Thursday, 27 February 2014

Die großen blauen Pferde

“Maybe that explains what happened to our collective memory of The Blue Bird.  The original play must have had some magic, some universal truths, that didn’t make it into the later incarnations.  As a result, we simply forgot about it even though the phrase “Blue Bird of Happiness” lived on.  It’s hard to imagine that we would ever forget the sources of “Elementary, my dear Watson”, “There’s no place like home”, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”, “Make him an offer he can’t refuse”, or “Luke, I am your father.”  But the source material for these lines is so good and so available that future generations will continue to discover them.  Sadly, this wasn’t the case for Maeterlinck’s The Blue Bird.” Enjoy

Always check from out of a clear blue sky.

How much of a pain in the ass are the Indonesians?

Friday, 24 January 2014

Bass Operation on the Zyklotron in SSS

Let me take you forward a little in our collective kronosthesia, the smallest possible quantum of displacement on the aleph. Allow me to describe the current unnoticed isobars of the real world hidden behind the world’s most massive delivery of kinetic pharmaceuticals upon the UKplc populace laced with arsenic.

If the whole point of WW1 was to secure the rule of RCE/LC, at that time through the instrument of the British Empire, then why should we believe that they failed?

Things that do not add up, i.e. the recognition of cognitive dissonance, can help in understanding the larger game played upon the most advanced civilisation ever to grace the planet this past 500 years.

For UKplc the main signal is the continued existence of royalty. If one looked at the weird injunction of a great big phekking tank on the Trongate 1919, then to not scratch one’s head in 2014 is to be nothing more than a dancing girl to the courtiers at the ancient temple. How come the inbred Mutantes Real are still here when history should have swept them away like all the others they put contracts out on?

For Russia the singular event that has sealed their fate is the failure of Chimijooish Torah retards to take Kiev over to the dark side.

For Germany the main question goes back even further. To the Teutoburg Wald just East of the Ba’al temple at Cologne.

For the Greeks it would have been rubbing one’s eyes at the primitive attempts to emulate their artistic genius by the envious child killers in Carthage.

All that in one blink of the eye, alephtimestylee. From Buckingham Palace to Μασσαλία in 2500 years. Always with one constant. The Apiru Cru.

Can one name them; actually call them with their signature? No. However one can point at their recruits.

So as well as documenting the characteristics of the Apiru Cru we can see their recruits by their incanactions.

However our first realisation is that we are accessories within their crime, seen.


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Diamonds are worthless for they cannot kill. A spreadsheet will.

As I remarked at the other shop

For reasons of clarity, this is why we should never know their name, labels are obfuscated. In order to be effectively operational in this world, Apiru and their agents need to be addressed, given names must be broadcast for they cannot control the HAS anonymously, however name changes are needed tactically. Behavioural nomenclature is used to disguise the oldest habitual highjacked without break to the heathen call.

Do you really think that there are “dark ages” in the annals of the Apiru? For those who are initiated to the Cru the oldest practice of the shaman, as Hesiod and Homer would attest, is to remember EVERYTHING. Everything archived and made accessible in the hyperdimensional memory magic as practices by Hermiticists et al down the ages. Do you really think that the ancient convenient reversal in value of silver and gold ratios between the Occident and the Orient is “natural”? Or a fuel for the Apiru Cru.

Europe’s post Roman “Dark Age” appears in the Apiru ledger under the mission accomplished heading. Gold exhausted. New source required. Wait 1000 years and the Apiru Cru kick it off again. If you believe that Whateverhisnamewasbus “discovered Amerika” then dream on moron, you will never understand why the true rule of Apiru is about to be re-established now that “Gold exhausted. New source required” is entered in the ledger again. Then a new name will be known and revealed for those in poverty. Note it is not revealed then known.

What is quite clear throughout the thousands of years that the Apiru Cru have been operational, pulling together the fallen angels, is that they have coherence in their practice. A practice that disguises their weaponry deployed. In action 24/7 all over the world for millennia.

They are dreadfully aware of the power of operational prayer.

Anyone who is even vaguely aware of Vatican II will identify the delivery of a psyweapon to take out a power node operating contrary to the desired outcome. Do not expect any intercession or any novena to be answered in the chimp houses that now infest the Jesuit’s money laundering, child stealing and spying empire now. Nothing is new here on this planet. For NSA read confessional. Drive through absolution for the shaven chimps. Phukkme!!

Every time the Apiru Cru turn up they kill the operational prayer structure of a civilisation. Russia-Soviet shithole. Aztec-Inquisatorial sewer. North American Indians-Corporate slaughter fest. Imperial China-Muslim backward dump. And on and on we could go. Anyone who was using their mind and spirit other than for the service of a backward, closed system Yahweist Môn heathen psychopathic prayer system was to be cleansed from existence.

