Thursday, 19 November 2009

T+50. TNPH T-?


Is anyone developing their own Herd Attention Space that is incompatible with the Rock/Roth vision?

If the answer to that question is yes then expect The New Pearl Harbour soon.

If the answer is no then expect a false flag attack within the HAS soon.

It is important not to view TNPH as a USofA centric event. TNPH has to be viewed in the totality of Rock/Roth’s vision. The new false flag though will be USofA centric since that country is currently the main instrument within the HAS to further Rock/Roth aims.

Let’s try and answer the question then by looking at our HAS.

The Herd Attention Space stretches round the northern hemisphere from super bad ChiComm land west through the wastes of Asian Russia to Europe, out over the pond to Norte America and then back over to NE Asia.

That’s the HAS and sure enough there may be tensions in the HAS and territory may change ownership within the HAS but it has one common philosophy. Ritual and worship of the slaves through the eternal ceremony to an age old supremacy.

What is outside the HAS?

South America. That will get its invite soon and a massive restructuring of the social settlement will see its untapped resources used as an untouchable arsenal. That’s why so many top Rock/Roth criminals are down there right now.

Africa, no.

India. Is it developing its own HAS? Could be. Certainly it’s the only place I’ve seen that gave the finger to the GREEN scam recently. It is the only non HAS member in space.

This next bit is part of my own self reinforcing theory so look away now.

As you know I’ve been banging on about what I perceive as an ongoing attempt to erase archaeological evidence of Indo-European civilisation. Strange dissonances give this away.

Dissonances like Afghanistan. When Alexander the Great set off East he was not heading into foreign lands, he was going home. When he set up Alexandria (Kandahar) it wasn’t in a strange land, he was in home ground occupied by the same race as him. Aryan. So when you read about the natives of Afghanistan no one will tell you that they are like the Welsh, original Indo Europeans taken to the hills. Once you get your head round that you’ll understand why there has never been, will never be and currently is no outcry from their supposedly co-religionists. It’s because deep down its racist. We in the West are being used to kill off our age old brothers and sisters. Got that, now transfer that little insight to Palestine and you’ll begin to prize away the great layering of mind spew that the three new monotheist psychopathies have layered the planet with over the past millenium and a half.

So I think you’ll get my drift.

I’ve said many times that in order to understand the world we inhabit and its dynamics we need to think like TPTB. Do not care about human beings. Do not care about dead people piling up. Treat human beings as toys and play things. View all real estate as part of your great big hunting lodge, the seas as your great big swimming pool and the every atom of the atmosphere as yours by right.

Once you’ve got that then the deliberate engineered misery round you makes sense.

How do you encourage India into a set up?

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