Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Lost Train to Pukeville

Well here we are; A short note marking 5 earth years out here, MkII. No surprise to regular readers here that the MkI, started 26th June, ran way out of hand and still awants finishing. Too many thoughts and too many subjects let loose. All I wanted was to summarise in some way what was the end result of dumping out here on the ausgang and pissing in the ausphart for 250 plus weeks. So I will religiously limit this second attempt to one page and one page only.

Excreting out here as an exercise in the self exorcising has been a failure. As an exercising in excommunication it has been a success. The process of identifying what is what is complete. First up it can be noted that whatever is placed in front of us in the garden where the secular wankstators spin their ear shine is pure moonsniffing loonacy. The supreme wankstator in the original garden is most likely a trouble maker and his jester. So any communication using the senses here in this garden is untrue. Any instrument be it book, film, human, artifice, device or gimmick deployed within the Herd Attention Space is a wankstator’s mirror within witch to cast the sacred spell. The weirdest mirror of all is but a phase conjugate mind fryer. How else to explain the male as the source of constancy and the female as neutered. Do not look into it or you are gone into Yahweh’s freekfarm and onanist flowerbed. Enki’s ball pond for the retarded and special needs psychopath.

Read it and weep. That is one of the issues resolved over the past 5 years. The so called children of the book are but slaves to the closed system. The fact that every system in this world demands the attention of the herd is an illustration of its primitive intent. You will not be allowed to remove your attention, if you attempt to do so the religiocommerCHEKAmercs will get you through the release of specially selected for forces. Either by rigged markets or bullets they will get you to worship. Worship the fully integrated full spectrum religiowarfaredeathcult.

It is also clear now why all those shit business books make no sense. Porter’s five forces, Handy’s, Scholes’ and Zuboff’s bollox. All the econometrics and the Nobel economists dare not mention that only AND ONLY when killing is brought into their concepts and equations does the whole damn thing make sense. And once that is done one has nothing but gangsterism. Yahweist commerce is crime; there is no getting away from it, the Abrahamic scam is crime. The beginnings of all commerce are gold, slavery and war. This is, despite the official histories saying otherwise, an unbroken activity since the day the world almost ended 64,000 years ago.

Which brings me nicely to the black rain on pukkeville. Did the survivors need to do anything other than make sure their commercial model survived in idea only so that eventually a signal could be sent? It is one of the weird things that I did not anticipate about this journey onto the altwankstator park. There to join with the altHerd altAttention altSpace, the aaa. Looking at all the altBollox the truth hidden can be seen. Why do the clowns want the prayer to stop now? After centuries of forcing the Herd onto its knees in their temples and the cathedrals. Millennia of worshipping numbers through commerce. Why?

In 1945, the poor slob who caught the last train out of nukeville only to stop over at the next nuking survived and he stumbled into the real economy. 64,000 years in the making.

Lamarckian Scalar Genetics

Monday, 16 June 2014

Total Quality Management Holobollox

Somewhere, sometime a slaughter the horses instruction was received at the governing table and then transmitted through a covert vector into the body politic and administrative that is the parallel government we are ruled by. Where or when that nudge to temporary hippophagy was uttered I don’t know but we do know it happened somewhere between 1914 and 1924, for the evidence is there in the “en clair” for the forensic story teller to see. From our perspective only the phase delay degrades the signal into our shadow reality.

If one believes that the parallel/shadow, by implication false/illegitimate, governments that the so called troofers and goofers like to point out lurking out, out of sight, like skulking creeps is a threat to our survival, then one is sadly mistaken. You know; the geezers that pulled off 9/11; the clowns that the ballisticmentalistNokiachukker called the “shadow banking system”, the SS offices set up to parallel Weimar structures and of course the UK’s common porpoise hidden under the surface parallel government. Then once again WTFU!!!

The parallel/false/illegitimate government is the one we vote for at local, regional, national and continental levels on a semi regular basis. The true governance is the hidden one. How else can one explain the farces that are elections in places we’ve recently invaded and bombed into the Stone Age? The legitimate governance of mankind could not give a flying one what the ants like to do with their local traditions. The annoying insects are to be removed and the land made sterile. Scalability is all that matters.

