Sunday, 29 November 2009

Handed maps. You'll never get St Petersburg. Bless.

This has just heaved into view. I emphasise my view ‘cos it sure ain’t the common view.

If these Muppets who’ve been allowed by our governments since the 1960s to lift our tech think it is all over, well forget it.

The lads from Belfast went over and helped as best with the C5, and it went wrong.

That’s after hundreds of thousands of hours of massive aero structures manoeuvring in the Big One.

USofA you were never in the inkyblack .

Not Ta152s and Tempests but great big wing/fuselage sections corkscrewing through obsidian dark with fucking

big aero structure breaking cannon shells chasing the poorly armed buggers.

USofA corp got the gas turbine tech and was crap at it.

USSR got the gas turbine tech and shot at the USofA corp over the Yalu.


The UK plc built the greatest manned aircraft ever and got shot down by the NaZoviets.

The covetousness of our neighbour’s children knows no bounds. Autogyros, helicopters, wings, aero frames,

landing gear, ram air turbines, motors.

All gone from an ignorant nation that levelled the world.

A massive research programme will now be needed to rediscover the long forgotten and deliberately consigned

to the dustbin, decades ago.

Nothing from Brest to Brest Litovsk was current from 1930-1950, all war Ural.

That is when human intercourse divorced human inquiry.

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