Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Lowland Clearances. USofA and UK?

We've gambled and lost again. Time to pay our crap table debts.

On lots of the blogs today there are postings about immigrants being pointed to Scotland for settlement.

I think the words I used on a previous blog were that the aboriginals in Scotland need to view themselves as TPTB does.

Scotch real estate is eyed enviously by others with REAL MONEEE, and they have no intention of paying for it. They’ve sent their agents ahead to lay possession.

The aboriginals there have no jobs, no babees, no REAL MONEEE, no government, no institutions that they control and no representation. BTW CoL doesn’t want the interlopers sullying Kent and Surrey, they’re brethren are to be KEPT inside the M25 and outside an expanded CoL.

As I said in another blog we are getting the 21st century equivalent of the pumping of opium into China to steal their money and destroy their society. The Chinese didn’t want the opium but the damned well got it.

We don’t want the immigrants but we’re damned well getting them, they’ll siphon off our wealth and destroy our society, all with the help of a fifth column. Our NAZI/SOVIET parliament and the deep cover fascist/common purpose/Marxist traitors.

Now listen to these guys if you’ve got 45mins, it’s two years since La Rouche broadcast that it had gone pear shaped. Everything these guys discuss about USofA just read UK plc.

Also very interesting analysis from long ago reposted today. Look at the map of continental USofA (Alaska must be similar) that’s got to be what China and USofA are yakking about tomorrow. If anything makes sense from this expect Chinese satellite cities springing up in these reserved areas in USofA. Under some deep cover green pretext.

Heads up.