Thursday, 10 December 2015

60 years of The Golden Bandung Spoor.

God bless him, DIcke has it right on with the Keystone Coppery at a crime scene being the mark of your being in the midst of an operational bamboozletron at work.

It is the same feeling one gets when the Royal Family is mentioned in connection with the murder of the Czar’s Family by jewish terrorists operating under instruction from NYLON. The unspoken fear is that someone will realise that the UK royals had infected their cousins for culling, de facto accessories du jour.

So once again the HWW leaks over from D&Tuktuk because the generational changes mean the next programmed culling out there is due. Surabaya Angie will be busy soon, again.

I can smell that Keystone Coppery spoor, oozine like, from Aus nearly 20 years ago now and today the Marines are in place in Darwin waiting to help, where JHO was scheduled to play over 50 years ago, with massive executions throughout the archipelago of the HWW.

All that needs to be stated is that one needs to forget the words “The West”, “Portuguese”, “Catholic” and just view it as a global alignment of business strategy carried out by those always most genetically disposed to that strategy. This is not a rational process it is an instinctual epigenetic memory made manifest through Môn heathen iYahweh.

It is Ba’anylon.

Always and forever the keepers of the great house maintain killing fields, near the herb garden, where Parsley roams wild and remote.