Now at this point I will interrupt the general misery by touching on two uses of black magic prayer recently. One about 100 years ago and the other about 50 years ago. Môn heathen assassins take down their “own” regularly to protect sacred prayer practice. A hidden secret of the occulted truth that the whole shebang is a snow job in the first instance. Murder is used to assault the aboriginal use of prayer in order to clear the airwaves, as it were, for the progress of the Apiru Cru accounting prayers. Imagine the amount of human spiritual energy that would be acquired from a coherent focus, in prayer, on one person. A great store for good. Enough to thwart the ongoing ablation of humanity by the siphoning off of the best through seduction and death.

So qui bono only to have that great store destroyed by a temporal event?

Coherent prayer as practiced by the Apiru Cru and spread all over the world, started in the temple crypt, in camera and has never stopped.

That is correct, you’ve got it,

Any and all Accountancy is black magic.

From abacus’ to spreadsheets the coherent, repetitive, quiet, organised, sanctioned, sacred, continuous 24/7, never to be questioned practice gets us a few more names to hang on the mysterious and sleekit Apiru Cru.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The unravelling of Zyklotron B

With the SS running a crypto/military/industrial troglostate, ringed by three layers of security, what are the chances of it being thoroughly penetrated by the operatives?

I’m not talking about Rosicrutons of the consommé, Mafia, OSS, Jesuits, OGPU, COMINTERN or Mi-High, I’m talking Apiru. We are concerned with the fundamental traits of these logisticians.

Whether it was centripetal, centrifugal or radiation based separation of isotopes involved, the Apiru would have been in there or had their agents present ready for transfer to Dimona. At Dimona once the nomads had been ethically cleansed there by exCHEKA operatives of the exchequer, shipped in from the Pripyet, trained and financed by RCE/NY out of RCE/LC. You know; just like the gypsies got cleansed in Europe. Funny that they are all on the move again to steal in 2014.

From that singularity may some of the Apiru pecking order be deduced.

“Oh yes, hear ye , hear ye, hear ye!! Jews killed off by their own slave masters, gangers and Kapos in huge numbers to get their hands on industrial spilling of the atom.”

Oh and while we are at it. “Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!!!! Jews killed off shed loads of Christians, gypsies, gays, untermenschen and anyone else who got in their way to get their hands on the spilling of the atom on an industrial scale for export to Dimona.”

In fact the Spinning Chicken Chimney Joos, shod in the Chimmy Choos, seem to like going around killing, stealing and stealing from the Europeans, then inventing cover stories and lies. It is like a religion to them. Who have they offed in their great wanderings in religioinebriation and deathfiction?

Fake history like;

The nasty Romans killed all the Christians in the Coliseum.

The nasty camel punters stole all the Christians into slavery.

The vile square heads killed everyone in Europe.

Always in the middle of the financially engineered chaos are the Havaan’t a Cloos getting persecuted. Always with the expected outcomes Moshe!! How’s about getting some therapy and behaviour aversion analysis? Bwahahahaaa oh phukk me, you aar arving a laarf aintcha!!

Anyway as I was saying earlier, we can see the real reason for the partition of Germany/Europe and Korea. All the tasty sights of Hi-Spec-Hi-Tech hidden behind a theatrical fire curtain. The sites? Rügen, Ohrdruf, any SS run corporate camp, UNIT 731, Hungnam and the dams. All the corporations killing persons to achieve weapon freedom from the Apiru, little realising that all was being monitored and watched. Watched at ground level by feet on the soil, gypsies, Nazis, minority reporters and Talmoodjestercommies. Monitored at the Meta level by the prayers at their prayers.

Let’s reiterate an edited version of the time line, making it klaar for the contused here in the West.

  1. Apiru operatives kick off the second first world war in 1933.

  1. Hollywood scripts are scribed in preparation for a cover story and stigmatisation after the operation is wound up. Think Nanking and Warsaw.

  1. Corporates start the attempt to steal the head spec from the marks in 1939.

  1. Germans set off a trigger in 1944.

  1. US and IJ set off triggers in 1945.

  1. USSR sweeps into the trigger sites in Reich and IJ Korea, 1945. Reich and Imperial Japanese territory now partitioned with all the trigger research sites and ground zeros, in Apiru operative hands. (As an aside we can note that Patton and MacArthur were not Apiru operatives from their fate during this scam)

  1. US tests effects of trigger release during a sea borne invasion, at Bikini. 1946. (We can see from this the poetry of delivery and logistics. The only way to deliver an A-Bomb prior to B29s was by sea. Fast cruiser, armed merchant? The actuality of a uranium/plutonium trigger meant that sea borne invasions were kaput from now on. Hence the massive misinformation prophylactic for Apiru approved Overlord AND the massive risk taken by MacArthur at Inchon that really phukked off the Apiru.)