Anyway back to forensic story telling.

If one looks at the air war over Western Europe during 1943-44 certain tactical decisions are manifest that again suggest an intervention by the legitimate governance in the affairs of the shadow government at some time previous to the desired outcome. Specifically the lack of 2000hp aero motors, for stratospheric attack by RAF Bomber Command, in front line service over Germany.

On 16th June 1944 however 2000hp RAF aero motors are in service taking down WH/L secret weapons.

Now just look at those two isolated vignettes and examine them from our forensic perspective, illuminated by what we do know now, and was known then, though only at the rarefied heights of the legitimate governance.  Remember we are able to spy at this clearly, despite the phase delay, because we are unable to break the cause/effect relationship by observation now.

UKplc is taught that the effort by RAF Bomber Command was the ultimate war weapon and that everything was directed at the supply of this force and its war winning success. Indeed I think that something like 30-35% of UKplc’s home output was “consumed” by these airfleets. Yet the whole effort was a failure. Or so it seems.

What we are expected to believe is the usual convoluted academic history that tells us that the First World War was a failure because the British Army was lead by horse soldiers, then having slaughtered and eaten our equine friends, the Second World War was a great success because we got our bomber fleets shot out of the medium altitude dark skies by second rate enemy equipment.

At this same time we get stratospheric aero motors operating a low altitude against the German secret weapons. Now understand this. A shit load of money has gone into the development of the airframes and aero motors that are designed to move at very high altitude and very high speeds. Simple rule of thumb in those days. You want to move faster? You move higher in altitude. To go higher in altitude one needs very expensive and complex aero motors running at many atmospheres at altitude. R&D expenditures are unlimited in budget and duration.

“"Our intelligence is getting better all the time - we expect the attack to take place before D-Day. If not, they will attack soon afterwards. They are already building launching sites between Cherbourg Peninsula and Antwerp, right the way up the coast. So you have to have your aeroplanes in a suitable position to get straight into action on the V1 attack, the moment it occurs - how will the Tempest cope?" I said I didn't know what the capabilities of the V1 were but I imagine that they'll fly around 400mph and the Tempest can do comfortably more than that at low altitude, so we should cope with the V1 operation very well - it is a very good gun platform, you could aim the cannons very well with it.”  Beaumont

Operationally this mission is declared a massive success until this day. And it was.

However let us take a look this in the skewed optics of our forensic non linear goggles.

A shit load of really expensively acquired weaponry represented by airframe R&D, aero engine R&D, pilot training, command and control R&D are pitched against flying shit. I won’t even bother going onto Deming at this point but you know what’s what there. Note the word intelligence in the above quote from Bee.

Putting it bluntly we’ve got the geezers who wield the mighty cast and tempered sword, the Damascus steel forged broadsword, the sword of destiny spending their time striking rocks out of the air.

Something is wrong here Shirley. Again the word intelligence comes to mind. For immediately afterwards the whole kit and caboodle, Deming, Hawker, Hooker, Wallis, Gibson, Whittle, all Mi-Hi, and OSS are impotent. Churchill and Roosevelt are now as shit scared a Stalin was when he warned he’d go over to chemical weapons despite his handlers.

That is another quandary to look carefully at. Why no uses of chemical weapons during the 1937-46 passion play. Another little surfacing of the real world governance setting rules despite the huge carnage. Oh and of course a little bit more proof that the script has cover stories to be rolled out after the shooting has stopped and the business plan has achieved its objectives. BWAHAHAHolohoax. Oh those eviloids in UNIT 731!  Oh Mengele you total barsteward!!!

Well as I put it over in the comments sections of some of the so called goofers blogs recently, well to be fair I dropped by and let fly to see what would happen. I mean surely a goofer blog reader might ask WTF are you on about INCOMING!!!!!!!? De nada. Ningun. Zero zilch void, vacuous tarts to a man.

