Sunday, 22 November 2009

An Omnibus Cometh to which camp, from which camp, to which empty field?

Do you want to get onboard? What are the advantages? Whatever road it takes, is that the road you wanted to tred?

Have a look at your driver and guide.

Ultramarine EUSSR blue, two chloroformed goons colourless odourless? Rhohypnotronic to your taste?

Lifeless and clueless and breaking in the diktator’s jackboots hidden in the chamois chimmychoos. Get used to their indistinguished faces before they get extinguished for ever by the tyrant’s death mask.

Very few remember that before the BIG ONE the world was a fascist’s paradise. No one was safe from the march of NaZoviet butchery. Dead people everywhere.

The visitors then wrote the history books through their academic bitchboys and the MSM beat that legend into our consciousness 24/7.

Do you know what was the only difference between the 1930s and the 1950s? Enough ordinary people experienced and survived enough of real life outside the glossy magazines and fantasy fiction that they constructed their own history. They got first hand evidence and didn’t need second hand or the putrid leechings fed to them by the intelligencia necromancy.

Ordinary British blokes doing ordinary things like liberating Dutch towns and discovering that ordinary Dutch blokes had inhouse WCs and shitting indoors wasn’t just for toffs.

It has taken the best resourced minds and a lot of time to reduce us back to a state of second hand reliance leechings junky but here we are awash with the smothering warped unreality of the bubblegum wrapper spoilings.

The executioners of this phased array of mumbojumbo always need room to manoeuvre. They cannot use funds derived from the society that they seek to mould, so must obtain wealth from outside the arena of combat. We are forever engaged in a war, putting us to sleep is part of the implementation of their strategy.

One of the unspoken aims of globalisation is to allow our antagonists to range out with our own borders to obtain resources to be deployed against us. So for the pacification and stupefaction of Western Europe a player is needed who can use drug money and land theft in other continents to effect against Western Europe. To do this requires a narrative that disguised the modus operadi.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke. 1961 AD

“Any sufficiently advanced ecology is indistinguishable from oligarchy” INCOMING!!!!!!! 2009 AD