Saturday, 25 June 2016

Mission accomplished. Elaine Paige could....

....not have sung it any better.

Don’t cry for me, I’llbeseeinya. The truth is I hated you, you khaaants!!!!!!

ChinaBoy is off to a swift cushty number now that he's used all his considerable skills in fukkering nations, talents handed down through the family bloodline, and crashing complex systems.

Like banana boy 10 years ago angling for a Clinton commission, after flooding UK plc with a view to destroying it, ChinaBoy will be well looked after. Indeed what else could he expect especially after such a successful mission, not just mentioned in dispatches but decorated and cryptoenobled. He'll be deep in the vaults of an BabylAngloSino financial wizard scheme very soon. SDR STDs spreading across the world like a bitmiragoldcoin plague.

My ChiCommchum who runs the Mandarin school for the diaspora Cantonese is well happy.