Hiding in the theft are the prepared scripts, for the west we get the usual persecution of the perps and in the east we get the usury of the whores. No one will bother to ask who it was that did the shipping and postage of the hostage, the uranium and the gold? No one asks just who never gets burned? No one asks why is so much effort expended in maintaining a falsehood and in tearing down the lie? Why so many fooled by the Holocaust and so many satisfied by the Holohaux? 

Why no questions asked why?

Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Well here we are, another year older. Any light shed upon the black waters this year?

Mmmmm….we have started down the road of describing the Apiru and their characteristics. The Apiru prime agents have been fingered as the early adopters of Yahwehism. We will continue to explore this theme over the coming years, specifically fingering this character yahweh. It does like to be gazed upon its nether regions don’t forget. Remember anyone can become a jew, it is a life style choice, just ask Abraham or Moses of the nether region staring or any Khazar. Ask any bankster or scribbler of nonce sense. Ask any criminal hiding in the firebase at RCE/TA, the temple at RCE/LC, the slaving house at RCE/BS or in RCE/NY or RCE/BR.

As usual when standing at the razor edge of the still waters rolling and roiling up and down the erosion, the simple method reveals the perps and the reason why one almost alone, observes far removed from the next companion upon the infinite tide line.

Check the body count in their writings. Go on. Their sneak thieves may have torched all the libraries but they cannot help themselves accounting in their hubris. We are few the dead are many.

On another note it has also become apparent that the amount of effort going into the “breakYahweh civilisation” beloved of Dolan et al is gaining traction. Two things to note here.

One; the breakaway civilisation has been done before long ago and had to be stopped in its tracks by war in the 20th century.

Two; as I’ve said before. Show me a Civilisation 2 star cruiser captain and her invite for a bevvy off the Tannhäuser Gate and I might entertain the idea. To expect me to credit that the indolents and intergenerational thieves have the discipline to get themselves off world RATHER than waste all the wealth on private islands staffed by eunuchs supplying cyclotron separated narcotics and buttwelded ladyboys spying on us 24/7 is simply taking the piss. The human race advances despite these retards and their infinite machinations.

Which brings me to Three.

The fools that Herd our Attention Space, the gatekeepers of the HAS, want us to believe that life is just a brief flicker of light twixt two infinities of darkness. Hence the aided suiciding, ethics of killing in hospices and general organ stealing meme pumped by the pimps into our lives. We are to consider ourselves no better than animals, ergo the cute puppy and endangered species legend constantly dumped into our living quarters, our pens, by the MSM. No one on the MSM ever asks just who were the, drowning in money, phukkedwitz that shot all the wild life in the first place to make them endangered? From which intergenerational criminal families were they scions? From the same families that want us atheist and secular now.

Well clowns of the apocalypse, denizens of inadequacy, rationers of life and deniers of humanity you got it wrong when you failed the count zero.

The Turing fail will become more and more apparent as the simple concept of 3 from nothing is considered by us and emphatically denied by them.

Existence is an entangled event horizon joining two infinite expanses of light.

Every so often one of us lights up our stasis and we continue on.

Merry Christmas.

Monday, 23 December 2013

More than your life is worth.

It is always one of those flags that tips one off to a sleight of the false historical hand when we are reassured by carefully tenured, bought, hybrid historians that the origins of this and that, or the true events of whatever malarkey, are lost in the mists of time OR more hi-viz; that the records and documents were burned in one of the many and mysterious library fires, 9/11 et al, that seem to have plagued the world since the truth was deemed unacceptable by the clonomonoheathen.

In all cases one would find oneself removed from history completely if one stuck one’s broadcasting stikkybeak into the veracity of psyhistory that has been approved, never to be questioned.

You know the type of historical ending, dressed in hysterical rags being torn limb from limb by lions in the amphitheatre or just head shot in the theatre. Anyway it is all staged; this monmentalistheathenism, this blinding of the herd to the written word other than the wholly scribed holy which upon close inspection of full of perforations in its coherence.

Well when ever did a monomentalist need to be coherent. It’s not like it is written in law. The truth does not exist for ex-exitmentalist existentialists. No; the mentalist approach to herd cullcontrol is what is lawful. Seen any apology yet from the Vatican for all the dead persons the heathen on the seven hills caused? Seen any apology for the millions killed by talmudualists in the Soviet Union circa 1920-1950? No of course not, that is why the Soviet Union dissolved itself before any reparations could be claimed by survibobibors of the Ukranian Holodomor or the gulag survivors and their families. A hologrammatical error malarkey like that pulled by so called diamond shitters, untattooed tattooed and fabulist survivors of the, safe as houses, work camps, ripping off post war Germany, was not on the cards because the USofA corp infesting co-monoheathenreligionistas of the Soviet perp executioners intended to come back and steal all of what was left of Russia with help from the RCE/NY heathenbanksters like Goldmansukks. Goldencalves of Ba’al, typical mooing, lowing killerclowns of the so called monoheatheist Testaments and their monatheist negative, everything they profess is fantasy and everyone else’s real experience is denied.

