Monday, 7 August 2017

Are you on duty tonight

...or are you awaiting orders to execute the dead?

If you had placed an ordnung for Czech armour plate to protect your new armoured fleet carriers, carriers designed to protect your Rickets infested shithoused country, for why......

.....would you have been surprised by Czech 235 in the face at Olympic?

The Olympic terminus, where 30 years worth of recompounded white Yanks were to die. Retested at Bikini.

No wonder Blair had hid out in Jura for a spastic Burma railway children moment. Not enough dead Yanks yet.

Angie; you better be heads up baby.

No roadside burial here, no waters from above.

Wherever Hekate plays; children burn in Ba'al's belly.

Towers for Creosssidic fire baby.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Coast has been crossed..... stopping the damned.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Strategi Militer Indonesia - Informasi Pertahanan dan Keamanan NKRI: Cerita Mahasiswa Asal Indonesia Yang Dirayu Masuk ...

Strategi Militer Indonesia - Informasi Pertahanan dan Keamanan NKRI: Cerita Mahasiswa Asal Indonesia Yang Dirayu Masuk ...: Dalam mimpinya, Akbar Maulana (17) duduk gagah menunggang kuda dengan menenteng senjata laras panjang. Dia menggunakan seragam loreng khas m...

"The turning point occurred in a kebab restaurant in the heart of the Turkish capital. While waiting for the train to cross into Syria, Akbar stop by the store Kebab. There he met with Noor Huda Ismail, founder of the Inscription Peace Foundation is also an observer of terrorism. Knowing Akbar is a citizen of Indonesia, Huda directly buy him eat kebab. While eating a typical Turkish meal, Akbar told of his plans to cross into Syria. "At first I thought she was a spy, jeans, short hair," he said."

Turkey, Syria, Aceh......NATO, ChiComms, RCE/TA.....ISIS.


Friday, 9 September 2016

There I was...

......looking at the rearranged side bar blogs and wondering "Where is he? 4 years since his last posting. Still locked up with a squeeze or out on parole?"

I do miss his subtlety and restraint.

From the comments at

veritas64642 weeks ago (edited)
This comment section is loaded with the filthy mouthed sh'tyn of the tribe of child-molesters, the tribe of Molech! As for "seoclicks', if I were standing in front of you right at this minute, you would be on your back unconscious gargling your teeth! To all you shills for lucifer, I wish I were walking in Christ, upon only a brief analysis of the teachings of Iseu The Christ, it is obvious he was a nice guy, it doesn't take a genius to work out how cool earth would be if everyone could live by his teachings, I'm not a religious man, religiosity is a weapon on this temporal plane. Spirituality is what he taught, inner conversion, regardless of the outward manifestation, all you zombies and I assume from the vial and vulgar comments, that you filthy monsters are the spawn of the Sh'tyn. Iseu was a Nazarene, "Jesus of Nazareth", hello?! He was not of the tribe of Eber, ( modern corruption - "Hebrew") he was and is the Divine Ineffable, his parents were of The House of David and therefore Judahites, not "Jews" that term, like the false identity claimed by the tribe of shit-monsters, is only a recent construct!..........."


Pacific Sentinel: News Story: China, Britain vow to deepen military ...: LONDON, Sept. 8 (Xinhua) -- China and Britain on Thursday pledged to enhance their exchanges and mutual trust in military to tap their hu...

Dead peoples everywhere soon.

Friday, 5 August 2016

AuDolphincucked Dork.

Oh shit this gets better.

Shuvon of the antipodal hair unit turns up now……

……go to circa 1:36:55.

AuS “……you and I will not exist one day to defend the poor backward peoples in their own countries, such as Palestine…..”

Oh dear.

As long term readers will know I have one question for the wandering slave traffickers that infest those shores. When did you lot, when you were part of the great centre of civilisation, ever protest and try to stop the slaving of endless floods of white women and children. Millions and millions of European slaves traded through your stinking ports.

All that has happened is that a fitter team, trained in the Pale, has moved in to take over the business at RCE/TA since 1919.

K and AuS are Simpphukkwitz. Stop tossing your kabbalahsigrunes you khaaants.

The sooner that Levant is a smoking shitheap the better.

Bring it on.

BTW K and AuS what was the proportion of white persons on Earth c1000AD.


Die in the hair style products of your mind.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Dolphincucked Dork.

Phokkmee the Sanheeeeddrin will give this guy a Robert Maxwellian burial for services to the Apiru via a Chabaddee storm front. All you need to do is listen long enough and then you get the key to their phekkwittereee.

I love his resume. Psychology and theatre from a stable somewhere in the NuPale.

And I quote. From around 1:20:45.

CG“….my area code, that is funny”

K“So..ah..if Hitler was put in to destroy Germany? I don’t understand why he would build it up? Because it was already destroyed. The Weimar republic was an absolute shambles……”

Now there is only one conclusion we can have here.

K should not be allowed words; for he is unable to use them.

The retardedfuhrerprinzipcuckedphukkwitz.

CG will get a Rohmian Papa Theodor stab in the back with a bented schuledagger soon if he is not careful.

Now I know why our Dumnonian friend got picked up.


Do I hear silicon pickin’ shepherd pipes in the valley?