Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Ink spots, ink blots and blood stains.

How long does it take for the body to know that the head has gone or vice versa?

If you watch UK plc stagger into the gutter, its nation bankrupted and its finances gone to hell in a hand cart you will not be surprised to hear tales of the laying waste to the armed forces of the country.

Not just the inability of UK plc to supply the basics to its troopers but the ditching of all the things that take money to buy, real money. Money that should be spent on fine wines, fine women and hot toys.

Trident hasta la vista, F35s goodbye, carriers bye-bye, Typhoons tatty buggle, A400s mmmm…..yepp get to phekk.

Now why should we be getting all this heavy military shit?

Well it’s to warm the general populace up for the coming destruction of UK plc. No schools, no hospitals, no police, no care for the elderly, no tertiary education. In fact get back to the 18th century and take a look at what’s coming. I wrote way back in June about the coming clearances and boy oh boy is it about to hit.

Though only for the poor.

Banned has been banging on about his cognitive dissonance. Well there is an explanation.

Wee Timmy Geithner has been pumping loads a’ maaney at his mates in London who’ve trousered the lot and gone on a spending spree like nothing has changed. For them it truly hasn’t. The the voters in USofA corp. have been kept in the dark about that.

However for the rest of us, as the Floating City disengages itself from the body of UK plc, we’ll be left with no money flows to fund these massive Labour experiments in social engineering.

You see the Floating City has been getting USofA corp. to run the wars it wants by proxy. UK plc military don’t count and are now truly expendable/redundant. So the video on this page begs the question, how long until the USofA corp. realises that it doesn’t matter how you strategise it, it doesn’t matter how you arm the troops, it doesn’t matter how you balance the force levels, it doesn’t matter how you ink spot it, its all going tits up just like Algeria for the French, just like Dien Bien Phu, the money magiking machine has left USofA corp and moved to ChiComm land.

H/T http://warisboring.com/

If you are fighting in SW Asia it will only be as long as you are aligned with the ChiComm aims, to do otherwise will mean the money will stop just like you did to the French.

Why else would your POTUS and little Timmy be from SE Asia where their “families” were hard at work, finding what, whilst they were at school?

What ever they found Ma Cherry at No11 and the Floating City will be rapidly realigning its (or has it already) revenue streams, ink blot free in the universal spreadsheet, to be coming in from somewhere completely independent of UK plc population and its non existent armed forces.

Then the floating City will raise its hands and ask “What blood stains?” “Want a job? Upstairs, downstairs is all you’re getting now scum”.

Welcome to Brown’s NWO.

This is just one of many futures we can realise, but it felt good to get it off my chest. BASTARDS.

Heads up its going tits up.


  1. Business is fucked under Labour. Tax everything until it is choked to death. But do Labour care? I don't think so, they have got the money and are walking away whistling even if unelected after the G.E.

  2. VotR I've always suspected that they know something that we don't. That's why they look so calm and mentalist at the same time.

    Previous admins would have ben shitting themselves. Not this lot, as you say "walking away whistling".

  3. I don't think that all the support they are providing in Afghanistan is unnecessary. The RT news is a great source for getting the most truthful information possible, and their unbiased opinions are great in helping to understand the entire situation. Unfortunately many of my friends have been sent to Afghanistan, and my support is obligated, but in a political sense, there is no reason for this to be going on.


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