Thursday, 5 May 2016

What goes up.....

This heaves into view from one of our CassRovian outlets.

War News Updates: NATO's European Missile Defense System Goes Live T...: © Flickr/ US Army Corps of Engineers Europe District New York Times : NATO Ratchets Up Missile Defense Despite Russian Criticism LOND...

Now it chimes with some stuff I've been working on in the background so I will just concatenate the bollox.

Europeans are getting too uppity and it is time for a 9/11 stylee mega trauma.

The original A4 missile was used by the smart lads on the Baltic coast to test fly the far more complex systems for their command controlled SAM, Wasserfall.

Very recently the USN tested one of their fancy AEGIS SAMs in surface attack mode.

So; surface to surface was the genesis of surface to air and very recently surface to air was tested surface to surface.

Knowing how the perps like to give us it right up the ass I'd be very fukkin' nervous right now about an ChechenISIS led false flag framing the Russians by taking out somewhere like Karl Marx Stadt using an ABM as SSM soon. All this hackattack crap and warnings about a hot summer of ISIS atrocities is keeping all options open for the London calling crowd in the Pentagram.

As I've said before all western systems are now fully RICO and not to be trusted.

There is no time to react if this stuff goes wild.