Friday, 3 July 2009

New York, London, Paris, Munich everybody talk about going Down Town Phnom Penh to disco like it's 1979.

Reading Rab’s latest rant,

reminded of when I got to chaperone, if that’s the word, a bunch of East European guys who were involved in working on some of the “Homes for XXXXX” projects in the London area. Good lads very varied backgrounds, nuclear power engineering, electronics, border guards, communist party officials etc. They’d worked all over the shop, USofA, Libya, Angola, Italy etc. but I digress.

It seems that each UK council has some sort of variation of the flavour “Homes for XXXXX” going, but there is one thing they all have in common. Senior council officers will be directors of these newly formed companies, Homes for XXXXX plc, and through the contracts put to the market they will receive payments on the stipulated materials to be used on every single dwelling refurbed. We encountered that phenomenon when we tried to change the supplier of some of the materials used but were “advised” that it would be a bad move. As one of the lads mentioned it was a bit like when he’d had his trucks knicked by the Ukrainian mafia, but with out the AK47s just weapons grade lawyers.

Ah!!!! London in the springtime, intellectual property capital of the world!!!!

Rab if the lads that I worked with are doing your doors you won’t see the phekking doors for the clouds of smoke as they puff away on their rollups, that’s’ why they wear hi viz vests. You can’t spot the buggers otherwise!!!!

This neatly segues me into this.

Now as I used to rant at my mate Tim the tube driver about the UK NAZIs stopping all public smoking. I always said they wanted to do it for reasons of control. He, tolerant soul, thought I was going too far this time since it seemed like good public health policy.

BTW I’ve never smoked.

I retorted that they don’t give a flying phekk about us so why should they care about our health. I could smell the turd in the waste paper basket and sure enough smoking makes you, and passive smokers, less amenable to their propaganda/thought control. Just as the Nazi NAZI’s new away back in the 1930s.

So let’s have a look at their new campaign to get rid of booze. If, like me, you like a few sherbs does that mean after a couple of pints of electric soup I’ll be plotting revolution!!!!

Could be ‘cos as I keep saying, and sorry to keep banging on about it. Some Fukker STOLE ALL THE PHUKKIN’ MONEY!!!!!!

And if we’ve got no money who’s going to be getting our lads out of Afghanistan this winter when the logistics go tits up??? How much does it cost to run a C17? Are our C17s really ours? How big a big phat sitting duck is a UK C17. Remember UK MoD couldn’t equip our guys when we had shed loads of cash. So what shit are they to be given now that someone STOLE ALL THE PHUKKIN’ MONEY!!!!!!??

Get every last one of our troopers out, which includes USofA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, GERMANY, and FRANCE. ALL NATO forces out.

See the excellent Aangirfan

How many children in the Swat valley will feed the flames of hate in this century?

Our troopers are only in Afghanistan for ritual and ceremonial reasons. Pouring blood onto the Beasts never ending open buffet of choice cuts of human flesh. He comes to reap your fields of flesh and the main event cannot be far away.

How would you like it if Bolivian Special Forces were operating out of Ben Nevis because they knew that a 13th century treaty made it clear that the Thames Valley was to be returned to Egyptian sovereignty? Think that idea's mad, well GO DO SOME PHEKKIN’ research around why NW Pak is being shredded!!!!

And by the way someone stole all OUR PHUKKIN’ MONEY!!!!!!