Monday, 6 June 2016


Although the exact analogy would be Varus arranging, he was an "adminstrator" i.e. lawyer in the 3rd century of Roman race replacement by kreepingsemites, a shed load of wooden gladii and rubber pilii for the legions he was leading on behalf of his father in law, keep it in the family my son, and a rigorous analogy would be to have the modern day 4star Genderfluid: third gender and demi-girl Admiral taking a couple of CVNs on a wander into bandit country.

I'll bet the vampires would be incoming at Mach 6 and the ersaztarred unbercunt would still be gazing at a photo of its foundation sponsored trip to the RCE/TA firebase whilst filling in diversity and inclusivity reports with recommendations that all rebuilt phantomcock incipientgender fannyfillers got their armatures rewound back at Joint Ops HQ at public pubic expense because their super cool bionics were causing unexpectedly complex field effects on deck and were fukking with the EFA-18s' side lobes whilst penetrating.

SNAFU!: Canada to buy Super Hornets...but fear of a lawsui...: Thanks to Slowman for the link! via National Post. The Liberal government is intent on buying Super Hornet fighter jets, according to...

Anyway the whole thing is a joy to the Apiru kreeps who do not care who wins so long as everyone is dead.