Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Addendum: Retarded Money Barph Relief & Puke Nationalism

Well then where to start?

Yesteryesterday, Sunday, we stood under the sun and lo it was good, so I piped up with a helpful suggestion after we got to discuss the Russian milspec fusball hoogilans in Frogland for Eurobollox 16. It is asking for it is it not having all these haters in proximal enmity? I mean no one seemed to get the point that the Russians might just remember who killed the Tsar and who tend to be the most violent casuals in English foolsball.

I wondered, out loud, why all the nationalist bollfutt supporters didn’t get into a massive search and destroy mission and clear the barrios of lower forms of life?

Now I won’t gore you with anything other than the observation that your average white antagonist is simply too stupid to know what nationalism is in the 21st century. They are like retards headed for the gas chambers in a Reinhardt camp Rockefeller sponsored eugenics programme being asked to play quadrics with Crowley. They have absolutely no idea.

A country that had all the resources of an “Empire” to hand could not take out a starved, blockaded, embargoed and in the modern parlance “no fly zone’d” tiny state after decades of deliberated war, still does not realise that it is headed back to the Stone Age.

Yet thinks it great.

Hey ho sic transit &c.

Anyway there we were yakking, the Teague, an AI specialising Baluchistani, the Canadians, and the British Nationalists amongst others in a smorgasbord of peaceful malingering. Mind you the po-po ran past us to make sure we knew they were there to protect us by imprisoning us 1939 stylee if we got too uppity and started noticing stuff and promulgating anti money publishing hate sprecchen.

I think it was when I mentioned that the London hive is picking up signals that we’ve been watching too much of Daisy Duke’s ass and getting ideas of where to shuvv our pointysticks in a local gang bang and that the cult offed one of its members this week “pour encourage les autres” that I lost them locally.

To really turn off the audience I went all Arthur Scargill’s 2iC on them. I pointed out that when reading all the stuff about Nazi ratlines, ODESSA and Vatican smuggling routes that may or may not have helped Bormann, Mueller and Chuckle Smurf escape the hangman’s noose for War Comic plot lines at Nuremberg, that we must always remember that these are long established Zionist ratlines rented from the Apiru who established them for white slaving purposes thousands of years ago. Well that went down like a unleadened loaf. It would have been easier to untangle women’s braziers from a cement mixer than to hold forth again. Now don’t be getting all rolling eyes on this one. Having prototyped the concept for Spain in 1935 all that you need now in 2020 are a load of John Company fronting NGOs and Chariddees to collect the appropriate human hate filled phukkmuppets and set them off to kill.

So off I went to discuss the coming race war with my Baluchistani mate who got the whole idea of the 21st century equivalent of the Lincoln Brigade that Blair encountered in Spain. London is fomenting the final chapter in the destruction of Europe, just as it gets into the second act of destroying SE Asia, by getting ready to send LGBT, Black, South American, Papist, IslamomentalistISISCIA and assorted zoological creations, hybrids and chimerical forms not yet considered human, liquorice allsorts Brigades to fight on unto the Urals with exoskeletons and RPVs. All you got to do is follow the unthinking hate and there thou will have the fields raise for reaping in the greater work.

He also found the idea of RCE/TA and Muscovy joining forces to get USofA corp. out of Europe and back where they ought to have stayed all those decades ago quite coherent with the business strategy. Even parking a torah of the moon is strategically aligned enchanting when you intend owning everything between the two rivers in the sky.

Anyway that was the endenwoch which was yesteryesterday.

Nationalists! Who’d have them?

What did I stumble over just after parking the above out here on the ausphart?

Well it looks like the petri dish cultures and the testtube mongs are ready to roll out the experimental mental plant factory doors and infect the world with the gift of death. Just like their retarded useless COMINTERN predecessors last century.

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