Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Dongs and dorks


Remember that country and how it got flattened to make way for the psychopathic monotheists’ sweat shops to feed our massive super stores?

Super stores funded by funny money from the capital markets.

You surely don’t think that internal cash flows allowed these guys to exterminate all those local businesses that we used to frequent. The Tinker, the Taylor, the Candlestick maker, the Butcher, the Baker, the Greengrocer.

Tinker tailor soldier …..Traitor?

Well now that the old have been knocked off in Dongland and the disabled are displaced from polite society, money can be made from the newly adult with no overheads and fiat spending money.

Getting the drift yet?

Agent Orange and aspartame, you buy the drink in the store that you hired the sneakers you wear, no animal skin there no, not a hide, and you’re touched by the dong as much as by the dead in the tunnels of Ku Chi.


Here’s a big dork.

Here’s some teensy weensy dorks talking crap.

Told you so

And again.

Here’s some calm analysis with none of my ranty swearyness.

I said way back to keep an eye on the psychopath Richard Holbrooke, didn’t I?

In the future when the DU has cleared what sort of member will touch your offspring in a franchise, somewhere far removed from the dead in the tunnels, offering no, not a hide, respirators and kidneys?

Heads up.