Thursday, 3 December 2015

Surabaya Angie

For some reason this caught my eye.

As you know the other shop has become the Hyperlittoral War Watch (HWW) since the real Big One is being cultivated out there. So this item leaks over here because of the recent activities of our Angie. Cockatoos, sex traffickers, drugs and now a EuroChiComm(Orang?) that smells of……what? RothISIS?

As we know the perps have been running trouble making rich boys and girls through the area for decades preparing the terroir chabadeewise. So with a MittelEuromoniker this guy raises my eyebrow and the shifty father lurking  academia/business like in the background is typical ZioRothcommienazimafiakiller cover, 1930s stylee.

Now if Angie is a good cop she should expect to be knee deep in triple agents within her PD/Agency/Govt. Kind of like the Gestapo were trained by NKVD/CHEKA in Moscow. Who was rounding up whom in Germany then? Kind of like the Manhattan District project was full of triple and quadruple assets. Kind of like MiHi is a melange of allegiances that all hate ordinary persons and will kill them 7/7stylee for getting all uppity. So she should check her 6 constantly, assuming she’s as good as the fair Angie was.

BTW it should be clear by now that there is a great big revelatory about to hit the fans now we are one generation out from the STASI et al files getting released about what went down in Europe with regards to the National Socialist experiment in Mittel Europe. Expect chaos and silence from the unthinking knee jerk revisionists who are too busy chasing Nazis in Tel Aviv to notice the jews in the Nazis in the jews in the commies in the Nazis in the commies in the jews working hand in glove globally, all strategically business aligned religiocommerce wise. Death and money and war and theft for millennia ever since Yahweh turned up from out of Arabia Felix, now iWahabiimongheathenstan.

So here ye go. This one just makes me itch.

Footage has emerged showing a 24-year-old driver texting while hanging out of the window of his wrecked Lamborghini just moments after he allegedly mowed down three people - killing one.

Wiyang Lautner was detained after he allegedly lost control of his supercar while racing against a Ferrari and hit a middle-aged couple and a street vendor waiter in Surabaya, East Java.

He crashed into Mujianto, 44, Srikanti, 41, and her husband 51-year-old Kuswanto whose body was dragged along by the Lamborghini for several metres before it smashed into a tree, police said.

Onlookers filmed the aftermath of the fatal crash and footage shows the 24-year-old driver texting and speaking on his mobile as he attempted to climb out of the wrecked car.  

Lily Djafar, a spokesperson at the Surabaya police station, also said a motorcycle, which was parked near the vendor, was heavily damaged in the crash,' according to

Kuswantoro's body was taken to Soetomo Hospital for a post-mortem.
Police detained Lautner at Dukuh Kupang police station and launched a further investigation into the crash.

Jmoffet 1 day ago
This is so wrong. I spent several years teaching entitled spoilt brats in Surabaya. Some of them were incredible. And all of them were wealthy through the involvement of their parents in corruption, tax evasion and paying factory workers starvation wages. And the Chinese Indonesians wonder why they are not popular. I want to go lynch the perp myself.
AnimisticGod 1 day ago
Why mentioning , chinese Indonesia are not popular?
It is nothing to do with being chinese, there are many spoiled brat, son of MINISTER, Singer, ALL MUSLIM Javanese /Pribumi who killed when driving...
Get education first before ranting racism..
10SorongLohTaungthomson986Deddy KLikeReply
Jmoffet 1 day ago
  son of minister .. in Jakarta maybe.. but in Surabaya rich, Indonesian = civil servant or Chinese business man. I think they could all do a lot more to boost their popularity. And they are very much partners in crime when it comes to exploiting the less well off Indonesians.

Get realistic before accusing someone of racism.
AnimisticGod 1 day ago
You are still "slow" in understanding don't you.
Its not Surabaya, or Jakarta, it's not even geographical,It IS ABOUT your sentence , chinese Indonesian, its about blaming/mentioning a race driving a car.
Its about driving at high speed on Indonesian narrow roads , it can only be done by RICH spoiled brat, it does not matter wether he is chinese, javanese, or arab...
You know what, its time for my detox, butter croissants and dark coffee.. Ciao
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“(I don’t think Jmoffet gets it. But Snap! Does)”

`Snap! 2 days ago
Wiyang Lautner - his last name is so not Indonesian. Here's the video, watch the spoiled wanker is struggling to get out of the car.

Police hunt for sender of Surabaya hotel bomb threats
The Jakarta Post | 24 Nov 2015 12:20
Close inspection: A security officer and K-9 guard the Shangri-La Hotel in Surabaya, East Java, on Nov. 23. Surabaya Police spokesperson Adj. Cmr. Lily Djafar said there had been bomb threats sent via fax to the Shangri-La and the JW Marriot hotels. (Antara/M. Risyal Hidayat)
Officers from East Java and Surabaya police are searching for a person who sent bomb-threat letters to two five-star hotels, the JW Marriot and the Shangri-La, in Surabaya on Monday evening, citing the radical Islamic State movement as their backer.
Surabaya Police spokesperson Adj. Cmr. Lily Djafar said that upon learning of the threats police bomb squad Gegana went straight to the locations, but did not find any bombs.
"A joint team of East Java and Surabaya police officers are now hunting down the perpetrator of this terror threat by tracing where they sent the fax from," Lily said as quoted by on Tuesday.
On Monday, reported the letters had been sent via fax to the JW Marriot Hotel at around 3 p.m. and were received by an employee named Dodik Ari Setiawan.
"ISIS has spread in East Java. Be warned that tonight, the Shangri-La and the JW Marriott in Surabaya will be blown up when several bombs on various floors are detonated simultaneously with a mobile phone, tonight. Allahu Akbar [God is great], our purpose is to murder foreigners especially US citizens who have murdered many Muslims. Allahu Akbar, long live ISIS," the fax said as quoted by
The sender signed the fax with the name “Dani” and included mobile phone numbers. (rin)(+)