Sunday, 15 November 2009

Supreme Irony.

I heard some of this on the radio today and it made me realise that the British still do not get the nature of their state apparatus. I could have drop kicked Ramsay McDonald out the back door! No wonder my grandfather swore never to vote for the fuckers again.

There is Gordon apologising for what?

H/T scunnert for blogging the details.

So the British establishment got rid of how many of its subjects' children?

Its poor children.

The same British establishment that drafted in how many European NaZoviet agents, groomed their offspring and sent them to the best schools and then to Oxbridge where they were insinuated into the political economy furthering oligarchy?

How much money did that cost? No expense spared for the NaZoviet droppings.

All the new positions held in our ecology of power and influence occupied by the offspring of people who weren’t in the country when these children were kidnapped and deported.

Better to scour the Empire for like minded supremacists and bring them back to Blighty so that their progeny should sit in the houses of parliament and the upper chamber and soak the taxpayer just like in the colonies?

No way should the offspring, of a tenement dweller or a rent payer in a Victorian back to back row of terraced mining hovels, be allowed any where near power.

Britain. The British power elite are racists, they hate us. They are Eugenicists and have scavenged the world looking for their soul mates to bring back to these shores to usurp our freedom. They are not British, they are foreigners.

Don’t listen to any diversity shit about not having jobs stolen.

The new real positions with real power in the political ecology have been stolen from us. We are not welcome in our own land.

Heads up.