Thursday, 12 May 2016

SNAFU!: Order of Battle in the Syria fight.

SNAFU!: Order of Battle in the Syria fight.: Thanks to S300V4 for the link! Geez!  Do you see the players involved in this little war?  Do you think there is a "right" si...

As one of the commenters notes this is a very local order of battle hence the lack of Russia.

So let's step back and include the main players. That is what we can do here.

Russia. Iran. China. Pakistan. India. USA. UK. Saudi Arabia. UAE. Kuwait. France. Turkey. Germany. Libya. Egypt.....oooohhhh something is missing. What can it be?

Ohhhh soooo difficult. Who can it be?

AHhhhhhh. Of course. Rothschild's pirate base. Shithouse sur Med. Tortuga del Mar. The RCE/TA Firebase. Magic Mountain where the 9/11&7/7C4I and mens culpa resides. Genoshtetlzentral.

How could I forget!!!