Sunday, 1 May 2016

Nostalgic foretelling

I remember watching this come together as the Reagan weapons budget credit card got maxed via the Wizard of RAND. I always chuckled at the inflatable tank park that we in the UK constructed as part of our shouldering of the free inhabited carbon based life form's burden against the commie eviloids who just wanted to make us all red bastards, conformist drones and brain dead fukkwitz. Man it was a funny old walk we perved, as all we really wanted was a couple of Dad's Army geezers in a rowing boat, some Roth controlled nukes for show and a wide open borders policy to traffick in mega criminals, genocidal brothers and their networks of stolen treasure so that guys in the square mile could piss it all up the wall on pole dancers, dead children, fukking pigfaces and sacrificed infants.

Ahh the good old cheap old days. Inflatable tank parks, concrete radars, trenchfoot boots and, dangerous to their occupants, wheeled APCs.

"The Light Helicopter Experimental (LHX) combat helicopter program was initiated in 1983 to replace the Army's rapidly aging fleet of UH-1, OH-58A Kiowa scout and AH-1 Cobra light attack helicopters. At the time, as many as 6,000 helicopters were envisioned. The Scout/Attack (SCAT) was the design driver; the utility was to be derived from the SCAT. To fulfil the missions undertaken by the existing fleet, different LHX models were to be equipped with a large variety of new technologies and mission equipment packages. A light survivable, lethal, armed reconnaissance helicopter, the LHX combat helicopter was to have greater capabilities, new sensors, millimeter wave radar, and other advance features in a high visibility cockpit. Maximum use was to made of computer-aided design of the LHX and systems as an integrated whole."

I'll lay you a shed load of Osborne's finest industrial scale currency forgeries and hot fiat publishing scam drinking vouchers that this will turn to shit once the RCE/TA gate opening traitors are finished round ?? of a series of ??, of theft from Uncle Sam.

"The Army commissioned the demonstrator aircraft in 2013 — after talking about about replacing its helicopters for more than a decade — to prove various new technologies for a replacement for the UH-60. Combat in Iraq and Afghanistan’s hot, high, and sandy environments pointed up various performance limitations, so the new rotorcraft are being designed to fly higher, farther, and faster while also carrying more. The project will feed into the Future Vertical Lift program, a vast effort to replace all Army helicopters — which include the AH-64 Apache, CH-46 Chinook, and the OH-58 Kiowa — at a projected cost of around $100 billion."