If one was a resident near a Wachtenhut facility in the United States would one have any idea what was going on inside the facility other than the pronouncements of their CHEKA propagandists in marketing? I mean commercial confidentiality is supreme. No. One would have no idea what was going on inside the correctional facility/labour camp. So how come the local German populations were expected to know what the corporates were up to in 1943? How come the starved locals got dragged through a staged Shakespearean theatre? Cover story of course, most likely being prepared sometime around 1935 in California or the Catskills by fat lazy scribes.

Act Ten, Scene One, thunder is heard and the liberators arrive stage left. (He heee, seen wot I gon and dun there?)

ALL of the evil stuff that the opposition got up to was done under corporate contract in a great big outsourcing operation. I mean if one looks at the so called Milgram experiment then you get the idea.

A little clue to the other game being afoot is the sanction placed on millimetrics and gas turbines being flown over German territory by UKplc.

I mean, come on!! Do you expect me to believe that an outfit that have discovered quantum mechanics and celestial mechanics need any junk flying in an RAF airframe? A bunch of eviloids that have nothing else to do but bayonet babies whilst they are getting to grips with phase conjugate mirrors and photon cascades!!!!!

Oh just like the word “intelligence” the words “commercial confidentiality” are a direct conduit to the legitimate governance and out of the shadow/faux administration. Tee hee hee. Got any idea who got experimented on by Porton Down NAZEESTYLEEEE!!? Got any idea who got experimented upon in care homes by the chosen ones NAZEEESTYLEEEEE!!!?? Look carefully and see. Who murdered tens millions and yet never get a mention? Talmudic terroristas funded, harboured and operating out of RCE/NY. Why did Russia’s murderers from New York get a clear bill of health, Herd Attention Spacewise, and yet the IJ and NSDAP get the full Herodoid, post 1945?

Easy. The commies running the execution chamber that was Russia, rethink all the false narratives about the NSDAP work kamps Wachtenhut styleee, and read about the soap and lampshades; death machines and contrivances, all being practiced for real by the Yahweist compliant scum placed in power by New York bankers, were acting on behalf of the true governance. IJ and NSDAP were not Yahweist compliant and so they are the bad guys. In other words the jews in charge of Soviet Russia were strategically aligned with the business plan of the legitimate governance. IJ and NSDAP were NOT. IJ and NSDAP tried to make the parallel government/shadow government the legitimate government. OH my, double ungood. Naughty naughty.  Time to erase from history.

If any true goofer is reading here then you should be able to recognise the strategically aligned actors in IJ and NSDAP easily. You should also be able to spot the operators in the goofer community whenever IJ or NSDAP is mentioned by their sidetracking into Rothschild.

Now one might think WTF has this got to do with today? Well let me take a swing at’cher and see if you get it.

Right here, right now we are getting flooded with images of geezers getting marched into shallow dry river beds and getting executed CHEKA styleee.

As I’ve quoted before “past behaviour patterns are the strongest indicators of future actions” standard human resource management crap. OK so who do we know that likes killing large numbers of helpless persons? Who do we know that are always interfacing between the business plan and the realisation of said business plan? Yahweists. Ah but ONLY very special Yahweists. ALL other yahweists and aboriginals are expendable. The only thing that has changed over time is the scale of operations covered by the business plan.

I mean who does not recognise that all business studies and economics is nothing other than yahweist psychopathy? You want to succeed in Soviet Russia, ChiComm land, Zimbabwe? Get party accredited. Get membership and kill millions. You want to succeed in business? Get party accredited. Get an MBA and kill millions. Red card carrying bastards and Business Administrating junkies all end up worshipping yahweist psychopathy. The phukkmuppeted bitchboys and boybitches. The Fhucknunns of Androgeny.

In London the yahweist compliant terrorists started trouble in 1906 and got sat on swiftly by Churchill. No one wanted the Great British Chase on fire like Russia and Germany were going to be. Exporting terrorism deserves a Queen’s award. Pour encourage les autres, Ireland was let go just afterwards. And since we are reading the minds of the legitimate government’s machinations here, someone went non compliant in Frogland circa 1939. Hence the FAF no show 1940. I mean if you are the operative’s playboys en herbes verdantes, do you want Versailles a radioactive heap circa 1941?

