Thursday, 16 July 2009

Morticia, Martia and Indicia, three horsewomen of the apocalypse.

What this guy is saying is “Phekk me where’s the real money?” He’s not even got near my FAVOURITE; .… know what that is by now.

The speed of circulation of money in an economy? The frequency of trading in markets? The answer to these questions is not wealth it is indicia. Keep the indicia going and you can fool all the people all the time that they’ve got money.

If the indicia go pop then real life kicks in.

Real life means no money. There is very little real wealth in the world to go round. There is just a lot of real life, and the quality of your real life depends on how much you play the game and bolt before the crash comes, as it always does, the gaming is still imperfect. Or you get out of the game completely. Doing the latter is mighty difficult ‘cos they’ll set the government on you.

For the rest of us it’s simply a matter of getting by with NO MONEE.

As you can see from our three chums in the clip they’re no where near getting their heads round this problem yet. We in UK plc have never had any money so we’re more acclimatised to it.

When the USofA gets to Sept/Oct and they can get through it by keeping the indicia going then we might just heave a brief sigh of relief. However that is a big IF.

If the wheels fall off though and the indicia go south, for whatever reason, then expect a great big shout going up in the USofA of “WHO STOLE ALL OUR MONEY?” Followed by mayhem.

Don’t smirk UK plc. Who’s going to cover our lads in Afghanistan then? No helicopters. Beholden to Russia for logistical support. Fuel at $300 a litre. Grain unaffordable. Who’s going to get them out, never mind keeping them supplied.

Remember someone stole all the money. A long, long time ago.

Heads up.