Murderous reality deniers; the lot.

Mind you that is their mission; stamped deep into their DNA.

You know the kind, Vatican proscribed booklists that one would get burned at the stake for possession or reading, tsk-tsk, banned books in the TalmudicSovietSocialistRepubstakes and anything at all contrary to the fairy tales coming out of the flumes in the spiralling pyres over Auschwitzland and Soporibor. Jihadists destroying libraries and learning; bringing a golden age to the dead dhimmi. No one is to contradict the given WORD. No one is to think.

Given that the one common factor in all this collected human misery is the monoheathen in all their forms, one has to asks “Just how can they get away with it over thousands of years? “

Well I would proffer the theorem that we are dealing with a Lamarkian pathogen injected into the human spirit. Unlike Darwinian evolution, which is for the animals don’t forget, Lamarkian Kikery Theorem, remember anyone can be a kike just ask the killer Ashkenazi, just ask the degenerate Saudis, just ask an epicurean Jesuit curate, just ask an agronomist Maoist, Apiru is a safe life style choice, just like homicide. Always on the move away from the crime scene spreading their seed of destruction.

Through the study of the pathogen’s progress over time, it would appear that by the injection of Apiru inspired Lamarckian evil into the social body, the host will be turned evil completely without the need of selection, simply by the act of will to kill. Complimented by certain parasitical Apiru social traits, by the hermetic sealing of increasing parts of the social body through Lamarckian engineering the good will be killed, culled, slaved and indoctrinated. Through Lamarckian selection societies are changed by the will of the individuals of the heathen commune. Though appearing in history as individual, the Lamarckian actors are in fact communist and hive minded. Scribed history always emphasises these individuals as the commune seeks to enslave the free. Go and read some business theory or dialectic, consume some liturgy or watch the USofA degenerating into a slave state currently. Always the big name disguising the collective that will kill all before it eventually. Untying the world from humanity.

Some societies succumb more quickly than others. Within days, Aztec, within millennia, Teutons. Each gets its allotted treatment depending on the host’s response to full spectrum occult heathen intelligence gathering and the logistics to hand.

Although I wouldn’t piss on their books as far as veracity is concerned, one thing is certain.

The Môn heathen have been chosen alright, as vectors for the affliction of human destruction.

Now that we are getting somewhere with the Apiru question, their old boss is the next target of interest.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Some background H/T ZGR

Before we go on here.

"-Japanese Researches come closer to resolving metric space between Hilbert’s General Theory of Gravity and Shrödingers Quantum Mechanics
Very nicely done, congratulations to the Japanese. Perhaps the Japanese like the Germans and Russians are seen as far too brilliant and moral to be melded into the Anglo-Zionist world order and marked for generational extinction with Fukushima. Stalin had the Russians who merely wore glasses thrown in the Gulags and murdered to eliminate and genocide Slavic Brilliance. Nothing will change with these people until Christ comes back to divest them of the British-Israel throne.
David Hilbert was one of the outstanding mathematicians of the modern era if you’re not familiar with his works. He proposed 21 geometry axioms, the greatest influence in geometry since Euclid (325 BC).  Hilbert’s work on n-dimensional space, later called Hilbert space, proved invaluable for quantum mechanics. Today quantum mechanics is said to be a theory set in “Hilbert Space.”

At the InternationalCongress of Mathematicians in Paris (1900) Hilbert presented the now famous 23 which he challenged 20th century mathematicians to solve. In 1915 Hilbert discovered the correct field equations for general relativity before Einstein but never claimed priority.
As professor of mathematics at the University of Gottingen, outstanding scientists of the 20th century (Born, Heisenberg, Jordon, von Neumann to name just a few) studied with Hilbert. Hilbert suggested to Heisenberg that he find the differential equation that would correspond to his matrix equations. Had he taken Hilbert’s advice, Heisenberg may have discovered the wave equation before Schrödinger.

Still a lot more work for the mathematicians. Too bad the Anglo-Zionist murdered so many Slavs and Germans or no doubt this would have been solved decades ago. The world pays a price for the tribalism of the WASP and Jew and their conjoined Zionist /Masonic madness and their incessant hatred of Russians, Japanese and Germans. What was Fukushima but the hatred of the English Crown for the Japanese people?" ZGR