Wednesday, 25 November 2009


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Those of you who’ve pitched up here more than once will know that your correspondent takes a rather loooonnngggg view of what’s going down in groove town.

Not for me the prescribed course work or text books. Oh no I’ll take the proscribed any day, that’s where the actions at.

Though do not to take anything handed to you as “truth” for out here on the ausphart it is being handed to us everyday by the ersatzMSM.

Find everything you can and build you own version that actually makes sense of what you are experiencing.

We are told every day that we are living in the free West. Yet restrictions on our business, movement, association, thoughts, speech, writings and reading multiply every day. Ergo its all bollox, so go and find out why.

Long time addicts at this shooting gallery will realise that my reference frames are measured in multiples of 10,000 years as far as human history is concerned so when I find a source that is ranging over more than the usual decades that current discussions on most topics range I pay attention no matter how barking.

GOLD . Precious isn’t it? No it’s worthless, just like diamonds. However what we believe makes these things valuable to us. Gold however IS precious for a very different reason to the one we are offered to keep our eyes off the ball.

I’ve read that when the Rothschilds do finally pitch up in Jerusalem it will be to sit in the Third Temple made of solid gold. Whether that is true or not it chimes with my suspicions that the gold “thing” has a monetary cover story occluding the spiritual/ritual nature of the metal.

If you realise that the reason Europe had a “dark age” was because all the precious metal had gone, sucked out by an age old ritual based on occult centres of worship like the Oracle at Delphi, that the gold went East and we are once again bereft of gold, well its not looking good.

Someone, somewhere wants ALL the gold back in one place AGAIN. Not for pecuniary reasons or as the basis for a stable currency.

No the reason is ages old and occult, it comes from a time when things were really different in every way and there was no money.

Remember its not truth you seek, its not out here, but things to make you sit up and pay attention.

So have a look at this . I’ve been gazing at it and wondering since before I hit the ausphart.

Heads up.

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