So what the phukk have we got going on 2014? NY/London is exporting terrorism through Wahabiists, false yahweists (or are they), fed, indoctrinated and vitaled here in London-RCE/LC. ISIS is supposed to be wandering around with impunity. For those who remember the highway of death out of Kuwait then the sight of shiny new Toyota pickups farting through the dust in Yahweland tells us that we are seeing all powerful actors on their stage. For if the true government didn’t want them there then a phone call through to the false government’s DoD would have had predator drones taking them out en masse with full reportage if needed on the GGT. So once again these are stage directed entities, just like our killer commies in 1920s Russia. What we have here is the Shakespeare touring company with machine guns, camo make up, stage props by USDoD and a never ending stream of funding courtesy of RCE/LC. Whose money currently calls the shots out of RCE/LC?


So what brings on the 16th June blues then?

Another indicator of orders being given from on high and the misery of scalability.

Firstly the synchronicity of the change in design of the Su-24, still operational, and the killing of the TSR2.

Getting rid of industry, other than coddled slavery, has been a prime driver in UKplc high policy for 200 years. It almost succeeded except the Krauts got uppity early. On this 100th year since the designer conflict kicked off, all who have enjoyed these ramblings so far need to understand that we are unwanted. For those who in UKplc today that can write/ read/ count/ travel/ eat well/ shelter comfortably/ enjoy independence and THINK need to comprehend that this would not be the case without our war against Germany. With Germany gone it is the role of ideologically compliant business to reduce us once again to coddled slavery.

Go on then you card carrying econobitchboys and MBAboybitches. Explain 6Σ without slavery. You cannot. You do not know or conveniently ignore the fact that all integrated commerce is criminal in its fundamentals. Why do you think that crime is so easy and rife? Every slave is 6Σ complaint. Free persons are not. Free persons do not need gold or silver. Precious metals are the fundamental upon which slavery is based. Money is religion’s father. Religiocommerce is the basis of war. War is business. We live within the rolling out of a ten thousand year business plan.

At some point, post 1950, the nudge came from above to kill off UK aerospace, after flooding the country with enough client voters, the process could be started under exchequer cover.

This is a very important concept here in UKplc. The fact that Exchequer cover can still exist shows that the temporary process of education in UKplc was not deep enough and certainly not enduring enough to kill off this elegant piece of staged Venetian herd management. A recent case in UKplc is UK Post Office. Under the reign of the mentalistNokiaballistarainer of No11 it suddenly stopped handing the exchequer a cool half billion a year and went into the red. Just in time to start the process of selling PO off for nothing, a continuation of deep policy thanks to CameroClegulatheists, and lo and behold it starts to coin a cool half billion again as soon as it is in private hands. This is a marker of the kept whorehouse that is the consort of economic harlots and business mongs, accuntancy. Especially the green auditors of death.

I take the sudden switch from a TSR2like Su24 to an F111like Su24 as an echo through the intelligence networks overarching the so called Iron Curtain of the real government letting it be known what was going down in groove town. Sold to the UKplc under exchequer cover in the parallel government. I.e. we could not afford it. Well we know that is a load of bollox don’t we. You can afford anything you want if you are the one printing the money as debt tokens.

As for scalability I would look at the progression of kill zone size and ideology through the ages. At the moment the non business compliant are to be found in Russia and Indo/Indonesia. The question remains which business tool will be deployed to convert the non compliant living to death compliance so that everyone remaining is strategically aligned throughout the business. I wonder if we could give Blokhin a 6Σ for his Katyn innkeeping successes. He was a real hands on manager alrighty. Did they preserve his butcher’s apron somewhere?

“His count of 7,000 shot in 28 days remains the most organized and protracted mass murder by a single individual on record; and saw him being named the Guinness World Record holder for ‘Most Prolific Executioner’ in 2010.”

