Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Korea/China/Japan.....ABMs and Atom Bombs?

Do you remember the peace dividend?

The Korean Armistice is no longer recognised by NK.

Some background.

Could North Korea Provoke a New Korean War?,8599,1903717,00.html,8599,1903333,00.html

The Armistice was signed by China, North Korea & USofA.

With USofA out of the equation what does that mean for NE Asia.

Well you can see that already Japan is getting ready.

South Korea plans “To promote the first stage of the “Defense Reform 2020,”the “2007~2011 Mid-Term Defense Plan”was formulated to mainly reflect the requirements for self-reliant war deterrence and advanced defense management. Under the plan, 150.7499 trillion won was allocated, maintaining the average increasing rate of 9.9% per year.”

My take is that in the “slow burn” ( ) scenario TPTB are going to get the NE Asians to convert their industrial capacity to military use, just like Europe 100 years ago, in order to remove that capacity from global consumer production as part of the overall demand destruction ( ) policy for the Carbon Ponzi scheme.

Check out plummeting US West Coast Port activity e.g. Oakland ( ). What’s unused NE Asian industrial capacity going to build?

More immediately for UK plc the abrogation fallout of the Korean Armistice is unclear. The Korean “War” was legally a UN police action. What claim does the UN still have on the countries involved in the police action? Could UK forces be called to Korea again?

This is just part of the bigger question asked here before.


Heads up.