Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Has the therapy worked after 7 long years on the couch?

Well here we are on 22nd June 2016 and what did I park out here exactly seven years ago? My third, and first serious, blurting; though I had drop by scunnert’s shop before that and parked a couple of comments at Les Visible’s shop as an omnibus in May 2009 as well.

The only nation batshit crazy enough to fly Iron Lotus?

What tracks my eye today, 21st?

North Korea has deployed an intermediate-range ballistic missile to its east coast, a South Korean government source said, as reported by Yonhap news agency.

In that 7 years I have shuvvelled out the byre onto the street 979 here (incl. this one), 1179@dreadnought&tt and 226@thestoker piles of steaming horsepukky. That is 2384 in total or an average of one dump a day with the Sabbath off for fastpurging. Regular.

I honestly didn’t think I had that much crap to move!

And so it is fitting that we should come full movement cycle and stare at ourselves.

Look at those murdererodedsmoothhand unhappy sterile fopmuppet eyes, trapped long ago by their lazyredschmurphgrandfather’s inactions in the mountains above the Tumen estuary.

I know I focus a great deal on this bit of sad land and the reason is because of the ready use nature of the weapon. The poor people living there are kept as pets in the ready use locker, like smoking semtex beagles, by the likes of RothRockLi, it is not a country it is a round of ammunition. In no other place can the RRL guarantee a pull the pin and kablang 100% when needed. Everywhere else needs prep’d or the involvement of other local agents.

Don’t be thinking that there are actors with maneuver room here. The stage is full of props, makeup and dollies. Scalability will ensure that all become dwarves no matter their potential.

China opposed to US missile deployment in South Korea: FM: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said this 'would complicate the regional stability situation'.

Chinese military officials are openly considering putting nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert.

It is the place where all the generations of preparation and grooming of their inbred ersatzgodmutantes can be kicked off instantly when the stars and only the stars say so from the top of the ziggurat.

So there we are staring back at ourselves. We’ve been taken childsnatcherstylee on a freepass  to DisFollieTopiaHarlotSTDland and we are miserable as sin! Stuckfukked in an amber secreted from our own degeneracy. It has gone all chthonic and we want our money back, time reversed and everything as advertised in the toothpaste HDTV outrages. Well I’m afraid Judge Dredd says no, you are now a selpfmadeserphperp. Suck it up.

Trapped in a world where the average inhabitant of the west is the most dangerous and deranged thing alive. Where else would the drowning of the helpless, put there by our life style as vacuoustarts, be the suicide house in our night meres. Where else could the rational choice masses be exactly as those despised in our wisdom? Where else is the crop of killers being grown?

Only in the cannibal consumer society.

In answer to the question posed in the title above.


BWAHAHAHAAAAA bring it on.