I suspect that Blokhin, to get any meaningful award, would have had to work with Deming on this. He would have had valuable information for the customer’s perspective on bullet failure rates per 1000 executions. In fact I’m sure that a Soviet Deming would have been hard at work automating the entire process to make it fully Yahweh commie compliant.

That Blokhin lad, like all commieYahwehistmentalistatheists was definitely aligned with the strategic business direction.

How’s about giving Stalin or Mao or Pot an ISO 9001 award? How’s about whomever gets chosen to take out hundreds of millions in SE Asia, whether through death rays/hi-ex/famine, how’s about the bitchboy or boybitch gets nominated for an Asia-Pacific Area Golden Quality Award.

Why don’t we nominate this puppet Shakir Wahiyib for a Blokhin award and integrate his valuable insights on the use of terror in media campaigns for a Deming award. Or how’s about an Oscar for the financed plaything  Umar al-Shishani, or whatever the expendable clown is called/calls itself these days, the MK-Ultra’d mothmanbitchboy. Just like Lenin, or whatever his real name was, he’s there to dance around in full floodlit Herd Attention Space Big Brother scripted murder, whilst the financiers roll the business plan out through death. If Europe stays compliant the whole Wahabiist crap is going north through the Caspian. Any business moron who analysis the strategic rational of trashing all the oil doesn’t get it. There is no strategic. No Geopolitical. No Geostrategic. No Infotronic age. Bollox analysis. Forget chess boards and grand strategy. The whole point of the integration of the planet is that it be one. One in the Stone age or one in hyperspace. It does not matter. The last human being alive sitting on all the gold in the world with a star gate in its possession is the most impoverished inhabited carbon based life form ever.

To the clowns in charge, who always protect their breeding mares (DNA), there never was a war, ever, anywhere, anytime.

It is temporalbusinessbelief as usual.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Paid for simpletons

It was about this time of year in 1916 that the Boer birds came home to roost. UKplc was found unfit for purpose. Policing an Empire was too much for a stunted illiterate nation where the sun set on everyone well before their three score and ten and a new vehicle was to be rolled out when the time was readied in the market.



Famous names soon to be added to by Singapore and Brisbane in 1942.

In the meanwhile the banker filth paid their murderers in the infinite script to go about their business. Always busy these people. Working 20 hour days. Oh the strain on these professional, the dedication of the zealot. Whilst the proles needed their 8 hours of kipping time the pay rolled psychopaths never rested in their toil to cleanse the world, doff the breathing. Delivering the theoretical prescripture pharmaceuticals of unbreath to the breadth of the known world.

“"The vertigo of Success," when the
papers sang the praises of the carefree life of the free
and prosperous kolkhoz workers; when writers,
journalists and film directors glorified, in word and
image, the beloved leaders who fashioned such
happiness for the peasantry. "Life has become better,
it has become more joyous" — these words, from the
text of a song, resounded on the radio, were sung in the
schools, were heard in the parades...

This national catastrophe, the worst Ukraine had
known in her long history, was most carefully covered
up as no other, visiting delegations from the West and
journalists were shown model collective farms. The
tactic proved to be most effective - the "bourgeois"
press wrote of the success of socialist edification, in the
same way, not too long ago, that same press praised
the "liberation" of the peoples of indochina.” The Ukrainian Weekly 1981  

“1930; Beginning of February - end of September: Mass arrests of "1st category Kulaks"
During this period, 284,000 persons were arrested as "1st category kulaks," five times the original estimate. This was in part due to unexpected opposition to collectivization on behalf of farmers as well as non-farmers. Only 44% of those arrested were farmers; others were members of the clergy, tradesmen, former Czarist civil servants, former landowners, teachers or other representatives of the "rural intelligentsia," who had been close to the Socialist-Revolutionary party in the past (Danilov & Berelowitch, eds, 2003, vol III/1). These contingents were sent to Gulag labor camps. The OGPU troika sentenced approximately 20,000 persons to death in 1930 (GARF 9401/1/4157/201).

