Monday, 27 June 2016

Pharmacy Time.

War News Updates: Britain Goes To The Polls To Decide If They Want T...: Daily Mail: The final countdown! All to play for as 11% of voters say they have yet to decide which way they will vote in today's hi...

Nice one from NM. He's right to identify the massive danger of the 21st century equivalent of the young Soviets. The iGREEN death squads are being groomed and funded. Funded is the operative word here. There will be tailored shards from the rainbow specifically aimed at the new "reactionaries" or "counter revolutionaries" or "nongreencompliant" or "antirainbowprejudiced" to bring death to billions if we are not careful.

Parsley is not a fiction. Parsley is living amongst us as the derigiste breeding killer eunuch, the monotonous fecund androgyn, the spiritually bereft dead tranhumanist selfbudding antihumanclone. Frankenstein's monster is to be RothRockLi funded like a great big DARPA Sorospsychodildo spraying agent antispunk on the soon to be ejacultated iGREENwastelands.

BWAHAHAHAHAA, bring it on you soft handed, silk padded servile retention retards.