Thursday, 31 December 2015

The 9/11/7 syndrome:Massive fire erupts at Torch tower in Dubai Marina |

Massive fire erupts at Torch tower in Dubai Marina |

I suppose global building codes regarding tall buildings have been updated since 9/11 to stop skyscrapers incinerating themselves in insurance scams, so I didn't expect it to have lightened its loads by unzipping, banana peel like, and pile driving itself into its own basement a la WTC 1 & 2, whilst murdering all the first responders in a silverlightning strike.

However where are the buildings standing(or not) innocently nearby which drop into their own footprints, controlled demolition stylee, all mysterious like a la WTC 7.

Building codes cannot regulate against magic and woowoo, so what is going on?

Tsk tsk.

MiHiCIADuhSiSiOM most likely were too busy partying and setting fire to Syria today or other wise distracted by jewish lightning, slaving, human organ trafficking, rigging all markets, selling secrets to terrorists, recruiting war criminals and planning more ersatz false faux pennants.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of us.

And a miserable and suicidal 2016 to all who sold their souls at the MOiSiShuDAICiHiM, GCHQ, NSA church of phukkwittery and all the doughnut munching fat earwigging layabout sneeks who in olden days used to hide behind the veil in confessionals reporting back everything to Ba'al HQ. BOOO! Yaahh Khaants!!.