Thursday, 2 June 2016

Where are the Diamond Shitters now?

As long term sufferers of this syndrome by pixilation will know the iGREEN agenda is viewed here as nothing more than another way to kill off humanity. One has to realise that, on the whole, human beings quite like having murdered off, in the aggregate, at a distance, vast number of their fellow human beings. The results are in, after watching the burger munchinghouse by proxy death cult at work this passed 100 years there can be no other conclusion.

I mean go out and ask the average, pissed directly in the eye by UNPyongyang, waterskin to not buy an HDTV surround sound personal prison, to give up remote viewing mobile hoardings sported by over pampered geezers in jimjams, epicurians who can be watched kicking vastly over engineered spheroids around a cloistered and hot housed turf, ask that remote wielding sentientlardpacket to do something and nothing will happen. Though you will get a good kicking if it misses the coin toss.

So with a NATO of self deactivating people haters giving standing ovations to the likes of BAe and their iGREEN ammunition, USN and its iGREEN LHA squadron, GE and its iGREEN turbofans of death we truly do wonder when they will come for us and give us the gentle zoo gorilla treatment?

For as I caught the travel news this morning one of the magazine articles ejaculated from the blind rapers eye at the GGT was about the new BoE fiver. Now in the old days the GGT would have got its inhouse children’s talent to promote the shebang. Talent like Jimmy Savile, when not shagging children’s corpses, or little Jimmy Crankie, when not swinging with circus people, or one of the stable of staple famous magicians who made people disappear. However this morning we got a non renowned street artist making funny money substantiate and vanish like magic, oh you could not make it up.

The new plastic 5er is, you’ve guessed it, iGREEN.
“Polymer banknotes are:
  • Resistant to dirt and moisture so stay cleaner for longer than paper banknotes
  • More secure so will provide enhanced counterfeit resilience
  • More durable so will increase the quality of banknotes in circulation
Polymer banknotes are also more environmentally friendly than paper (see the two reports below).”

The diverse inclusive reality based cypher chief cashier at the BoE was there to tell us all about the benefits to humanity of their new fakirs’ plastic fakery money. A true believer, no?

As one of the top “leaders” and “talents” in a world scarce in such mega minds, we are constantly being told how difficult it is to get top talent to “lead” things these days, how come the chief cashier at the BoE doesn’t have the background general knowledge that the average reader at this blog, I integrated over all two of you and then statistically adjusted the result just for the hell of it, carries around amongst the other myriad of facts and realities?

If the BoE and its chummies in the BIS magic circle really were all iGREEN then they would abandon their counterfeiting industrial scale publishing scam. We know that the only reason for publishing money is to facilitate larger and larger rounds of terror orchestrated by true believers, not “talent”, just monomentalists. Real money, real scrip has no religious mission coupon attached to it.

It is only because of the fake printing hothouses where 5ers and 10ers and 20s grow, where imagined numbers as real money drop like diamond turds, that the world is full of, and has always been blackened by the soot of, combusting buildings, destroyed homes, rotting corpses as former people and empty lands.

If you really wanted to keep your fake CO2 congame narrative intellectually complete then you’d make damn sure not one more silver bullet was ever discharged no matter now iGREEN the propellant. You would cut off their forged money source wouldn’t you? But there is always a hole in their fictions, eh Irene?

Freedom, iGREEN, money publishing, diamond shitters.

Beware religioscamartists at work.