Friday, 27 May 2016

Mokkerfuther Batrastard.

Almost missed this one.

China Defense Blog: Drill simulates joint evacuation: Drill simulates joint evacuation ( Source: China Daily  )         2016-March-27 22:4...

This is not what I intended to park out here today but it just hit the spot when one takes on board the BBC "grooming" we've had about special scientific research programmes, student scientific exchanges, all the travelogues through my postulated Hyper Littoral War heartland and international drugrunner banks that really want to get away from the ruins they created in UKplc.

What do we know for certain? Well RCE/LC injected evil into Europe c1850 and we got mega destruction.

RCE/LC injected USofA corp into the ME c1945 and we are witnessing the destruction rolling out today.

Now where is RCE/LC going to inject its latest Patented Playboyplaymates to start the next one off?

The exercise has a "Joint" command, there's that word Joint, involving civilians and an obvious weak civil command structure in the target. It must be small, this is a 15th century pirate operation, we are not talking peer2peer here, and limited in duration and geography. Somewhere with UK and ChiComm traditional notional national interests?

That can only mean bankers and the recent HSBC decision to stay associated with the UK leads my sense of smell back to Singapore or Brunei.

As I’ve said before the ChiComms are being allowed to run commie/wahabbi, with a triborder ops freebooter training base far, far away in safety, assets to facilitate their “intervention” and “liberation” of areas in the HW theatres.

Brunei might need “protection” soon.