Monday, 20 July 2009

Iran & Pakistan our playthings?

Now don’t worry too, sorry make that DO worry, much but aren’t things getting very complex in the Iran/Pak/India/China/Afghanistan crucible?

Iran puts finishing touches on a desert A-test site east of Tehran

India Pakistan rivalry

India to step up monitoring Chinese missiles in Tibet

And in the middle of this we are destabilising two of the actors. One by military means, the other by Soros foundation skulduggery. Our lads are in the middle of it all.

So if this stuff, 2 Gamma Ray Bursts - Buckled Magnetopause - Earthquakes - July 15th 2009

causes sat comms failure, we will be in very interesting times indeed.

There are all sorts of manoeuvring’s through the Suez/Red Sea and since they are in the MSM means they are cover for what’s really going on.

If our lads are deliberately in there to stir up the hornets nest to give TPTB another excuse to drop the hammer then they are expendable.

Heads up.