1930; Beginning of February - end of May: First wave of "2nd category kulaks" deportations.
In a matter of four months, 560,000 persons (115,000 families) were arrested and expropriated from the richest agricultural regions (where resistance to forced collectivization was strongest) - Ukraine, Kuban, Lower and Middle Volga, Black Soil Central Region - and deported to the North (province of Arkhangelsk), the Ural and Western Siberia. In order to manage these deportations, military logistics mobilized 280 railway convoys and deployed thousands of special unit OGPU personnel (Danilov & Berelowitch, eds, 2003, vol III/1). During the first wave of deportation there was little coordination between militarized OGPU procedures and settlement procedures managed by overwhelmed local authorities. This first wave often amounted to an unprecedented level of "deportation-abandon”: deportees were abandoned in temporary barracks along railroad tracks or in the steppes and taiga. Mortality was extremely high, particularly among children and the elderly. Approximately 15% of deported died in the months following deportation. Amidst this deadly chaos, a large portion of deported (between 15 and 20%) managed to flee (Poliakov, ed, 2000, vol 1, p. 278 sq; OGPU regional administrative documents in Danilov & Berelowitch, eds, 2003, vol III/1).

1930; End of September - October: Second wave of "2nd category kulaks" deportations
During the agitated summer of 1930 - 8 million farmer families left the kolkhozes after the publication in early March of Stalin’s famous article condemning "the vertigo of success" and blaming local authorities for "abuses" that occurred during collectivization - large scale "Dekulakization" was interrupted at the end of May. "Dekulakization" specifically resumed end of September 1930, after the harvest. Some 16,500 families (about 60,000 persons) were deported from regions adjacent to Poland on the border of Belarus and Western Ukraine, strategic border regions where major peasant uprisings had taken place in the spring (Telegram from Messing to Balitskii and Rappoport on September 22, 1930, in Danilov & Berelowitch, eds, 2003, vol III/1). Deported were sent to Kazakhstan and the Ural.
1931; May-September: Third wave of "2nd category kulaks" deportations
Taking advantage of the favorable context created by the particularly successful 1930 harvest, the Politburo and the OGPU directorate decided to launch a new wave of deportations in the beginning of 1931. The 1930 procurement campaign allowed the State to recover over 21 million tons of cereal (twice the amount recovered before forced collectivization in 1927-1928), several million peasant families having been forced to join kolkhozes over the last months of 1930. On February 20, 1931, the Politburo adopted an ambitious new deportation plan: starting in the spring of 1931, between 200,000 and 300,000 families were to be deported mainly to Southern Kazakhstan (Politburo Resolution of February 20, 1931, in Danilov, Manning & Viola, eds, 2003: vol III, 90).

On March 11, 1931, the Politburo created a special commission directed by A. Andreev, vice-president of the Council of People’s Commissars. This new commission was in charge of supervising and coordinating the entire deportation process by organizing "rational and efficient management of specially displaced persons in order to avoid the recurrence of tremendous waste and disarray in the use of labor force as noted in previous deportation procedures." On May 15, 1931, the Andreev Commission transferred the entire economic, administrative and organizational management of the "special population" to the OGPU. In this "third wave" of "Dekulakization," a total of 1,244,000 persons (265,000 families) were deported, mainly to the Ural, Western Siberia, the Northern Region and Kazakhstan. As in 1930, human loss was extremely high. The first general census of the "specially displaced" population on January 1, 1932 recorded only 1,317,000 individuals when 1,804,000 had been deported in 1930-1931, indicating a loss of nearly half a million individuals over a two year period. This loss was evenly shared between flight and death (Danilov & Berelowitch, eds, 2003: vol. III/1, 771; Poliakov, ed, 2000: 279-280).” Mass Crimes under Stalin(1930-1953) 

In the same general area today the clowns are still running killing sprees out of RCE/LC using imported stunted illiterate half people who know nothing of what they are actually doing.

Whining creepzoids.

Thursday, 15 May 2014


Or religiokriminalintergenerationalirrationality as life style choice.

