Sunday, 5 July 2009

Olympian ideals?

So London has the Olympics in 2012 does it? What was the point of giving London the games? I could get my head round 2008 in Beijing, that’s when SMERSH and Bloefeld met to agree on the plan to take down the last pieces of liberal democracy. London 2012??

Well it may just be the way my mind works but has anyone checked who’s going to own all the redeveloped land being worked on for the games?

I smell a great big plan to expand the legal boundaries of the City in to what we would call Greater London. I’ll bet that when the whole 2012 malarkey looks like it going down the pan in under a year’s time when the financial shit has really hit the fan, a white knight will ride to the rescue.

We’ll be too blind sided to notice that it’s the City’s hidden hand grabbing itself more breathing room since we’ll all be stuck indoors unable to commute because of the Carbon trading shit the Eco NAZIs are determined to shove down our throats. So the City types will be comfy parked up in the East End.

I could be wrong but something about the whole thing just has always stunk.

In the USofA I notice that someone has been hard at work with an abacus,

“…..that for every $1,000,000 awarded or loaned to the large banks in bailout money, Americans purchased one gun and 10,000 rounds of ammunition.”

What do we in Blighty do, err…..that would be nothing I think.

Heads up.