Saturday, 11 July 2009

Do you still remember and know why?

Duke of Marlborough
Duke of Wellington
Viscount French
Earl Haig
Sir Arthur “Bomber" Harris.

I remember when I served under the great George Lindsay Esq. (Lance Bombardier 14th Army 1944, I believe), little old men and women would come up to our counter and purchase modest amounts, say a quarter of mince, some slice etc., and say “Haig fund” to us or more formally “Earl Haig” I didn’t need to know anymore. George would ask me to get the mincer going and rattle off a special batch just for them.

Even then in my ignorance I knew I was witness to some faint echoes of a long ago cataclysmic event.

Many have disparaged the 1st Earl Haig, whose son the 2nd Earl departed for the unbent earth recently

These foundation tenured parcels of rogues would blind you to the efforts of a man and country who struggled with forces that were simply overwhelming. He could feel but could not express that something much greater than the British Empire was at play, and still is. He ensured that after his death some good would be done in his name. Modest but true.

The disparagers of his legacy desecrate the efforts of every man who fought, every woman who lost, every bereft child, and every grieving parent. That’s their job!!!

Despite his faults he did his very best and his duty.

Now the list I put up at the top requires some work on your behalf to work out why we are in Afghanistan. It also reveals why the UK is awash in people who have no idea what Earl Haig and all the dead men fought for. UK plc will soon forget.

A clue I hear you cry.

OK then at the Somme on the first day the NI lads took the biggest pounding. Almost all dead. I think the next highest mortality belonged to the SA lads.

Penny dropping yet?

Now according to the filth poured out by the foundation historians (One of these clowns is purporting to be Scotch though pimps out of USofA.) every last one of them was a racist, misogynist, supremacist, and dilettante

Funny I don’t remember my grandfather like that. Quite the opposite in fact.

But they are all dead now and what do I find myself surrounded by? A country drowning in racist, misogynist, supremacist, and dilettante goonery of every flavour. Preening and primping their useless and worthless bankrupt lives across the MSM.

Put ANY of these clowns and clonesses into any situation that all these dead men faced day after day and you’d be sorely disappointed. There would be white flags waving everywhere stained by their own faecal matter.

Heads up.