Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Save the secret skunks.

Skunkknockering Blowback

This is what happens when you’ve been allowed to get on with your cryptic degenerate behaviour without oversight and then you’ve gone too far and the results cannot be kept hidden. There is a sudden bang and you’ve immediately got more on your hands than you can safely handle.

Right now Westminster is in the midst a major incident of just such foul fauna abuse. Think Three Mile Island, think Chernobyl. Only it’s not radiation that is going to kill us it’s the filth in the body politic.

No wonder they’re all wishing each day passes quicker and quicker to the close of parliament when they hope to scarper pronto into the distance. Leaving the staff to get the Jeyes Fluid out and scrub the place down without the great unwashed ever getting a whiff of trouble.

So they hope.

However we can see the shit, spunk and ordure dripping down the insides of the stained glass windows, we can already whiff the stink in Kirkwall.

In 1858 the stench of sewage from the River Thames was so bad that MPs suspended Parliament. The period is referred to as 'The Great Stink'.

Toxic runoff entering the body politic from over 646 parliamentarians means drastic measures are required to clean Parliament and improve the nation’s political health. Hopefully leading to the construction of the 21st century’s political equivalent of Bazalgette's sewer network.

Well the 2009 period will be referred to as “The Stinkhards Outing” I should imagine, and unfortunately our 21st century Bazalgette will be nowhere on site. For the nation has no political health. It’s dead. Dead as that last sacrificial skunk just after its eyes bulged on the altar of fetid perverted avarice.

The 646 are hoping that it may take some time for the full putrid stench to hit us and by then the great unwashed will be locked down. However we know what they’ve been up to behind closed doors. We know they’ve been taking the piss out of us and laughing at us. We know what a bunch of rancid incestuous degenerates they are, and we’ll never forget.

Heads up.