Wednesday, 15 July 2009

More background on Afghanistan.

I came across this item which gives general Afghan background cover from a very local non MSM/non NATO perspective.

The whole blog has some very interesting angles on GWOT and SW Asia in general.

This enterprise with NATO stuck thousands of miles from the North Atlantic,,

has to my mind a ring of the Rockefeller (US)/Rothschild (France) supervision of Vietnam.

The Russian angle in particular makes me very nervous about logistical continuity this winter. Remember US forces were not allowed to bomb Haiphong during Vietnam, guess whose ships were in there? and there were severe operational restrictions in place over what could/could not be bombed in Vietnam. Micro managed coalition war designed to bring about failure.

The big nightmare must be if any missing WMD turn up or the Pakistanis lose any of theirs.

Obama, (Ford foundation/Rockefeller), will be tested early in his presidency. Powell and Biden have both said that publically.

All NATO forces out now. The whole thing has NWO setup written all over it.

Heads up.