Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Strikers and bloggers take down.

So the UK peasants are revolting again. Posties are on strike. What are they after? Well pension rights are part of it.

Now there are essentially two classes of workers currently employed in the UK.

Those who’ve had their pensions stolen and been told so, predominantly private sector. Those who’ve either had it stolen, and not been informed yet or those who’ve still to be shafted, predominantly public sector.

See where this is going?

Now TPTB must get a Hegelian dialectic going between the private sector employees and the public sector employees. This will allow, under cover of the ensuing stouchey, the rest of the public sector pensions to be stolen under cover of reform. Or those public sector employees who’ve not yet been told they’ve had their pensions nicked can be made redundant.

To cover all this malarkey requires a COINTELPRO op and who’s going to lead the way? Well the world’s top hidden in clear sight IntelOp the GGT.

Oh and the MSM.

Now if you were paying attention in a previous imagining there was a conversation between CCTV and S about the insertion of assets into the MSM that would facilitate the up and coming main event. These assets were bloggers. Now it should be noted that Kudday the Bush Kangaroo was very recently slagging off bloggers as scum sucking pond dwellers. Well KBK is a major COINTELPRO asset and his outburst tells us two things.

No1 he’s had his arse well and truly kicked by his controllers who wanted to know how come after they’d made him so rich he couldn’t control the scum's media intake. He’s got to get the programme ramped up pronto.

No2 he’s providing conventional MSM cover for the ongoing insertion of COINTELPRO assets into a soon to be expanded MSM. COINTELPRO bloggers.

Got that?

Heads up.