If there is one thing that can be said with certainty, mathematics and geography excluded, it is that the vector of human infection is a force for good.

Imagine oneself as Kapo, one is a force for good. One is law. Forget that one exists within a universe controlled by another. All that matter are that one is law within the confines of one’s free will action. One can bring into reality one’s own. One can imagineer. One will all within one’s imagineered good.

Look at the closed system of the labour camp, a sought after tool for the Yahweist criminal syndicate. The corporate criminal cabal that financed the slaver camps of the 3rd Reich are now running the same virus cages in USofA corp. Forget the reconquista USofA corp., the private jails will be opened on the day that the end is decided upon by the imagineering magicians. Just like in 1945.

Concatenation and scalability.

In ages passed it would take generations to bring the “known” world, that the sickness operated within, to the point of irreversible human change. Each time this was brought to pass the number of human beings involved in the killing zone of the Yahmoneyists increased and as always the catalyahweist remained to move onto another host or was prepositioned before hand as refugees and merchants.

Today it takes only a few years to accomplish that which took hundreds of years. Instead of hundreds of thousands dead the numbers will be in the tens of billions.

One Hundredth Monkey

Did Yahweh reveal itself to Moses? Or was Moses the hundredth moron? Could a psychocreep like Yahweh have unveiled its eviloid mission throughout the Earth on the same day? Was Yahweh the hundredth phukkedwitz? Was Yahweh a Kapo?

Whatever one believes it is the unsaid that points to the dusty secret caravan trails we should wander. Unscribe the untruth and examine the Apiru cru. Nothing is ever said about the north/south apart from sending back for wives from the closed gene pool. Lots and lots said about the east/west wanderings under cover of refugee status.

I wonder why? Are Apiru, Arabian servants of the clowns who invented Yahweh?

Swamping reality

If all one has to do all day is sit around killing people then one will succumb to the creation of one’s own reality. One will seek to destroy anything that smacks of real life or the true experience of humanity. One will create money and write nonsense, ensuring the records of the former are secret and the promulgation of the fiction are broadcast to drown all in unreality.

That is Imagineering.

Yahweh. Holohoax. Exopolitics.

Life style choices of the mentally ill deliberateselfdeluding, fat, debauched, indolent self perpetuating liar.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Die großen blauen Pferde

“Maybe that explains what happened to our collective memory of The Blue Bird.  The original play must have had some magic, some universal truths, that didn’t make it into the later incarnations.  As a result, we simply forgot about it even though the phrase “Blue Bird of Happiness” lived on.  It’s hard to imagine that we would ever forget the sources of “Elementary, my dear Watson”, “There’s no place like home”, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”, “Make him an offer he can’t refuse”, or “Luke, I am your father.”  But the source material for these lines is so good and so available that future generations will continue to discover them.  Sadly, this wasn’t the case for Maeterlinck’s The Blue Bird.” Enjoy

Always check from out of a clear blue sky.

How much of a pain in the ass are the Indonesians?

Friday, 24 January 2014

Bass Operation on the Zyklotron in SSS

Let me take you forward a little in our collective kronosthesia, the smallest possible quantum of displacement on the aleph. Allow me to describe the current unnoticed isobars of the real world hidden behind the world’s most massive delivery of kinetic pharmaceuticals upon the UKplc populace laced with arsenic.

If the whole point of WW1 was to secure the rule of RCE/LC, at that time through the instrument of the British Empire, then why should we believe that they failed?

Things that do not add up, i.e. the recognition of cognitive dissonance, can help in understanding the larger game played upon the most advanced civilisation ever to grace the planet this past 500 years.

For UKplc the main signal is the continued existence of royalty. If one looked at the weird injunction of a great big phekking tank on the Trongate 1919, then to not scratch one’s head in 2014 is to be nothing more than a dancing girl to the courtiers at the ancient temple. How come the inbred Mutantes Real are still here when history should have swept them away like all the others they put contracts out on?

For Russia the singular event that has sealed their fate is the failure of Chimijooish Torah retards to take Kiev over to the dark side.

