Monday, 20 June 2016

Why Lone Wolf Attacks Are So Hard To Predict

When you have all the counterfeit currency published that you want or need, the following is a stupid question designed for stupid people who are too stupid to realise how educated they are.

Why Lone Wolf Attacks Are So Hard To Predict

Add to the mix autonomous mind drones, Mancunian candidates, clean Gladio, self actuating limited resource units and assorted, phone call away, expendables and you have to be shitting me.

Just think black International Rescue or deepgrey Golgol 13. In reality these kinds of operations are bad guy assets and will snuff us out without evidence. James Bond is not protecting anyone, all the graveyards are full of true white hats, the black hearts are on the beach shagging disposable pleasure gelphs on command.

Get real.