Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Supplication on Telly

Big Brother, Dragons Den, X- Factor, and Weakest Link etc. They’re all grooming the weak minded to be subjected to Star Chamber justice.

In the old days you’d get 12 of your peers sending you down or otherwise.

But ordinary folks are not reliable enough for TPTB; we’re too diverse in our outlooks.

So if you want a job, food, water, justice or any of the basics of life you’d better get ready to prostrate yourself in front of a hand picked trio of your betters or a rigged panel of your dysfunctional peers.

Talking of dysfunctional brings me nicely to the Lead Pill Pharmacy. This is what the real LPP do to a real imposter.

So what’s the story with our LPP who let an imposter through their ranks to kill a wandering drunk?

Well several things spring to mind.

Perhaps all LPP have been swapped out and not one is real LPP.

Perhaps LPP need to groom us, the great unwashed, into believing that there are uncounted numbers of Ersatz LPP in their midst that when the big massacre comes round at the main event, they’ve got plausible deniability.

Perhaps the Tomlinson guy was a deep cover cointel pro agent, kind of like the soon to be dead guy in the photo, who’d infiltrated the Floating Cities top LPP security by cunning arts and crafts.

Or perhaps UK plc is already in full 4th world banana republic mode.

How else could you explain our being expected to believe such pish?

Heads up.