure that a Soviet Deming would have been hard at work automating the entire process to make it fully Yahweh commie compliant.

That Blokhin lad, like all commieYahwehistmentalistatheists was definitely aligned with the strategic business direction.

How’s about giving Stalin or Mao or Pot an ISO 9001 award? How’s about whomever gets chosen to take out hundreds of millions in SE Asia, whether through death rays/hi-ex/famine, how’s about the bitchboy or boybitch gets nominated for an Asia-Pacific Area Golden Quality Award.

Why don’t we nominate this puppet Shakir Wahiyib for a Blokhin award and integrate his valuable insights on the use of terror in media campaigns for a Deming award. Or how’s about an Oscar for the financed plaything  Umar al-Shishani, or whatever the expendable clown is called/calls itself these days, the MK-Ultra’d mothmanbitchboy. Just like Lenin, or whatever his real name was, he’s there to dance around in full floodlit Herd Attention Space Big Brother scripted murder, whilst the financiers roll the business plan out through death. If Europe stays compliant the whole Wahabiist crap is going north through the Caspian. Any business moron who analysis the strategic rational of trashing all the oil doesn’t get it. There is no strategic. No Geopolitical. No Geostrategic. No Infotronic age. Bollox analysis. Forget chess boards and grand strategy. The whole point of the integration of the planet is that it be one. One in the Stone age or one in hyperspace. It does not matter. The last human being alive sitting on all the gold in the world with a star gate in its possession is the most impoverished inhabited carbon based life form ever.

To the clowns in charge, who always protect their breeding mares (DNA), there never was a war, ever, anywhere, anytime.

It is temporalbusinessbelief as usual.