Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Seemorerocks: Crisis in Europe

Seemorerocks: Crisis in Europe: 272 Islamic State Terrorists Are Hiding In Europe, 150 More Are On Their Way, Dagbladet Reports http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-12...

I will place good money on the whole lot of them being wined and dined here in Londonistan. The Kurd terrorist networks have been groomed, nurtured, shepherded and mollycoddled at tax payers expense in Donmeh Hornsey, Londonistan for over two decades now.

If you want to cause mayhem somewhere transfer the local crime families to London and grow a crop of terrorists for export later.

I wonder if George Osborne has included that in the UK trade stats? If whoredom and drug running can be included in the UK GDP figures, then surely terror can be included in UK export figures.

The UKabo scum are too stupid to see a direct connection between their, friends of RCE/TA infiltrated, government sponsored constant cuts in everything, their increased (hidden)tax farming and pampered RCE terrorists ensconsed  in UK enjoying the highlife always denied UK aboscum.