Thursday, 26 November 2009

Turkeys everywhere in the MSM and Govt, academia and macadamia.

Goddam, Bob Chapman launches a Big One today.

I love this bit…UK plc PAY ATTENTION…”Schools all over the nation are going to force furloughs on teachers to save money. Now that the stimulus loans for schools and unemployment have been spent, massive cuts are coming. We warned our daughter, a teacher, months ago of what was coming. Banking, Wall Street, insurance and Washington are living fat and high on the hog. They even tell us Obama saved the system from collapse and that economic conditions are improving. Then again, Wall Street in their arrogance tells us they are doing God’s work. That is why they get giant bonuses as the public starves. The modern version of “Daddy Warbucks.” In case you hadn’t noticed there has been little change. What change is trying to be stuffed down our throats is Medical Reform, Cap & trade, more war and a tax on us for creating global warming that doesn’t exist.”

Right I’m off to see what Celente and Keiser are up to today.

Happy Thanksgiving Day chums.

More later.

Yee haaa.

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