For Germany the main question goes back even further. To the Teutoburg Wald just East of the Ba’al temple at Cologne.

For the Greeks it would have been rubbing one’s eyes at the primitive attempts to emulate their artistic genius by the envious child killers in Carthage.

All that in one blink of the eye, alephtimestylee. From Buckingham Palace to Μασσαλία in 2500 years. Always with one constant. The Apiru Cru.

Can one name them; actually call them with their signature? No. However one can point at their recruits.

So as well as documenting the characteristics of the Apiru Cru we can see their recruits by their incanactions.

However our first realisation is that we are accessories within their crime, seen.


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Diamonds are worthless for they cannot kill. A spreadsheet will.

As I remarked at the other shop

For reasons of clarity, this is why we should never know their name, labels are obfuscated. In order to be effectively operational in this world, Apiru and their agents need to be addressed, given names must be broadcast for they cannot control the HAS anonymously, however name changes are needed tactically. Behavioural nomenclature is used to disguise the oldest habitual highjacked without break to the heathen call.

Do you really think that there are “dark ages” in the annals of the Apiru? For those who are initiated to the Cru the oldest practice of the shaman, as Hesiod and Homer would attest, is to remember EVERYTHING. Everything archived and made accessible in the hyperdimensional memory magic as practices by Hermiticists et al down the ages. Do you really think that the ancient convenient reversal in value of silver and gold ratios between the Occident and the Orient is “natural”? Or a fuel for the Apiru Cru.

Europe’s post Roman “Dark Age” appears in the Apiru ledger under the mission accomplished heading. Gold exhausted. New source required. Wait 1000 years and the Apiru Cru kick it off again. If you believe that Whateverhisnamewasbus “discovered Amerika” then dream on moron, you will never understand why the true rule of Apiru is about to be re-established now that “Gold exhausted. New source required” is entered in the ledger again. Then a new name will be known and revealed for those in poverty. Note it is not revealed then known.

What is quite clear throughout the thousands of years that the Apiru Cru have been operational, pulling together the fallen angels, is that they have coherence in their practice. A practice that disguises their weaponry deployed. In action 24/7 all over the world for millennia.

They are dreadfully aware of the power of operational prayer.

Anyone who is even vaguely aware of Vatican II will identify the delivery of a psyweapon to take out a power node operating contrary to the desired outcome. Do not expect any intercession or any novena to be answered in the chimp houses that now infest the Jesuit’s money laundering, child stealing and spying empire now. Nothing is new here on this planet. For NSA read confessional. Drive through absolution for the shaven chimps. Phukkme!!

Every time the Apiru Cru turn up they kill the operational prayer structure of a civilisation. Russia-Soviet shithole. Aztec-Inquisatorial sewer. North American Indians-Corporate slaughter fest. Imperial China-Muslim backward dump. And on and on we could go. Anyone who was using their mind and spirit other than for the service of a backward, closed system Yahweist Môn heathen psychopathic prayer system was to be cleansed from existence.

Now at this point I will interrupt the general misery by touching on two uses of black magic prayer recently. One about 100 years ago and the other about 50 years ago. Môn heathen assassins take down their “own” regularly to protect sacred prayer practice. A hidden secret of the occulted truth that the whole shebang is a snow job in the first instance. Murder is used to assault the aboriginal use of prayer in order to clear the airwaves, as it were, for the progress of the Apiru Cru accounting prayers. Imagine the amount of human spiritual energy that would be acquired from a coherent focus, in prayer, on one person. A great store for good. Enough to thwart the ongoing ablation of humanity by the siphoning off of the best through seduction and death.

So qui bono only to have that great store destroyed by a temporal event?

Coherent prayer as practiced by the Apiru Cru and spread all over the world, started in the temple crypt, in camera and has never stopped.

That is correct, you’ve got it,

Any and all Accountancy is black magic.

From abacus’ to spreadsheets the coherent, repetitive, quiet, organised, sanctioned, sacred, continuous 24/7, never to be questioned practice gets us a few more names to hang on the mysterious and sleekit Apiru Cru.