Monday, 9 November 2009

He he heheheheheeee

T+40 and it just gets worse and worse. There is no way the pony show can stagger on now.

All the news and non news hiding REALLY important stuff like this from The Pimpin Turtle today. Rumor: Gold Bars Filled with Tungsten at Major Banks

The sources are a couple of weeks old now but that’s still in the T+ range.

On a different note Fausty put this up Sunday about RFID for humans. Here’s a bit of background which might explain two things.

  1. The high density of mobile phone masts in EUSSR

  2. Now work with me on this one, quoted from the above.

In 1974, J. F. Scapitz, a scientist funded by the Department of Defense, had a chilling vision. He sought to combine earlier MK-ULTRA hypnosis studies with emerging microwave technologies. In an outline to the DoD, Scapitz said "It will be shown the spoken word of the hypnotist my be conveyed by modulated electromagnetic energy directly into the subconscious parts of the brain". He claimed this could be achieved without emplying any technical devices for 'receiving or transcoding messages'.”

It could explain how a certain well known speaker, who I personally have a lot of time for, first got the calling. I’ve heard him relate that it was in a newspaper shop or a hotel room, but it does fit the bill.

Heads up and keep them under a tinfoil hat.