Friday, 20 November 2009

Gold sucking machine hidden in clear sight.

In the local snooze papieren not a word. Funny that? They must be desperate to have set up shop soooo quickly.

In the hard copy you’ll find it splashed.

On the High Street by the Tally Ho its glittering and shining sucking away. Though its got that fly by night feel the pound shops have.

Read this and then swaatch this below also from Jim Willie.

“Pressures mounted in early October at the London metals exchange as gold contract holders demanded delivery of gold. My source tells me that the parties demanding gold were almost exclusively Chinese. It is mostly private billionaires. Their stated motive was to diversify out of US$-based assets. Their rumored motive was to ruin the exchange, expose the chronic fraud linked to government ministries, and force the USDollar to fight in the open to demonstrate value or lack of value. The source said the next round of gold contract delivery pressure comes in late November, then again in March 2010, and finally in June 2010. He said the gold is gradually being drained in London, and that all demands for gold delivery were met in October, using legal force, the courts, and powerful attorneys. Not a single gold contract was settled for cash with a 25% dividend bribe.
He concluded that the financial system will be broken at the gold-USDollar cross beam. He openly stated that he could not conceive of the system holding together past June of next year, and a severe test is likely in March 2010. He said with sly tone, "”

He heeeheheheeh.