Friday, 6 November 2009


In case you haven’t noticed it yet I’ll repeat the words “war footing”.

We are at war .


Whom ever we owe money to there are only two outcomes.

We are taken over and colonised by a new approved entity, like the 16th Century. Or we blast somewhere to smithereens and reset the timer.

Now if we cannot pay our way in the global village we will have to stop.

Quite literally stop.

Do nothing; spend no money that we don’t have. Cease travelling, eat nothing, drink brackish.

UK plc is not like the USofA corp., we have never been free.

We will roll over and take the hit just like 1939. The last time we couldn’t pay our way and set out to steal stuff from those who could pay their way.

The whole thing has the weird smell of Nazi Germany 1941. Until then the German people were not aware that a real war was going on.

So what are the goons in charge going to do to get us into the correct mind set?

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