Monday, 7 December 2015

I thought the fish kettle had taken him down….

….but no, he’s back dishing out the truth. Good lad.

So here we are effetely huddled in the drawing room under our powdered whiggers, the harpsichord recital has been interrupted by loud shouting, gunfire and sniper from outwith. Everyone is in fear of their lives. What is happening in the great house? Are their drug crazed assanines in the herb garden? Are the heathen within?

Well yes they have always been within and without and until all fauna and flora are catalogued the sham will continue to allow our existence with the orchestrated fear operas on constant repeat.

As we prepare for the lights going out and the whole world getting tactile let us listen to some more from another geezer I thought had misted the mirror. Both lads are in the geezer sidebar over at the other shop.

After that little outing all that remains is to consider a few things.
  • Did you notice the old boy stumbling around with his shopping bag a few steps from the urbane terrorist in Leytonstone this Saturday?
  • Why have the Patriot batteries in Turkey gone mental this summer, so much so that the Bundeswehr are getting them out of country pronto?
  • If the Inland Empire were to revert to Hapsburg control would the Utah saints join?

  1. Street performers never phase the background low level radiation population ekeing out its business on Londonstrasses.
  2. The 4th Reich want to be well clear of an RAF shootdown.
  3. Yes, that is what they are paid to do, and then NSA would be a sovereign entity.