Thursday, 26 November 2009

Nice picture.

This has been simmering for a while, like since 1945 when they nicked all our tech. Left the lads stranded in the Shires after our commie government told them to hand it all over to our allies. That’s how they treated our brainiacs.

Enemies? They invited the Nazis over to stay in the sunshine and fire missiles. They’re paying for it now though.

Japan is not allowed F22s. They’d pay real big time for the things because they can actually see the use for force multipliers like those babies in NE Asia. Someone said no we don’t want 200 of those things clearing our mud movers from the sky thank you; well I don’t speak Mandarin so I’ll extemporise.

UK plc has PAID. But no F35 magic lettering.

So let’s recap what we know. USofA corp. DoD, contractors and alphabet soupery is knee deep in ChiComms and dual nationals half inching the entire tech. Only when the POTUS isn’t actually handing the stuff over anyway, but its good to have a back up PLAN.

Only the guys fighting on our side won’t get the gear.

It all smells like the days when someone paid for the factories in the USSR that turned out the
tanks to be used against us.

Heads up, about face!

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